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26 SPORT FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 NTFL TEAMS ROUND 7 STHN DISTRICTS V NIGHTCLIFF @ TIO STADIUM, TOMORROW, 7PM P CROCS TIGERS I FB D McLachlan L McGregor D Nelsoni FF P Puautjimi P MacFarlane F Kinthari HB L Ogden E Barlow M Bowden HF J Cooper I Vallejo N Yarran C D Turner M Hamilton J Farreri C A Wilson L Bath M Coombes HF C McAdam J Brennan M Cannard HB K Lohde J Long H Labastida FF D Hall B Vallance M Duffy FB M McLean J Anstess H McMurtrie Foll S Smith M Rosier B Schwarze Foll R Clarke J Williams B Fenton Inter F Sleeth D Wehrung R Bull D Fishwick G Cunningham Inter J Clarke, J Cullen, M Clarke, A Hale, J Heath, D Grills, J Hutt, J Jesson, B Emmett, T Frawley CONCUSSION campaigner Peter Jess has warned of the potential for a catastrophic injury in the new womens league unless the AFL invests more money into concussion research. Jess says the peer-reviewed international research showing women are more prone to serious concussion should be of immediate concern for the AFLW league. The NCCAs latest survey in American college sport showed women had nearly double the concussions in soccer, had more severe symptoms and were slower to recover. But there is very little Australian research into concussion in mens or womens football. Jess, whose client Greg Williams was diagnosed with brain damage after repeated head knocks, says there is the risk a woman would suffer paraplegia and other serious structural injuries. He has also written to the AFL urging them to appoint a concussion management facilitator to oversee AFL returnto-play protocols and concussion management by clubs. I am concerned that as women in the AFL become stronger, faster and collisions increase in impact, a catastrophic event will occur on the field unless urgent changes are made to the rules to protect the players from this outcome, he writes to the AFL. The (US) research indicates that there is conclusive evidence, especially in certain contract sports that females are at higher risk than males and womens AFL is likely to be one of those sports. A key contributing factor appears to be the skeletal muscular structure of women compared to men. The AFL has committed to conducting baseline brain testing of its womens players in the new league and will this summer announce some new funding for research projects. But the Australian Athletes Alliance, which recently formed a concussion working group with AFL representatives, believes far more money should be poured into concussion research. International goalkeeper Joey Didulica, who suffered 20 concussions through his career, said in August: I think governing bodies protect their own interests. The recent womens exhibition matches highlighted a serious of jarring collisions despite only 16 players on the field in a recent Western Bulldogs-Melbourne contest. Jess said yesterday there were too many warning signs to start a womens league without adequate concussion research. ALL-AUSTRALIAN selector Kevin Bartlett is questioning how Essendon captain Jobe Watson is retaining his place in the 2012 AFL team of the year after being stripped of the Brownlow Medal. The AFL Commission has ruled Watson the only Essendon player in the 2012 AllAustralian team can remain in the team of the year because there is no eligibility criteria for this award. But Bartlett notes a breach of the ASADA and WADA codes for using performanceenhancing drugs is to be met with all awards, prizes and honours being stripped. If you are cold-blooded about it, you cannot understand how the AFL has differentiated between the Brownlow Medal and the AllAustralian team, said Barlett, a member of the 2012 selection panel. The AFL Commission says it was a no-brainer to take the Brownlow Medal from Watson. If you are cold-blooded, you would have to take away all the other awards and honours too. In this case, the AFL has adhered to the rules in one instance (the Brownlow Medal) and not the other (the All-Australian team). What a mess this saga has been. Technically, Watson should not have played in 2012 because he and 33 of his Essendon team-mates were in breach of the ASADA and WADA drug policy. The antidoping agencies leaders argue this should not only have awards stripped from Watson but also game records from that 2012 season. The 2012 All-Australian team will remain unchanged. Bartlett adds it would be difficult for the 2012 All-Australian selection panel that included Brownlow Medallist Mark Ricciuto, Luke Darcy, Glen Jakovich and former AFL boss Andrew Demetriou to reconvene to re-select a team of the year without Watson. Bartlett has further issue with Watson MICHELANGELO RUCCI WANDERERS V ST MARYS @ TIO STADIUM, TOMORROW, 4.30PM P EAGLES SAINTS I FB M Taylor D Weetra J Cubillo FF F Kinthari D Ewing K Lohde HB J Jukes H Drogemuller N Vea Vea HF N Yarran P MacFarlane J Cooper C S Bates J Erlandson A Tipungwuti C P Puautjimi J Williams J McGrath HF T Motlop S Motlop M Motlop HB J Robinson R Clarke B Emmett FF A Motlop D Motlop M Motlop FB I Vallejo J Anstess H Labastida Foll J Wilson N Djerrkura L Davis Foll R Smith B Fenton S Riolii Inter BK Fejo B Cubillo L Maroney M Totham J Walsh N Mansell D Dos Santos Inter A Wilson N Paredes M Coombes J Long J Wilson D Grills PALMERSTON V BUFFALOES @ TIO STADIUM, TOMORROW, 2PM P MAGPIES BUFFALOES I FB A Smith T Davies T Kelton FF E Ware D Shillabeer A Sambono HB F Fulwood D Russell R Baird HF S Anderson A Erlandson J Collinson C R Marika A Davey Z Stephenson C T Eldridge M Campbell P Campbell HF B OHara K Holt-Tubbs J Harvey HB M Hagan J Miller J Clarke FF K Proctor E Frank B Church FB K Munungguritj K Maroney C Atkinson Foll M Dennis K Groves A Lonergan Foll D Williams Jr J Stokes P Wills Inter J Damaso R Smith N Lawrence J Lampton. M Braun T Holt J Payne R Davey T Gleeson Inter B Marika, C Wilson, C Williams, D Peckham-Hunter Emer L Philpott, L Clark, D Holyman, J Saveka, N Woodley, P Reid TIWI BOMBERS V WARATAH @ REC OVAL, TOMORROW, 3PM P BOMBERS WARRIORS I FB B Motlop D Weetra J Jukes FF F Jennings J Ferguson K Kantilla HB M Taylor D Motlop H Drogemuller HF J Fallon J Barton L Collihole C M Totham S Bates D Ferreira C A Ankers J OBrien O Henry HF A Djamangi L Patrick T Motlop HB S Godden M Valastro T Mosquito FF J Seden S Motlop B McLean FB R Bonson J Beugelaar M Blake Foll J Miles N Mansell J Erlandson Foll Z Westerberg B Carroll T Clough Inter S Arthur, L Maroney, J Cubillo, B Cubillo, B Riordan, J Wilson, K Fejo, T Friend Inter D Gordon H Kerinaiua J Arada L Davies J Blitner B Ellis T Oliver J Chaplin CONCUSSION CONCERNS JON RALPH Waratahs player Hannah Bebbington (right) tackling Tracy Village opponent Georgia Brashaw during recent NTFL womens premiership action Picture: IVAN RACHMAN