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The Northern Territory news Sat 26 Nov 2016

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SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 2016 OPINION 33 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON THREE PITBULLS MAULING A POLICE OFFICER WHO TRIED TO TASER THEM Owners should face jail time or big fines, clearly with his attitude at the police station his got anger issues. Can only think what he has trained those dogs to do. I know it not the dogs fault but they should be put down as they have attacked 3 people. Jarrad Evans Its not the breed or the dog thats the problem, its the owner. People can be so irresponsible! Rachel Allwright Its shocking news that they got upset when they are told the dogs are in the pound. They should be banned for life from having dogs. Sonja Van Silfhout Stop blaming the bloody dogs. Start mentioning the moron humans that are supposed to be responsible PET owners. Tania Collins-Bungey shouldnt be allowed dogs like that in the city, or in the country for that. Vivienne Wright I work for an animal welfare org and dogs seized for attacks range from little Bitzers to large bitzers and every thing in between, purebred also! In saying that, owners also range from utter idiots to upstanding responsible community citizens! But media is so quick to pounce on whenever pit bull is mentioned! Linda Shambrook The owners sound like a pair of outstanding members of so ciety... Perhaps they could be subject to the same punishment as the animals... Regardless of breed, any dog that behaves like that needs a bullet. Michael ODonnell No one is born a monster; a monster is conditioned. Dont blame the dogs, blame the absolute, bloody ass-hats whom turned them into that whether by training (or lack there of), or abandonment. Bianca Shambrook ON A WOMAN BEING SHOT DEAD BY A HUNTER Only in America ...where every 3 days over 200 die from gun shootings. Cheryl Chocolatier Thats ok, she died humanely. Hunting is often argued as quick and painless, where death is instant. many consider hunting as part of the food chain and natural cycle.Then it should be okay if we die by the same means. Shane Arpas I like my dogs and I don,t like or trust people that don,t like dogs.That being said the owner of these dogs is at fault for letting them roam free. Anne Orman ON MANY THINGS Decided to go to Wharf for dinner last night. What a dissapointment. How on earth can families afford the exorbitant prices. All outlets have the same processed food. Bring back the old different cook on the spot food and lower those restaurant prices. The Gardener Really sad to see Xmas gift ideas for kids. Download this or that. Why not grab a ball and get outside and play. Jonesy. Leanyer. The misuse of Govt funds, at all levels needs an investigation. Its our money they r stealing & it would go a long way to payn 4 necessary services. Thought 4 today: the art of 21st century political correctness - is to search for something, in anything, that might offend someone, somehow, somewhere. Beau Ghan Farmers should pay 50 per cent more wages to encourage backpackers to work in Austra lia or encourage locals to work on farms . Jack Henderson Larrakeyah. Corrections is a disaster. Heath is a disaster. MVR is a disaster. Where are my taxes going? Seriously NT government, a VIP area at Bass in the grass. For $190 a ticket !!!Unwarranted, not needed. Just sell them the $70 entry tickets. This has become a joke. Re- unsuitable Darwin prison.hang in there girls and boys were building a 6 star hotel soon , you can move in when its finished, but only if you thinkit meets your requirements. S. Pit Within the frame of budget juggling, when will the $300,000 Labor promised every NT school for works, begin to be rolled out? This is money which will stimulate the building and construction trades presently heading for the doldrums. Waiting Old Man Re:- Hamberger report.. so Aust. smallest territory has the countries largest prison! Well I think something is broke and it isnt the building(prison) Mick H S. Now that the Owston Ave/ Roystonea Ave road is completed can we get the VIVO buses off Lambrick Ave? I have seen between 5 & 8 buses in a row going through the 3 roundabouts at peak times, someone is going to be hurt here !! Only 1 roundabout the otherway & less than 1/4 of the traffic !! Do a new TMP &get off Lambrick Ave, before its too late. Concerned! Jess, Rosebery. I will be happy for the womens AFL to disrupt the privilege of first preference the mens premier league has taken for granted for so long when any womens AFL side can beat any average 3rd grade side in any competition. Go Power Howard Springs YES With whats going on in Palmerston more resources can only be a good thing. Its going to get worse before it gets better. VERN MCKENNEY, LEANYER YES I think with the technology they have on helicopters they can catch them a lot quicker. LEANNE COLLINS, DARWIN CITY NO They need to walk like everyone else. LINO CHRISTANI, MOIL Speak Up: Do NT Police need a helicopter to help them catch criminals? YES Because they dont have enough resources to stop all the car thefts. TOM WIDDALL, ALAWA LETTER OF THE DAY My pussy gets asthma, too I CAN empathise with Victorians suffering thunderstorm asthma because both me and my cat (Ramessees) have asthma. It was severe when I was young but moving to Darwin 29 years ago knocked out 95 per cent of asthma. My asthma flares up with colds or flus and I had experienced thunderstorm asthma. Not all storms stirs up asthma. Thirteen years ago I had an attack on at a gathering at my friends property in Howard Springs. I stood in front of a pedestal fan to get more air and I warned everyone a big storm is coming in about an hour. I left the place when winds blew in. I heard afterwards the storm hit hard, trees down and black out. I also find my arthritis acts up during storms. Sometimes Im called the walking barometer. Only 1 per cent of cats get asthma. In 2014 Ramessees kept on crouching down on all fours. I later took him to the vet who confirmed he is asthmatic and he was put on antihistamine therapy. During the severe storm we had a few weeks ago, Ramessees fell ill again but recovered soon afterwards with anti-histamines. One time I stopped the antihistamines ... big mistake because Ramessees he needs it for the rest of his nine lives. Kerrie Sullivan & Ramessees Feline-Sullivan, Gray YES It will probably help so they can see where the criminals are going. ALEX WHITELEY, GRAY The Precincts Liz Wilsen, along with Jess Smith and Ralph Dsouza from The Vibe get ready for the Variety NT Santa Fun Run at The Darwin Waterfront Picture: PATRINA MALONE PICK OF THE PICS