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02 CAREERS SATURDAY NOVEMBER 26 2016 CAREERS EXPERIENCED DARREN BUCHANAN MANAGING DIRECTOR, HAYS QUEENSLAND This is not something Ive heard of. Any employer who hires the first applicant who meets their criteria without considering all subsequent candidates is not making an informed decision. I suggest you submit your application as quickly as possible, particularly if no closing date is given. But do not worry if it isnt sent until the closing date as this will not impact the ultimate decision. Many hiring managers wait until the closing date to review all the applications at once. Dont substitute a quality application for the sake of being one of the first CVs to hit a hiring managers desk. MID-CAREER ANDREA DAVEY CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER, EMPLOYMENT OFFICE It used to be common for a hiring manager to advertise a closing date and wait until then before even looking at applications. As a result, jobseekers became used to waiting until the last minute to submit their applications similar to the way I used to approach my uni assignments! Employment Office discourages this approach the longer a role is unfilled the more it costs their business, so we provide strategies to help hiring managers fill vacancies as soon as possible. From a jobseekers perspective, you want to submit a well-written application as soon as you see the role advertised. UP & COMING JULIE FORD SENIOR EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT, McARTHUR Most employers I recruit for adhere strictly to the application process and as a recruiter I always present a shortlist of the best applications received. A robust hiring process should always include interviewing a number of candidates who meet the criteria to provide context when measuring skills and fit. Do not wait for the closing date the earlier you send your application the better. Closing date for a recruiter can be an extremely busy time. Ensure you have taken time to create a well thought out, high-quality application rather than shoot something off on the closing date. THE EXPERT DR NERIDA HILLBERG DIRECTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY, FERRIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Employers hire the applicant who best meets their criteria, not who first meets their criteria. Typically, employers and recruiters wait until the closing date so they can fairly assess the complete applicant pool. This is usually an objective and robust process. However, recruiters spend an average of six seconds during their initial review of applications. You therefore need to make your application stand out and tailor it to key words in the ad. Although this will require additional time and effort, it will increase the probability of being selected. THE number of men work-ing part time has morethan doubled in the past20 years and increasedby more than 40 per centsince 2006. Yet being employed part time still is seen as womens work, with many men reluctant to ask to work fewer hours, and employers often knocking back requests when they do ask. Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show 70 per cent of all part-time workers are women. Almost half, or 46 per cent, of the female workforce is part time, compared to 18 per cent of the male workforce. In 1996, 495,700 men worked part time, equal to 11 per cent of all male workers. In 2006, that had grown to 791,300 men (14 per cent of male workers). Today more than a million men work part time. Workplace Gender Equality Agency director Libby Lyons says many more men want to work part time. However, research by Bain and Co finds men are twice as likely to have their requests for flexible work knocked back by their manager and employer, she says. Men who are working flexibly felt they were being unsupported by their managers and judged by their peers for doing so, Lyons says. There are two things there one is the issue of perception that if you work flexibly or part time, youre not a real worker or doing real work. Women have been dealing with that perception for a long time and men are starting to see what thats been like. Retail and hospitality sectors employ the largest numbers of part-time YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED email questions to careers_qs@news.com.au DO SOME EMPLOYERS HIRE THE FIRST APPLICANT WHO MEETS THE CRITERIA? SO I SHOULDNT WAIT FOR THE CLOSING DATE TO SEND THE APPLICATION IN? news & advicewith F L E X I B L E H O U R S MEN NEEDED TO PLAY A PART male staff, however, it is an industry in which these roles typically are filled by school or university students supporting their full-time study. Lyons says gender equality in the workplace will not be achieved unless women and men work together. Normalising part-time work will break the stereotype men need to be the main breadwinner and help them to take on more home and caring duties. Lyons says managers need help, too, by supporting a flexible workforce such as educating clients. In practice, she says, part-time workers often will meet the KPIs of a full-time worker, by being driven, experienced or skilled to get the work completed in four days instead of five, for example. Job sharing also can ensure the workload is completed. I know theres a stigma to working part time, Lyons says. We know from the data, 3.6 per cent of managers work part time that tells me that if you want to be a manager, you have to be full time. Its one of the reasons women, when they take time out of work to have children ... we find that women are having to come back and dumb down their skills and education in order to take often a lesser role than they took before, than their experience suggests. Employers also are warned unwillingness to support men to work part time may come back to bite them. Were seeing more young people, younger men in particular, one young lawyer who recognised that those in the organisation working flexibly or part time were missing out on a lot of the good work he thought Ill just go and find an employer who will accommodate me and who will recognise that what I do is important when Im there, she says. That's what Im seeing more and more of, that people are voting with their feet. KPI FRIDAY I N T H E W A S H - U P , F A M I L Y I S N O . 1 TIM Rofe gets more interest than stick from colleagues about working part time. The business technology partner, 40, works four days a week, taking Fridays off to do the school runs for his three children as well as housework. Among my KPIs for a Friday is three loads of washing not just putting them in a washing machine, but taking it out and hanging it out, he says. It wasnt that I wasnt doing that before, but the balance now shifts. When his wife had an opportunity to move to full-time work, it was management who suggested the part-time option. He tested it out by taking an annual leave day for six months and made the shift in August. Its best you can plan, he says. It does have its challenges working in that kind of environment. For me, it can be a challenge to not let work (infiltrate Fridays) and keep time for the things I should be doing. Rofe says the response from coworkers has been positive. Its more the classic joke Werent you really working part time anyway? but, more often than not, people are coming up saying they heard I was part time, how does it work, what does it mean, he says. If anything, its setting your own priorities. Its not to say Im not career-focused, I just put my family as number one. Its created that interest and awareness. Part-time hours are not just for women. Cara Jenkin reports HELPING OUT: Tim Rofe works part time so he can help care for his young family. Picture: CHRIS EASTMAN UP to half of workers are likely to be looking for a new job in the next 12 months because workplaces are struggling with modern challenges. A survey of full-time, part-time and self-employed staff commissioned by global think tank Reventure finds job satisfaction, technology, productivity and general health/life are the most significant challenges confronting workplaces. The Snapshot of Australian Workplaces finds 49 per cent of 1000 people surveyed will definitely, or probably, look for a new job in the coming year because their needs are notbeing met. Lead researcher Dr Lindsay McMillan says it is issuing a call to action for all Australians to encourage employers to make changes more quickly. Workplaces which are engaging with these challenges have happier, healthier and more engaged staff with higher levels of commitment and productivity. Unfortunately the majority who are not engaged are in a vicious cycle impacting on stability, commitment and productivity, he says. We need to respond more effectively and at a faster pace which is why we have today launched a future that works. Over the next few years we will undertake more research into potential solutions to better engage employees, to lead with inspiration and to increase the healthiness of our workplaces, which generates higher productivity and economic benefits for the whole community. This research will be promoted using www.afuturethatworks.com.au as its platform, and will include practical tips for workers and leaders. UP to 20,000 new jobs are forecast in disability services in Queensland by 2019 but that does not mean workers are guaranteed to walk into a job. Employers are being selective about the candidates they hire, considering personal values before formal qualifications, to ensure the job match is right. Workers typically need a Certificate III in Individual Support to work in the disability services sector although other care qualifications may be considered if workers are willing to upskill but more important than that is their ability to work well with their customers. Disability service provider Cara chief executive Liz Cohen says qualifications can be obtained and it offers positions to inexperienced staff. But most importantly, the values of community support workers must align with those of the organisation, Cohen says. Our promise at Cara is we find possible, so we want possible people to join us, she says. We look for people who are open-minded, who think progressively, work well with others and con D I S A B I L I T Y S E R V I C E S R E A D E R R E V I E W W H A T T H E Y A R E S A Y I N G A B O U T . . . C A R E E R D E V E L O P M E N T It is a trusted brand and having this on my resume is a great talking point. The perks are good. Theres great talks, and lots of opportunity to learn. The technology is worth encountering during your career. Open to knowledge sharing and learning, encouragement for certifications on company expenditure, interaction with cross-cultural and crossfunctional teams. A free environment to work and implement new ideas. Great place to work that puts the worker first and allows a fair bit of autonomy and opportunities for excellence. M A N A G E M E N T Google values diversity and you can sometimes be confused why someone is in a position or might be less experienced than you. Great culture though and you are encouraged to listen to everyone around you. The leadership is very removed from the troops on the ground, despite efforts to make it appear otherwise. Theres even elitism *within* Google, in addition to the general elitism that a lot of Googlers display. Not all bosses are that good, so a quality of employee needs to be maintained. Google is a large company. It sometimes lacks charm of a smaller start-up environment or small business. VISIT SEEK.COM.AU TO READ MORE COMPANY REVIEWS BY REAL EMPLOYEES FLAIR FOR CARE Support organisations are placing greater weight on personal traits than qualifications, writes Cara Jenkin WORKPLACE well-being initiativeshave transitionedfrom being a perkto an expectationwith almost four in five workers saying they would leave their job if it did not meet their health needs. A Tour de Office survey, which shows 79 per cent of respondents feel this way, also reveals flexible work hours are by far the most important to workers (81 per cent). Health initiatives such as fitness challenges and inter-office competitions (42 per cent), break room activities such as ping pong tables and chill-out zones (39 per cent) and healthy lunch options (35 per cent) are also popular. Employment Office managing director and founder of workplace wellness initiative Tour de Office Tudor Marsden-Huggins says he is not surprised how strongly people feel about the topic. I think people these days do expect a minimum standard, he says. People work harder and longer and traffic becomes more of a problem so they want to come in early and go late but that means they want to get their exercise and health and wellness during the day ... its become more integrated. Only one in four survey respondents (26 per cent) nominated onsite gyms as important to workplace health and wellbeing. On-site gyms are nice to have but dont get used that much, MarsdenHuggins says. Putting in a gym and saying right I have looked after workplace wellness is not enough. He recommends subsidising workers involvement in events like corporate triathlons or going for walks while conducting one-on-one meetings. The survey also finds 97 per cent of respondents usually experience stress at work highlighting the importance of wellbeing initiatives. Mental Health at Work managing director Ingrid Ozols says workers should learn to differentiate between positive and negative stress. Red flags for negative stress include headaches, stomach aches, changed eating habits, and not sleeping well. tribute to team success and who can accept feedback and learn. Disability services workers must be able to actively listen, including to non-verbal cues, be approachable, mindful, have empathy and respect the choices of customers, she says. One of its tactics to identify the best staff is to invite people it supports to join its recruitment interview panel. It gives the applicant an opportunity to interact with Caras most important people our customers, Cohen says. Its vital we get it right. The advantage is twofold our customer gets an understanding of the (person) with whom theyll be working and the Cara recruitment team can see how the applicant relates to people with disability. Community support worker Mia Sarmiento believes it takes more than a piece of paper to be good at the job. Caring that comes from the heart connects people like nothing else, she says. The National Disability Insurance Agency forecasts Queensland jobs to grow from between 13,550 and 16,550 full-time equivalent roles to between 29,450 and 35,950 by 2019. WELLBEING T H E P E R K S M O R E S T A F F W A N T N O W MELANIE BURGESS POSSIBLE PEOPLE: Community support worker Mia Sarmiento with Cara customer Emma Gill. MORE WORKERS ON MOVE TRYING TO LIVE DREAM news & advicewith Your destination for career advice 6 CLASSIFIEDS SATURDAY AUGUST 6 2016 COURIERMAIL.COM.AU Registered Nurse required for large busy general practice. The position is a permanent part time. We are offering a minimum of 20 hours per week or upto 37 hours a maximum. We currently have 4 Registered Nurses so the successful Applicant will be joining a large experienced and Professional team. The SuperClinic is fully computerised with an excellent level of high tech equipment. The position commences on the 1st of August and requires some weekend and evening (up to 6 pm) work. Please email Cvs and Applications to : nursemanager@strathpinegpsuperclinic.com.au feature 5 6 % 4 4 % 67 98 168 55 79 120 B E I N S P I R E D Q&A T H E L I F E O F A B U I L D E R 7 4 % 55 70 92 O V E R V I E W O F T H R E E K E Y I N D U S T R I E S T H I S W E E K P R O F E S S I O N A L INDUSTRY/SNAPSHOT NEWS/MOVEMENTS In the five years to November, 2020 Australias professional workforce is expected to grow by 14.5 per cent, generating 396,400 new jobs more than any other occupational class in that period. HIRING NOW Project manager Window Design Solutions Pty Ltd, Brisbane Pay summary $K SOURCE: PayScale 484,900 professionals are employed in Qld H E A L T H C A R E INDUSTRY/SNAPSHOT NEWS/MOVEMENTS About 250,200 new jobs (up 16.4 per cent) are forecast to be created in the healthcare and social assistance industry in the five years to November, 2020 and are likely to favour part-timers and women. HIRING NOW Registered nurse Strathpine GP Superclinic, Brisbane Pay summary $K SOURCE: PayScale 296,000 healthcare and social assistance workers work in Qld 8 0 % 2 0 % T R A N S P O R T INDUSTRY/SNAPSHOT NEWS/MOVEMENTS An additional 52,200 jobs are forecast to be created in Australias transport, postal and warehousing industry in the five years to November, 2020. One in four are expected to be in road freight. HIRING NOW Owner drivers Capital Transport Services, Brisbane Pay summary $K SOURCE: PayScale 143,700 transport, postal and warehousing workers are in Qld 2 6 % SPOTLIGHT ON QUEENSLAND MORE JOBS IN THESE CATEGORIES INSIDE Michael Weller, director at Oasis Construction (Aust), Brendale WHY CONSTRUCTION? I didnt enjoy school back in the day and thought a carpentry background would help me to travel the world and have a working holiday which I never did. The first day I swung a hammer, I decided it wasnt for me so I finished my apprenticeship and went straight to university to do an Associate Diploma of Applied Science in Building Construction. Oasis was conceived in 2009. WHAT ARE THE PERKS? The industry is really satisfying. The reason we are in it is to build buildings. You get some spectacularly good people that make it worthwhile. HOW LONG ARE DAYS? I am probably physically on the ground between 8am and 8.30am and finish anywhere between 6pm and 10pm but Im waking up at 2am and spending my weekends thinking about it as well. WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE FIRST HOUR OF WORK? I socialise with the staff and make sure everybody is happy, then sit down and check some emails, then start making phone calls to clients. WOULD YOU HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY? The apprenticeship was a good solid background. Tongue in cheek, I probably wouldnt start my own construction company. We started at the beginning of the GFC so that created significant difficulties. Creating this business out of nothing, I have often wondered if it was worth the heartache but were here and still going strong. Its only in the most difficult times you wonder if its worth it. Mostly its very fulfilling. THE construction industry is keepingthe job market buoyant as the economytransitions from mining and resourcesto the services sectors.About 87,000 more workers are fore-cast for construction in the five years to November, 2020, an increase of 8.3 per cent, government figures show. Master Builders Australia chief executive Wilhelm Harnisch says the residential sector, in particular, has been a ray of sunshine. Building and construction is Australias third largest industry, employs one million people and trains 50,000 apprentices each year, Harnisch says. It plays a key role in generating economic growth, investment and jobs particularly in the wake of the resources boom. The residential building sector in particular has been a ray of sunshine in generating the nonmining investment needed to transition the economy. Ronan Mulry, business director of Hays Construction, says jobs are being created by robust building conditions in the new home, apartment and commercial markets. In Queensland the focus is on Brisbane where there is a steady flow of roles in the commercial sector while demand for residential housing will keep the market busy, Mulry says. Candidates in North Queensland are heading south to Brisbane or NSW to take advantage of these roles. Hays Quarterly Report for July to September shows Australias in-demand workers include degree-qualified contract administrators, project managers with multistorey residential experience, site managers with high-rise residential experience, commercial and residential estimators, forepersons, project engineers and civil designers. In design, architects with Revit software skills are in demand; and in trades, demand is for form work carpenters, concreters, concrete patchers with highrise experience, experienced carpenters, steel fixers, plumbers, electricians and painter decorators. Theres jobs galore in the building industry, writes Melanie Burgess FUTURE SET IN STONE news & advice with NEW OUTLOOK: Michael Weller went to uni after doing an apprenticeship. Picture: STEVE POHLNER COURIERMAIL.COM.AU SATURDAY AUGUST 6 2016 CLASSIFIEDS 3 == seek .::::i::