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Review of the Museum and Art Gallery services : a report to the Department of Community Development, Sport & Cultural Affairs



Review of the Museum and Art Gallery services : a report to the Department of Community Development, Sport & Cultural Affairs

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MAGNT Review December 2004 Morgan; Internal review of MAGNT. Final report March 2004


Morgan, Gary


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"This Review has looked at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory’s outputs relative to benchmark museum and art gallery activities and outputs around Australia and relative to international trends in museum practice. This Review has also considered possible service outcomes set against three funding scenarios." - Executive summary


This review was commissioned by Risk Management Services of the Department of the Chief Minister for the Northern Territory, on behalf of the Department of Community Development, Sport and Cultural Affairs. The review was put to Tender in October 2004, with the Tender awarded in November 2004. - Introduction; Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).

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Executive summary -- Part A: Introduction - Background -- Outputs of this review. Part B: Outputs of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory - A comparison of the MAGNT outputs in activities of collection development and management, public programs and research relative to those of other state museums and galleries - A discussion of the MAGNT outputs relative to national and international trends in museums and galleries - A consideration of the scientific focus of the MAGNT in terms of a) its management and outcomes relative to other museums and b) its contribution to Northern Territory economic activity and Government programs - A comparison of per square metre exhibition costs at the MAGNT relative to other institutions - A comparison of the acquisition budget of the MAGNT relative to other institutions. Part C: Possible budget scenarios - A discussion of three budget scenarios for the MAGNT with their consequent service outcomes. Part D: Summary of recommendations. Part E: Sources and acknowledgements. Part F: Appendices 1-8




Museums -- Northern Territory -- Public opinion; Museums -- Evaluation; Public relations -- Museums -- Northern Territory

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MAGNT Review December 2004 Morgan 23 1. Main site only (some of the institutions operate a single site and some multiple; refer Box 1) 2. Interstate and overseas combined, where figures could be sourced. 3. The AGWA attendance figure for 2001/02 was very high due to the success of the major touring exhibition Monet & Japan. In 2002/03, AGWA attendances were 484,095, still an increase over preceding years other than 2001/02. Sources: Annual reports, CAMD survey 2001/02, ABS website, internal MAGNT records The high proportion of tourists in the MAGNTs visitation is not unduly surprising given the high ratio of visitors to residents in the Northern Territory (1.5 million visitors and a resident population of just under 200,000 in 2003). It is interesting to consider what percentage of visitors to the Northern Territory are being captured by the MAGNT. In a recent review (Travers et al, 2003) of one of the worlds largest museums, the Natural History Museum in London, various attempts were made to assess the economic contribution of that institution to the economy of the United Kingdom. Particular consideration was given to the numbers of tourists that visited. Box 10 compares the capture of tourists by the MAGNT relative to that of the NHM. Box 10. Percentage of visitors to the Northern Territory and United Kingdom who visited the MAGNT and Natural History Museum respectively MAGNT 2001 MAGNT 2002 MAGNT 2003 NHM 2001 Visitor numbers to the NT1/UK3 1.75 million 1.8 million 1.5 million 22.8 million Tourist numbers at museum2,3 119,200 103,700 137,800 1,450,000 Visitor capture (%) 6.8% 5.7% 9.2% 6.6% Sources: 1. Northern Territory Tourism Commission website 2. MAGNT records and Internal Review March 2004 3. Travers et al (2003) The MAGNT is performing well in tourist capture by the standards of a museum that is regarded as one of the great tourist attractions of the United Kingdom. By way of comparison, the NHM is only just exceeded by Scotland and far exceeds Wales in terms of tourist numbers! Nonetheless, there is still clearly room to grow the tourist visitation at the MAGNT. Box 6 shows the increase in visitation at Bullocky Point over the years 2000-2003. Box 11 below compares this performance against the visitation growth across the main sites of major museums in Australia in that period.