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The Northern Territory news Sat 26 Nov 2016

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22 SATURDAY EXTRA SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 lead France out of the EU if she is successful in the presidential elections next year. And with polls showing her at a clear advantage over other conservative frontrunners, EU headquarters in Brussels is watching closely. Quentin Peel, associate fellow at Londons Royal Institute of International Affairs, says of Le Pen: Her being elected would be a disaster for the European Union and a much bigger disaster than the vote for Brexit. France is absolutely core to the whole structure, the whole idea of the European Union. It was based on an alliance between France and Germany going all the way back to those years after the Second World War with the idea there should never be such a war again between France and Germany. If one of them were now to pull out, like France, like Le Pen, it would be a real existential crisis. As strong anti-immigration, nationalist sentiments take hold in Europe, Right-wing leaders such as Le Pen, Geert Wilders and the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands and Nigel Farages UK Independence Party, which led the Brexit push, are gaining in popularity. Are we seeing rise of the far Right? THE Europe-an Union suf-fered a majoryet non-fatal blow when the UK voted back in June to leave the 28-nation alliance. But it now faces an even greater threat to its existence, with the rise of hard-Right, Eurosceptic politicians across the conti nent, led by the charismatic firebrand Marine Le Pen in France. Le Pen and her National Front party have promised to The same forces that drove Donald Trump into the White House a loss of faith in the political elite, concern about mass migration and asylum seekers, and a desire for self determination, is driving the rise of the Right in Europe Peel says he believes Le Pens chances of winning the second round of the French presidential elections are still relatively marginal. One must speak with caution after the Brexit vote and theres the Trump vote in America, but nonetheless the polls, to the extent we can believe them, all suggest that in a second round ... she would be defeated, he says. The only circumstances in which she might win would be if the person opposing her in the second round is from the Left. But the chances are much higher that it will be whoever emerges as the candidate of Shock results such as the UK voting to leave the EU and Americans choosing Donald Trump for president have left many wondering what a rise in nationalist sentiments means for the world. ELLEN WHINNETT SUNDAY 27TH NOVEMBER 2016 DARWIN WATERFRONT $30 adults $10 KIDS $70 FAMILY ALL PROCEEDS TO VARIETY NT PRICE INCLUDES SANTA SUIT 2.3km course route Highest fundraiser to win a weekender in Broome Register online now! www.varietynt.org.au First over the line & spot prizes! Zumba warm up Kids water activities DJ Kevin BE A CLAUS FOR A CAUSE