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Assessment of the Jabiluka Project : report of the Supervising Scientist to the World Heritage Committee



Assessment of the Jabiluka Project : report of the Supervising Scientist to the World Heritage Committee


Johnston, A.; Prendergast, J. B.; Bridgewater, Peter


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Alligator Rivers Region

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Main report--Appendix 2 of the Main Report. Submission to the Mission of the World Heritage Committee by some Australian Scientists ... --Attachment A. Johnston A. and Needham S. 1999. Protection of the environment near the Ranger uranium mine--Attachment B. Bureau of Meteorology 1999. Hydrometeorological analysis relevant to Jabiluka--Attachment C. Jones, R.N., Hennessy, K.J. and Abbs, D.J. 1999. Climate change analysis relevant to Jabiluka--Attachment D. Chiew, F and Wang, Q.J. 1999. Hydrological anaysis relevant to surface water storage at Jabiluka--Attachment E. Kalf, F. and Dudgeon, C. 1999. Analysis of long term groundwater dispersal of contaminants from proposed Jabiluka mine tailings repositories--Appendix 2 of Attachment E. Simulation of leaching on non-reactive and radionuclide contaminants from proposed Jabiluka silo banks.




Uranium mill tailings - Environmental aspects - Northern Territory - Alligator Rivers Region; Environmental impact analysis - Northern Territory - Jabiluka; Uranium mines and mining - Environmental aspects - Northern Territory - Jabiluka; Jabiluka - Environmental aspects

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Environment Australia

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Canberra (A.C.T.)


Supervising Scientist Report; 138


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iv Acknowledgements A review of this kind is never the work of one person. I would, therefore, like to express my gratitude to the following people who all made contributions: Arthur Johnston, Deputy Supervising Scientist, for his overall management of the review, for the extensive analyses that he carried out and for authorship of much of the report. Bernard Prendergast, Head of the Supervising Scientists research program on the Environmental Impact of Mining who managed the consultancy projects, interacted extensively with scientists in other institutions and wrote sections of the report. Bruce Stewart and his colleagues in the Bureau of Meteorology for their project on Hydrometeorological analysis relevant to Jabiluka. Roger Jones and his colleagues in the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research for their project on Climate change analysis relevant to Jabiluka. Francis Chiew and QJ Wang of the University of Melbourne for their project on Hydrological analysis relevant to surface water storage at Jabiluka. Franz Kalf of Kalf Associates and Colin Dudgeon of the University of New South Wales for their project on Analysis of long term groundwater dispersal of contaminants from proposed Jabiluka mine tailings repositories. Brian Richards, recently retired from CSIRO, for his review of the groundwater study. Michael Wendt of the CSIRO Division of Mining amd Exploration for his review of the section on evaporation in the mine ventilation shafts. Kevin McCue of the Australian Geological Survey Organisation who provided the results of his recent study on earthquakes in the region. Andrew Jackson and Allan Wade of ERA and Mark Daniell of ERA Environmental Services who promptly responded to requests for data and other information. I also thank the large number of other staff of the Supervising Scientist who contributed extensively throughout the project in the provision of scientific and technical advice, providing summaries of their research in a number of relevant areas, in reviewing the report and in providing logistic and editorial support throughout the review. Finally, I would like to acknowledge both current and past staff of the Supervising Scientist for their contribution to environment protection in the Alligator Rivers Region. Without their dedicated work over the past twenty years, this report could not have been written and we would not be in a position to demonstrate so clearly to the international community that the natural values of Kakadu National Park have not, need not, and will not, be harmed by the conduct of uranium mining in the region. Peter Bridgewater Supervising Scientist 9 April 1999