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The Northern Territory news Mon 29 Aug 2016

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MONDAY AUGUST 29 2016 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Hall, whose blog had run a picture of a boy posing as Naitanui, was so frightened that she pulled down the post and put up a picture of herself crying as she pleaded for mercy. Hall insisted she was culturally sensitive and never believed the boy and his mother racist. Yet said shed never received so much abuse. Please stop sending me these horrible messages and writing these things on my wall, I am feeling really broken and alone right now and I dont have the strength for this. Good God. This is the work of people claiming to be more moral? To send death threats to women? To humiliate and scare mere children? Innocent children, at that? I am so sorry Naitanui fell in with this mob, though he rightly said the mother had meant no offence and her son was in his innocence merely attempting to emulate his hero. Naitanui should have left it at that a finding of not guilty and called out this fraud. Yet he still felt driven by the social media hysteria to cast his fans loving gesture as inherently racist. Its a shame racism coexists in an environment where our children should be nurtured not tortured because they are unaware of the painful historical significance blackface has had previously on the oppressed, he tweeted. Seriously? How about judging an action by the intention? Judging a boy and his mother by their hearts? Why make some tenuous connection with some distant past practice few people remember or understand just to take an offence when clearly none was intended? And in what way is Naitanui so admired and well-rewarded among the oppressed? If anyone is oppressed here, how about the boy too scared to go to school? Such frantic offence-taking and drawing of racial lines is becoming sinister. Divisive. Inflammatory. Cruel. Dont tell me the pack turned on the boy just to root out racism because here there was none. SAME-SEX VOTE A THREAT TO LIBS LIBERALS should panic abouttheir Prime Minister. Is a wounded Malcolm Turnbull ready to destroy the Government over same-sex marriage? Turnbulls plan for a peoples vote a plebiscite next February to decide whether to legalise same-sex marriage is almost sure now to be blocked by the Senate. Labor yesterday briefed journalists that it was preparing to vote against it. Im worried Malcolm Turnbull will just stuff it up, said Labor leader Bill Shorten, who actually let it be known he fears the public wouldnt vote for this vast social change. But Shorten also knows that if Labor does vote in the Senate against a plebiscite, he could take down Turnbull. The Greens have already said they will block the plebiscite, too, and that leaves Labor needing just three more Senate votes to kill it. That should be easy. Nick Xenophon last week said he and his two senators were also hostile Right now, its a no and Senator Derryn Hinch says he is hostile, too. So whats Turnbulls Plan B? Will Turnbull then do what his heart prefers allow a free vote by his party that could, with Labor and Greens support, impose samesex marriage and make Turnbull the hero of the ABC Left? Or will he honour his election promise and do what most of his party demands: say its a peoples vote or nothing, and be vilified by the Left as a sellout? Add this to his calculations: Turnbull seems not to be liking being Prime Minister, and leads a team even less happy with him. He has not been the great saviour he assumed, and now leads a crippled government with almost no agenda. The clock is already ticking on his leadership. So how would Turnbull like to be remembered: as a failure who was dragged out by his heels? Or as the heroic social reformer who brought in same-sex marriage or died trying? Turnbull has so far refused to say what hell do if his plebiscite is blocked, and a number of Liberals are scared he will go nuclear. Breaking his election promise will split the party even more bitterly than his disastrous attempt as Opposition leader to back Labors planned emissions trading scheme. Its a no-brainer. Turnbull should, of course, say its a peoples vote or nothing. So, why wont he? Andrew Bolt AUSTRALIA'S MOST READ COLUMNIST This is the work of people claiming to be more moral? To send death threats to women? To humiliate and scare mere children? Anti-racists are just a cruel mob THE persecution of a youngfan of AFL star Nic Naitanuiproves todays anti-racist isnow often just a bully.Anti-racism, once a noble cause, has instead become a licence to humiliate even children. First, these anti-racist hypocrites turned a 13-year-old girl into the face of racism in Australia and named and shamed her for yelling ape at AFL star Adam Goodes at the football. Never mind that she said she did not mean the insult in a racist way and was tearily sorry. Never mind that she was a mere child. No, she was identified on national television, detained by police and evicted from the stadium. It was disgusting to then see powerful adults football administrators and champions, media heavies and activists line up to smash a powerless girl from a broken home. That was shameful enough, from moralisers claiming to be fighting for a kinder and less judgmental world. But now their latest victim is a grade four boy. His sin: to have so idolised AFL star Nic Naitanui, of Fijian Indian background, that he wanted to look like him as much as possible for a school dress-up day, even getting his mother to colour his skin. He is pasty white, explained his mum on the Facebook wall of Perth blogger Constance Hall. If I sent him in (just) a wig and footy gear, no one would tell who he was. Be clear here. If racism is belittling people of a different race or skin colour, this boy and his mother are innocent. Indeed, the boy clearly admired Naitanui, and, painted brown, was given a prize at his schools bestdressed parade by judges who appreciated this obvious tribute to a local hero. Is this not exactly how wed wish our children to be: so far from despising a darker skin colour that theyd wish to share it to be closer to someone they admire? Yet our anti-racists are dead to both pity and reason. They did not judge this boy by his heart or his intention. They judged him instead by the colour painted on his skin. Racist! they screamed, and, having somehow sniffed out evil, these witch-hunters felt licensed to commit evil of their own. The abuse they heaped on the boys family on social media was astonishing some of it vile and some of it threatening. We have been in tears and are too scared to leave the house, the mother said. Her son did not dare go to school. A social media picture of a boy made up as footballer Nic Naitanui (main) and former Sydney Swan Adam Goodes (above) He has not been the great saviour he assumed