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The Northern Territory news Sat 26 Nov 2016



The Northern Territory news Sat 26 Nov 2016

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SALE One DayOnly Saturday 26th November 9am to 2pm ALL CLOTHING IN STORE REDUCED All polos reduced to $5.00 to maximum of $ 15.00 Our $5.00 racks now get 2 for $5.00 Cotton drill clothing already reduced now get 2 for the price of one! Truckers caps only $3.00 12 price - Winter clothing, cotton hi vis polos & much more Strictly Cash sales only-Conditions Apply Territory Uniforms 2 Tybell Street, Winnellie SALE One DayOnly Saturday 26th November 9am to 2pm ALL CLOTHING IN STORE REDUCED All polos reduced to $5.00 to maximum of $ 15.00 Our $5.00 racks now get 2 for $5.00 Cotton drill clothing already reduced now get 2 for the price of one! Truckers caps only $3.00 12 price - Winter clothing, cotton hi vis polos & much more Strictly Cash sales only-Conditions Apply Territory Uniforms 2 Tybell Street, Winnellie 18713718 ou=u|_;ubm=oul-ombvb| www.nt.gov.au facebook.com/NT.DIPL $ $! FLORENCE FALLS PLUNGE POOL TEMPORARY CLOSURE Vbvb|ouv|ob|1_C;7-om--uh-u;-7bv;7o=|_;|;lrou-u1ovu;o= |_; ou;m1; -vrm];roo_b;blrou|-m|r]u-7;v-u;1olr;|;7|o blruo;vb|;=-1bb;v T_;rm];roobmo|0;-11;vvb0;|o|_;r0b1v|-um]=uol Monday 28 November 2016b|_|_;ouhv;r;1|;7|o0;1olr;|;-m7 |_;rm];roou;or;m;70 Monday 19 December 2016. )ouhv1omm;om|_; ou;m1;) 1-lr]uom7-m7"_-7u;;h-h -m7bu;l-bm1ov;7mouhv-u;1olr;|; Vivb|ouvbv0;-0;|o-11;vv|_; ou;m1; -vooho|-m7;mfo|_; ou;m1;rb1mb1-u;--m7 ou;m1;u;;h-0o;|_;=-v7ubm]|_;rm]; roo1ovu; Ao|_;uvb|;vbmb|1_C;7-om--uhu;l-bmor;m|o|_;r0b1 0b1mo1;o=|_bv1ovu;bvbvv;7bm-11ou7-m1;b|_$;uub|ou-uhv-m7 )b7b=;omv;u-om-- Q;ub;v1-m0;7bu;1|;7|o ;r-u|l;m|o=m=u-v|u1|u;vuof;1| bu;1|ou -b7o_-mv;momou;l-b7-b7fo_-mv;mm|]o- !$$ INFRASTRUCTURE, PLANNING AND LOGISTICS OPPORTUNITY AT LEANYER RECREATION PARK OR PALMERSTON WATER PARK The Department of Tourism and Culture is seeking expressions of bm|;u;v|v|ol-m-];|_;;-m;u!;1u;-om-uh-m7-l;uv|om )-|;u-uh1-=;v0ruob7bm]-u-m];o=-vvou|;7=oo7-m70;;u-]; oromv=our-uhbvb|ouv =oououou]-mbv-ombvbmmo-;-m7r-vvbom-|;-0o| ruob7bm]_ovrb|-b|v;ub1;v|_bv1o70;|_;orrou|mb||_-|o are looking for! FOR FURTHER INFORMATION 7;|-bvom|_bvorrou|mb|1-m0;=om707omo-7bm]|_; 7o1l;m|v-|$;m7;uvombm;ou1om|-1m]bm71 om-7om ou1bm7;;l17om-7m|]o- Submission close: Friday 16 December 2016 Expressions of Interest !$$ TOURISM AND CULTURE vrou|-m7u;1u;-omm|]o- Advocate deadlines will be changing to: TUESDAY ADVOCATE Line 2pm Friday Block 12pm Friday Display 4:00pm Thursday Supplied Material 12noon Friday FRIDAY ADVOCATE Line 4pm Wednesday Block 12pm Wednesday Display 10am Wednesday Supplied Material 12noon Wednesday 18494828 MARRARA CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR AIRCONDITIONED MARRARA INDOOR STADIUM Abala Road, Marrara (near Darwin Airport) THIS SATURDAY 26 & SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER 2016 9:00AM TO 4:00PM BOTH DAYS ENTRY: Adults $2.00 - Children Free DOOR PRIZE BOTH DAYS OVER 140 CRAFT & ART STALLS BRIMMING WITH LOCALLY HANDMADE GOODIES FOOD & DRINK AVAILABLE Contact: Di Whittaker 0438 889 258 18714938 darwin.nt.gov.au Brendan Dowd Chief Executive Officer Taxi Zone Relocation Darwin CBD Council will be relocating two Mitchell Street taxi zones to Peel Street. The current taxi zones outside Crocosaurus Cove and BCC cinemas will be rezoned as Zone A car parks. The Peel Street taxi rank has been equipped with CCTV and extra lighting. Line marking is scheduled to take place on the evening of Monday 28 November, weather permitting. Signage and changes will be in effect from Wednesday 30 November. For further information, please call (08) 8930 0420. Abandoned Vehicles Council will be conducting routine herbicide spraying onto the grass surface at Bagot Oval and Malak Oval. Spraying will take place between Monday 28 November until Friday 2 December, weather permitting. Council apologises for any inconveniences and thanks you for your patience. Herbicide Spraying Bagot Oval - Millner Malak Oval - Malak The following vehicles have been removed from public places. Any person with an interest in these vehicles should phone Council on 8930 0602. White Ford Van No Plates from Lindsay Street, Darwin Red Holden Station Wagon NT CA26IN from McMillans Road, Moil Red Hyundai Hatchback NT CA53XY from Van Dieman Street, Wagaman Silver Ford Sedan NT CA11KE from corner of Chang Sha and Bridge Street, Muirhead White Ford Sedan SA S594BIB from Cadell Street, Leanyer White Toyota Sedan NT 961155 from Undoolya Street, Tiwi Blue Diahatsu Hatchback NT CB31YE from Aralia Street, Nightcliff Silver Ford Sedan NT 988427 from Dinah Court, Stuart Park White Subaru Station Wagon NT CB79XN from Duke Street, Stuart Park Grey Mazda Sedan No Plates from Aralia Street, Nightcliff Please note these vehicles are not for sale. Stokes Hill Wharf free shuttle service Changes will occur to the operation of the free courtesy shuttle, which assists patrons with commuting to the Wharf when the car park is at capacity. As of Friday 25 November 2016 the shuttle will operate Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only from 5pm to 9pm. Note: the service will not operate Monday to Thursday during the Wet Season. 8999 5155 | darwinwaterfront@nt.gov.au DARWIN MOTORCYCLE ANNUAL TOY RUN Meet at the NT Motorcycle Centre Saturday 3rd December from 2pm Ride departs 4pm sharp All motorcyclists welcome Bring the family and a donation 18712753 40 CLASSIFIEDS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 2016 General Notices BIRTHS, DEATHS, MARRIAGES & ENGAGEMENTS Require Signatures Prior To Publication AdVOCate WE'RE FOR AUCE NORTHERN TERRITORY GOVERNMENT NORTHERN TERRITORY GOVERNMENT DARWINWATERFRONT CORPORATION 8999 5155 1 darwinwatertront@nt.gov .au CLASSIFI ADVERTISIN INFORMATION PLACING VOUR ADVERT1SEMENT Phone our Classified Ad-Line 8944 9999 Fax 89818999 www.ntnews.com.au/classifieds classifieds@ntnews.com.au NT News Office, McMinn Street Darwin BOOKINGS REQUIRED IN WRITING Births, Funeral Notices, Deaths, Engagements, Marriages, and Adult Entertainment. Written confirmation is required. 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