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The Northern Territory news Fri 18 Nov 2016

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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 2016 OPINION 41 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON EUTHANASIA BILL FAILING TO PASS IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA PARLIAMENT They should all be forced to watch Andrew Denton speech at the Press Club from a couple of weeks ago. Over and over again until they get it. Dion Chandler Our choice and nobody else, euthanasia should be made law, I not want some idiot politician making my mind up for me. Roy Whiting I honestly cannot understand anyone opposing voluntary euthanasia of a medicaly assessed terminally ill person,who,while of sound mind requests it. They have obviously never seen a loved one suffer and beg for release for months before dying. I can only assume that those in opposition to this bill are selfish and sadistic individuals. Jan Kemble They obviously havent sat by and watch some dying for days and into weeks . Very cruel to the person and family. We justvwant the suffering for them to stop. Carol Payne ON STEPHEN HAWKING SAYING HUMANS HAVE LESS THAN 1000 YEARS TO FIND A NEW PLANET TO LIVE ON Thats the spirit, just state the bleeding obvious I wont be around then - not my problem and get back to rapid-fire consumerism and ignorance. Well done. Heres your participation trophy. Nicole Stevenson I think we should not whole heartedly believe any scientist, what Hawkings believes is just his view based on his pessimistic outlook on reality. There is no true basis for such a hypothesis. Some of his theories has been disproven anyway. Teoh Seok Hean Dams will run dry and the sea level will rise and drown coastal cities first. Oh wait, the doom and gloom scaremongers said that was already supposed to have happened! Damien Dingle Im certainly not going to lose sleep reading this. Rate the planets going. Could all happen sooner rather than later. Just enjoy life. Val Hoffman And Im not surprised at all, but 1000 is probably stretching it too. Bruce William Walker Doesnt phase me, Ill most likely be 900 years in the grave by then. Mike Woods This is bullshit! We should have the right to choose, that bunch of Wankers should not be able to stop us having that right!! Bronny Sloan CRICKET FIASCO The NSW and Australian Cricket teams must be in the same Boat and sailing the Waters as Its a very Simple Equation If the so called Expert Its hardly surprising were not producing tough young Test cricketers any more - they have bcome mentally soft & somewhat confused: mollycoddled all the way thru modernist namby pamby educ. systems, then mollycoddled thru a (now) weakened Sheffield Shield comp & Test selec tion process - dominated by protective Sports Science & other taming constraint teachers. Cricket in turmoil. Jarrod Hayne could try it, tried everything else. ON NOVEMBER 11 Maybe the 11th mth 11th day 11th hr is becoming less significant as problem in middleast threatens our doorstep at anytime. Poppy Love for Territory FM 104.1, who managed to do a difficult silence without screen doors swinging or studio noise. I was suitably impressed. If Billy from Gunn wasnt 11 minutes late to the RSL maybe they did have 1 min silence. Its 11:00am not 11:11, just saying. Budge Malak ON OTHER THINGS There are heaps of 457 workers in and around Darwin which are doing work locals could be doing,these are mainly large companys that are exploiting the system,of course the chamber of commerce like always covers there arse Time to overhaul 457 visas. International entertainment wont fly half way around the world to entertain a small crowd. Darwins population needs to grow substantially (200%-300%)over the next few years for us to have any chance of attracting international entertainment. Id love to see a FIA WEC championship round at Hidden Valley racetrack, but that is currently just a dream. Well Allan, NT News have had polls as well as mix 104 all polls where for open speed limits to remain so thats how I came to that conclusion I agree with Granny. There is hardly any community spirit in Darwin. I would leave too if I could. Sick n exhausted to listen about those well looked afterpoor refugee ! while so many of our own ppl are living in filth n poverty. Send them to Barrowpt. Alaska, and keep our borders free of all of them. Ps: send there too the greens and the lefties. Our neighbours have no shame they have sex in their courtyard, they dont care who can hear or see them! Go to your bedroom ffs the noises are gross! Worried our children will walk outside and hear or see them. YES I think they do a great job in the community. They are on the front line supporting stray dogs and cats. TAMMY WHITE, WAGAIT BEACH YES I think it should be mandatory for people to get pets desexed. MITCH GLASS, ROSEBERY YES They are overloaded. Maybe if there was more support in neutering animals. ALISON GARDINER, COCONUT GROVE Speak Up: Do you think more needs to be done to alleviate pressures on animal shelters? YES They get over crowded and then the animals get put down. TERESA FEATHER, WULAGI LETTER OF THE DAY Lets get real on climate change FOR any people who have any doubts about climate change but are concerned about refugees consider some of these facts that are happening now: The central glacier in China that supplies fresh water to much of Asia is retreating here and across the so-called Third Pole, due to black soot from coal-fired power stations settling on the white snow and ice, warming it unnaturally. The recent war in Syria was sparked of by the biggest drought in living history that caused hardship and unrest, then war. We have small islands in the Pacific that are losing their land and will be forced to move. The recent crisis throughout Europe with refu gees should be a warning sign. But for some crazy reason many people just want to pick sides or slam people with political positions. Like my 18-year-old son said the other night, stating he is worried about Trumps views on the environment he stated He can stuff up many things but the environment cannot fight back. Wise words from the young. A realistic analysis of what is happening around our world right now is more important than any politic stand these issues seem to get lost in, whether you are the left, the conservatives, the right and everything in-between these issue are important to us all. Carol Phayer, Darwin YES Animal shelters do a great job and unfortunately arent meeting demands of the number of animals needing homes. JEAN AH-CHEE, ALICE SPRINGS Greyhound Re-Homing of the NT (GRANT) president Jo Davies will be hosting an open day for greyhounds looking for new homes at Winnellie Park tomorrow. Zoro, Little Richie and Max are all looking for homes Picture: PATRINA MALONE PICK OF THE PICS