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The Northern Territory news Fri 18 Nov 2016



The Northern Territory news Fri 18 Nov 2016

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Birthdays Happy Birthday to our little princess Curtis Scott Merrin May your day be filled with all things sparkly and glitter Love always, Megs, Scotty, Alby, Eggo and Huey P.S. Thats a carton 18677797 Deaths Anita McMaster May you be at peace now and together again with Matty. Our hearts go out to Tommy and Family. Michael, Ferne & kids xox 18692813 Memorial KIMBERLY WARD (2004) Remembered with love, Debby. 18689470 Kimberley Michaela Ward Our beautiful and loving sister, the joy of having you in our lives will always outweigh the agony of losing you. Much love and light from your kuckabums, Katidjah, Michael-John, Mark and Omar 18678944 KIMBERLY WARD (2004) Always in my heart, Alijah. 18689447 General Notices Advocate deadlines will be changing to: TUESDAY ADVOCATE Line 2pm Friday Block 12pm Friday Display 4:00pm Thursday Supplied Material 12noon Friday FRIDAY ADVOCATE Line 4pm Wednesday Block 12pm Wednesday Display 10am Wednesday Supplied Material 12noon Wednesday 18494828 PUBLICATION: 2015-16 ANNUAL REPORT WEST ARNHEM REGIONAL COUNCIL The West Arnhem Regional Council 2015-16 Annual Report can be downloaded at www.westarnhem.nt.gov.au or obtained :d Plaza or by telephoning (08) 8979 9444. C A R E F U L R S I N K S G R I P B A T C H D M A C A B R E H A U O V E R T O H O P E A C R E A O P E R A A Y D A T R U G C R H I N E E N O U G H H O L D S P N I P Z I R E I G N I L E S B O R E A I D E I P O A I N A P T A O I N C L I N E E A I S L A N D A S I N S I G H T N O C O N E S A N T A L E N T S E N D E M I C I E A C T O R T I H E L M E T S E G H E A R T S S A E N T H R A L I I E N N E A S H L U T N T U B N A R E G R E T D E S P I S E D H E C T I C D E S E R T E R O R D E A L N E I R A E R D A C T T N A O R O D E B S T O P C L A N D I N G F A T A L I T Y A U S T R I A E R O B E R O V E R S A N E R A S E O A K E N E M H A S T E R P A I R A S T A G E S R I D D A N C E T A S T E S L L I E D N T U B B Y O L D E T R N A L I B I V A C M E I T R A G I C D E C R E P I T S T U N T S O C L I P I R E A D J U S T T C S B C B E E A R T I S T A N X R M E E K L Y D Y E S L R E G A L C T A G I S T M E N T O A R H A W A I I L U N C L O T H E D R C E A L S H I P M A T E S A N A I B L O I U A E R S E P N B A S P A R K P L U G R A T D C B A D M I N T O N H S E E M E D E E E I M P L E M E N T T O E J E C T R S A G S S T R A I N O R O T A R C T I C R A S A U B S N C H U R L I S H M M A T S A K N E E L S A C H I E V E D A G R E E S U A R I D C C H A I N E L C S A E A O C T A L N S H O E L B I O P S Y H E A R T E N S B R A N D Y I F E A T M N U R S E T E O W I N G P I P E R C L A D M I T T W E E D U N O H O P E R S T E A D I E R A U C T I O N O I B I S N E S O D E T K S L S Y C U N G E T M O E T U D E S U P R A I S E D F E L L O W S E A S H E L L O C E A N S N N E R C A R S D S U E E R N H C D S T R E T C H P G I S R A E L C D D E F R O S T N R O M E G A E A A S P I R I N I S O L A T E A P E L O P E U R D R A W L E R H E A R E N A S A C T E M P E S T U D R A C E D C K E I N O N E S T A R I E I R H O N E D A O L E T I L A R V A E S T A T E S T O I C N A C E C E G A E E N N U I E D A R T I D L E U T H E F T R E R E N T E R E D G P A S T E S O U R R O S E S S E N S U R E S o1;o=bm|;mom|ol-h;)-|;u|u-1omb1;m1; ;1bvbom uv-m||ov;1omo=|_;Water Act DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES m|]o--|;u $_;om|uo;uo=)-|;u!;vou1;v_;u;0]b;vmo1;|_-|-7;1bvbombv|o 0;l-7;u;]-u7bm]-m-rrb1-om|obm1u;-v;--|;u;|u-1omb1;m1;m7;u ";1omo=|_;$Water Act. $_;-rrb1-omv;;hv-m-l;m7l;m|o=uom7-|;u|u-1omb1;m1; $|o1_-m];b|v1uu;m|vr;1bC;7l-bll-|;u;m|;l;m|=uol ub|_l;7blv;1ub||oub|__b]_v;1ub|-m7u b|_l;7blv;1ub|=ou-|;lrou-ur;ubo7r|o- $_;7;1bvbomom]u-mm]|_bv-rrb1-omb0;l-7;bm1omfm1omb|_ -v;r-u-|;-rrb1-om|o-l;m7uom7-|;u|u-1omb1;m1;$ =uolb|v1uu;m|vr;1bC;7l-bll-|;u;m|;l;m|o=ub|__b]_ v;1ub||o-|o|-l-bll-|;u;m|;l;m|o=u=ou-|;lrou-u r;ubo7r|o- $_;7;1bvbomv|_-|b0;l-7;om0o|_-rrb1-omvbmo|u;v|bm-mbm1u;-v; bm|_;-lom|o=-|;u|_-|l-0;|-h;m=uol|_;$bm7-bl;v|om;tb=;u oll;m|vu;]-u7bm]|_bv-rrb1-omv_o70;l-7;bmubm]0 ;1;l0;u|o|_;om|uo;uo=)-|;u!;vou1;v -|_;ubm;$ PROPOSAL TO UPGRADE EXISTING MOBILE PHONE BASE STATIONS WITHIN THE BEES CREEK, COCONUT GROVE, LEE POINT, KARAMA, MILLNER AND BRAITLING AREAS Telstra plans to upgrade telecommunications facilities, using a combination of LTE700, LTE1800 and LTE2600 technology, at the following locations: 1. Lowther Road, Bees Creek, NT 0822 (RFNSA: 0822012) (Telstra Ref: Bees Creek, 3954) (LTE700): Remove 3 existing panel antennas and 6 existing remote radio units. Install 3 new tower mounted amplifiers and 3 remote radio units. 2. 76 Dick Ward Drive, Coconut Grove, NT 0810 (RFNSA: 0810008) (Telstra Ref: Coconut Grove South, 214584) (LTE700): Remove 2 existing panel antennas. Install 2 new 2.53m long panel antennas, 2 new tower mounted amplifiers and 1 new GPS antenna. 3. 544 Lee Point Road, Lee Point, NT 0810 (RFNSA: 0810015) (Telstra Ref: Lee Point North, 259873) (LTE700 and LTE1800): Remove 3 existing panel antennas. Install 3 new 2.53m long panel antennas, 3 new tower mounted amplifiers, 3 new remote radio units and 1 new GPS antenna. 4. Lot 7003 Plan 901068 Vanderlin Drive, Leanyer, NT 0812 (RFNSA: 0812002) (Telstra Ref: Karama, 4279) (LTE700 and LTE1800): Remove 3 existing panel antennas and 6 existing remote radio units. Relocate 2 existing panel antennas. Install 2 new 2.53m long panel antennas, 3 new tower mounted amplifiers, 3 new remote radio units and 1 new GPS antenna. 5. 18 Rapid Creek Road, Millner, NT 0810 (RFNSA: 0810012) (Telstra Ref: Millner, 279848) (LTE700): Install 3 new tower mounted amplifiers and 1 new GPS antenna. 6. 28 Sargent Street, Braitling, NT 0871 (RFNSA: 0871001) (Telstra Ref: Alice Springs North, 9953) (LTE700 and LTE2600): Remove 3 existing panel antennas and 6 existing tower mounted amplifiers. Relocate 3 existing panel antennas. Install 6 new 2.53m long panel antennas, 6 new tower mounted amplifiers, 6 new remote radio units and 1 new GPS antenna. 7. The proposed works also involves the installation of new feeders and associated ancillary works at each existing facility mentioned above. 8. Telstra regards the proposed installations as Low-impact Facilities under the Telecommunications (Low-impact Facilities) Determination 1997 ("The Determination") based on the descriptions above. 9. Further information can be obtained from Matthew Johnson on behalf of Telstra, (08) 8237 9682, matthew.d.johnson@aurecongroup.com and at www.rfnsa.com.au and quoting the relevant site number shown above. 10. Written submissions should be sent to: Telstra c/- Aurecon Australasia Pty Ltd, 5 Grenfell Street, ADELAIDE SA 5000 by Friday 2 December 2016 18692160 Births, Deaths, Marriages and Engagement Notices Require signatures prior to publicationCall 08 8944 9999 SEEK the right candidate with print & online combined from only $389 Births Deaths Marriages Engagements all require signatures prior to publication FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18 2016 CLASSIFIEDS 45 AdVOCate WE'RE FOR AUCE NT'tNaws & seek Careers MEGA MONDAY CROSSWORD SOLUTION NORTHERN TERRITORY GOVERNMENT Se-ll ~o .. ,.. pYiv~ ~ooJs. itl Sat_urday's Big Terntory Market <7oo.4s._ .. r -4-o :$.10,000 ~s.+W foY FREE visit ntnews.com au/b" gmarket