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SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 2016 SATURDAY EXTRA 23 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Fillon and Alain Juppe. Former president Nikolas Sarkozy pulled out of the race last week. France will decide whether to replace Francois Hollande as president at elections in late May and early April. Le Pen has promised a referendum to lead France out of the EU, but commentators, including Peel, doubt the French would vote to leave as the Brits did. And despite divisions percolating now in the EU, there are no obvious signs that any other member country is prepared to leave. Are we seeing rise of the far Right? Clockwise from far left: Marine Le Pen; at a rally with fans; and talking with the press; UKIP leader Nigel Farage congratulates Donald Trump; Le Pen with her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen; Farage celebrates the UKs decision to leave the EU; the European Commission The unbelievable did happen in Britain with Brexit and it happened in America with the Trump vote the Centre-Right, and they would attract Left-wing votes and they would then win. But thats not to say that the unbelievable cant happen. The unbelievable did happen in Britain with Brexit and it happened in America with the Trump vote, so it cannot be totally ruled out. The 48-year-old Le Pen, the youngest of three daughters, was born into politics, with her father Jean-Marie Le Pen who founded the National Front and ruled it as party president for 40 years deeply involved all her life. Le Pen started her career as a lawyer, obtaining a Masters in Criminal Law from the University of Paris. She worked as a public defender, including representing the illegal migrants her party now campaigns against. Twice married to National Front party officials and twice divorced, she has three teen age children and is now in a relationship with another party official. When Le Pen succeeded her father as leader of the party, she set out, in her words, to de-demonise it, and dragged it closer to the mainstream. When her elderly father, now in his 80s, dismissed the Holocaust as a detail in the history of World War II, Le Pen expelled him and other more extreme individuals from the party. She is anti-immigration, anti-EU, strongly critical of Islam, fiercely nationalistic and protectionist. She does, however, believe in womens rights to an abortion and supports civil unions between same-sex couples. She sent a major scare through Brussels when polling showed her holding a strong lead over the other credible conservative candidates in former prime ministers Francois Youve got a difficult election coming up in the Netherlands in which its possible a Eurosceptic party there its led by this man Geert Wilders might come top, but its a very fractured political scene in the Netherlands and I think its highly unlikely he would actually emerge as head of the government, Peel says. The Netherlands I dont think would vote to leave. Italy is another one which has a growing Eurosceptic movement. But to go as far as the British have gone and actually vote to leave, I think its still very unlikely. In the UK, UKIPs leader Nigel Farage is causing heartburn for PM Theresa May by flaunting his close links with US president-elect Donald Trump, who has even tweeted Farage would make an excellent Ambassador to the US. Its a distraction the May government doesnt need as it tries to navigate its way out of the complicated maze of immigration, financial and customs laws it has established with the EU. Peel says the EU has faced challenges before, not least the Empty Chair Crisis when Frances Charles de Gaulle refused to take part in negotiations in the mid-60s. Its quite difficult to get the balance right. It is showing deep division. But I dont think anyone is saying were actually going to walk out the door like the Brits, he says. students at OLoughlin Catholic College, as they have now completed all their classes and exams for their courses. Tonight we celebrate their achievements with a Mass and their Graduation Dinner students succeed. Our outstanding achievers will be awarded at Presentation Night 13th December. Congratulations Year 12s and all the best for the future. A huge congratulations to the 2017 Stage 2 08 8945 1277 Mueller Rd, Karama NT 0812 secretary.oloughlin@nt.catholic.edu.au www.oloughlin.nt.edu.auFor more info PH: 0428 145 331 Sunday 27 November From 8am Noms $35 AGM to follow shoot Ammo, club guns & refreshments available 50 TARGET SHOOT