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The Northern Territory news Fri 18 Nov 2016

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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 2016 PUZZLES 37 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Quick crossword No. 5551 11078 QUICK CLUES ACROSS 5 Founded 7 Lukewarm 8 Examination of accounts 9 Old cloth measure 11 Region 13 Water pitcher 14 Disdain 15 Snare 17 Auction 19 Exciting contempt by smallness 20 Horned ruminant 21 Repose 22 Cancels DOWN 1 Fastener 2 Dwell 3 Conclusive 4 Inseparable companion 5 Taken out 6 Cleansing 10 Like a lion 12 Be eager to do 13 Make certain 16 Copied 18 Drinks CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 5 Hides in the stable Ive set up 7 Ted receives a letter from Greece saying its not too hot there 8 Booked for an examination 9 Sell mostly by old measure 11 Ask for a measure of land and be given a whole region 13 Rams partner has the right to carry water 14 Derision shown when a corns taken out 15 How to part a snare 17 Its bargain time in this Victorian city 19 This I lift up and see how unexciting it is 20 Agreed most of it is beastly 21 The remainder are to take a break 22 Its been let go to seed so takes it out DOWN 1 Rearranges the plates to hold them together 2 Be given aid and stay there 3 In the end I get left with only one fan 4 Who can get sad when one has such a follower? 5 Additionally 100 Romans meet Ted and are taken out 6 Discourage that little gentleman from becoming a cleaner 10 Theres one to be seen in the Nile that looks like a lion 12 So eager to do it? Thats praise indeed 13 You are seen to make certain its done 16 Copied most of that being taped 18 Drinks for sale ACROSS 1 By way of 3 Diplomacy 6 Prophet 7 Beak 9 Measures of length (imp) 10 Period of time 11 Rowing implements 13 Big 16 Headwear 18 Ill-mannered 19 Little devil 20 Blemish 21 Incite 23 That following 24 Ships company 25 Worthless dog DOWN 1 Corruptly mercenary 2 Anger 4 Monkeys 5 Make lace 6 Distend 8 Wearied by tediousness 9 Gratis 12 Concur 14 Be adjacent to 15 Storehouse 17 Fierce feline 18 Acting part 20 Dry, of champagne 22 Wildebeest 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 P R E V I O U S W A A V C H A P S T R I V E R K T E E N R A I S E D A A B P I R E D I R E C T I N G T N A D G S A I L O R S E R E C A I M P A I R T H I N N A P E D I G E S T E D A N G E L S A F E B M A L I C E S T O I C G E N E E S T E I N D N I L S P E D T R O D A R E O R O A M S P K N E E P E T A L I M A G E S O S C U D D A N D Y To solve this puzzle, each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. Solution tips and computer program at www.sudoku.com Solution published tomorrow Puzzles by Pappocom Yesterdays Sudoku SolutionPrevious Quick Solution Previous Combo Solution Sudoku Medium November 18, 2016 combo crossword No. su do ku how to Play 5551 horoscoPEs With Neptune turning direct this weekend, Im reminded of the importance of perspective. When wandering through a maze, its easy to become lost. All the hedgerows look the same and there are no signs pointing out the correct path. Yet, if you were tall enough to see over the hedge, all confusion would lift. And if you were raised higher still, the conundrum might even become fun! Life is giving you a leg up this weekend. As the ruler of Pisces, in its own sign, moves forward again, so can we. Supposing I were to say you cant have a forecast today. You havent done enough to deserve one. Its not allowed. Instead, you can have a lecture about the need to behave better. And a reminder of activities that are not permissible. Consider yourself constrained, restricted and reprimanded. Now, how do you feel about that? Well, thats my point. Just as I have no right to give you a hard time, you have no right to give yourself one. This weekend, the planets are urging you to refuse to accept any negativity. Ive got important news about the changes between now and the next new moon. Call 1902 222 500. ARIES MAR 21APR 20 We all feel frustrated when we set out on a short journey and discover that it has turned into a long expedition. We wonder what kind of a mistake weve made or why were being punished by so much delay. But perhaps the only error that has been committed was the assessment of a time-frame that we should have allowed for. You started a process long ago. You feel that it really should have been completed by now. It is taking as long as it needs to take. This weekend enjoy the opportunity to relax. Ive got important news about the changes between now and the next new moon. Call 1902 222 500. GEMINI MAY 22JUN 22 Before the days of movies on demand, most of us grew up listening to stories tales of legendary figures from folklore. Kings, queens, heroes, heroines and various deities; good and evil. Their stories were different but one thing they all had in common was struggle. Back in the time when gods walked among us (or was it vice versa?) nobody ever had it easy. That bit hasnt changed! Or has it? This weekend brings you reasons to feel blessed like the star of some happy fairytale. Much can improve between now and the next new moon. For your moon-sign forecast, call 1902 222 500. SCORPIO OCT 24NOV 22 Is there something you want someone to say to you? Are there words youre hoping to hear? Dont let yourself be dependent on someone elses attitude. Dont give away that much control of your heart. Be strong and be aware that you have the power to drive a situation in many different directions. This simply requires you to be more assertive and spend less time indulging a mood of insecurity. Over the weekend, something needs to be said and you can find the right, skilful way to say it! Much can improve between now and the next new moon. For your moon-sign forecast, call 1902 222 500. TAURUS APR 21 MAY 21 When we spend long enough in anyones company, we wonder if were spending too much time in their company! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Familiarity breeds contempt. Yet sometimes, two people can only really get to know each other by spending a lot of hours together facing the same issues. Theres someone in your world you should consider yourself very lucky to know... even if neither of you have been easy to get along with lately! Take some healing time out this weekend. Ive got important news about the changes between now and the next new moon. Call 1902 222 500. LIBRA SEP 24OCT 23 Forget falling in love Id rather fall in chocolate! Many attribute this phrase to the comedienne Sandra J. Dykes. The words may be funny but if we stop to consider them, we soon see that such a fate would be messier than even the least satisfactory relationship. Whenever we fall, whatever we fall in, we risk ending up in trouble. A softness within you recently has led to a sticky situation. Yet soon youll discover, for all the stress in your life, youre in a situation that is truly sweet. Ive got important news about the changes between now and the next new moon. Call 1902 222 500. SAGITTARIUS NOV 23DEC 21 Why do some people shop at one supermarket when there is a nearby store that sells the same goods for less money? Do they seek the prestige that accompanies a more exclusive establishment? Are they simply too wealthy to care? Or are they just stuck in a habit? So many of us, so often, stick with what we know. We have neither the time nor the inclination to change our patterns. Yet, this weekend, you can gain so much more than just a cheaper grocery bill by challenging a tradition. Much can improve between now and the next new moon. For your forecast, call 1902 222 500. CANCER JUN 23JUL 23 How many times do you want to hold the same conversation? Are you in a discussion that youve been around a hundred times before? You can choose, now, whether to break an old pattern or to compound it. You can keep on doing the same old thing and keep on getting the same old results or you can instigate a change. It may prove unpopular in the short run. It may upset all who feel at home with how things are right now. But if a situation is not okay, it has to alter. Much can improve between now and the next new moon. For your moon-sign forecast, call 1902 222 500. VIRGO AUG 24SEP 23 For every downside, theres an upside. For every drawback, an advantage. And vice versa. If we allow our optimism to overrule our sense of realism, we will soon find ourselves in trouble. But probably not as much trouble as we will end up in if we confuse pessimism with realism. Unless you are now looking for a reason to back out of a situation you dont want to be involved in, you can consider yourself entitled to trust the brighter side of the picture you are now looking at. Ive got important news about the changes between now and the next new moon. Call 1902 222 500. AQUARIUS JAN 21FEB 19 Sometimes, we are all a little too quick to assume that we have to accept unwelcome impositions and undesirable developments. We figure that the more we object, the more painful its all going to be. So, we start suffering in silence before weve taken time to reflect on whether we have to start suffering at all. The skies are now giving you a clear suggestion that if you are not happy with a situation, you need to say so and keep on saying so, until something starts to change this weekend. Ive got important news about the changes before the next new moon. Call 1902 222 500. LEO JUL 24AUG 23 Emotional transactions are different to financial transactions but they have at least one key point in common. In both areas of life,weve got to speculate if we want to accumulate. If you dont take a risk, you wont ever be able to make a gain. Still, though, youve got to look at the kind of risk you are willing to take and consider how much you can afford to lose. But your heart, unlike your wallet, is selfreplenishing. Venus in your sign suggests you can afford to be a little generous with it now. Much can improve between now and the next new moon. For your moon-sign forecast, call 1902 222 500. CAPRICORN DEC 22JAN 20 We often forget to be grateful for our existence. We remember only when some amazing coincidence occurs or we are blessed with a delightful experience. Then we feel thankful. Otherwise, if we are not careful, we dont just fail to acknowledge that life is a gift; we start to feel resentful of all our difficulties. How good will your weekend be? As your ruler changes direction, in your sign, that depends on how much effort you are willing to put into recognising all that is so sweet and so special. Much can improve before the next new moon. For your moon-sign forecast, call 1902 222 500. PISCES FEB 20MAR 20 oscar cainer www.CAiNER.COM Teletopia. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702. 3 1 9 4 8 9 4 8 6 6 2 1 5 7 5 4 8 7 3 9 4 9 6 2 3 8 2 4 6 7 5 1 9 9 7 5 8 2 1 3 6 4 4 1 6 9 3 5 7 2 8 2 9 4 5 7 3 6 8 1 8 3 1 2 4 6 9 5 7 6 5 7 1 8 9 4 3 2 1 4 9 6 5 8 2 7 3 5 2 3 7 1 4 8 9 6 7 6 8 3 9 2 1 4 5