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28 OPINION MONDAY AUGUST 29 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Nows the time to set standard AT SOME point in the next few weeks, up to 20 Labor MLAs will come together for their first wing meeting in Government. They have a particularly difficult task, taking responsibility for social problems and an economy facing headwinds. They will need to manage these well. But the words ringing in their ears should be those spoken by Adam Giles on election night: disunity is death. If any MLA treats office as a prize and not a privilege, Michael Gunner should cast them aside from the Government immediately. This looms as a key test for Gunner: does he have enough control of his team, one that will be large and could be difficult to manage, to set down gold standards for Ministerial and MLA behaviour. Labor has a big enough buffer to set those sorts of standards. One of the CLPs biggest problems was its thin majority: it could not practically stamp down on misbehaviour when doing so would put the entire Government under threat. The message sent by voters was not just that disunity is death, but that we demand better from our leaders. Labor must heed that message and come to office with humility. There has been some talk about a group of independents forming a formal Opposition. That would be an interesting prospect, though we have doubts on how effective it would be at holding Government to account. Conservative voters deserve their voice to be heard in the NT Parliament. Its not their fault the Territorys conservative party was trashed. And whatever the situation, we would expect the few remaining CLP members to be granted the opportunity and resources to allow their party to rebuild. Theres been some talk the CLP might actually disband. If lessons are properly learned from the 2016 thrashing, theres no reason it cannot return to former glories. ... and another thing COULD-BE heroes travelled from far and wide to compete in the NT Surf Life Saving Championships this weekend. Kids as young as eight were jumping in to save lives and race against each other. Surf Life Saving NT CEO Samantha Farrow said she couldnt believe how many children didnt know how to swim nowadays. So while were not saying you should chuck your kid in the Adelaide River, give our lifesavers an easier and safer job by making sure your child has a basic understanding of water safety and swimming. Failure to take off AIRPORTS are constructed throughout the world as an establishment where aircraft can safely take off and land with hundreds of passengers on board, either going to or returning from their destinations. Passenger ages vary greatly, from babies of a few days old to the elderly and sometimes infirm person. Most airports, in developed countries, have outlaid billions of dollars to facilitate the smooth and stress-free arrival and departure from/to the airport for the passenger. But I can assure you, as a professional coach driver, this does not apply to the Darwin Airport regime, who just a few weeks ago stopped large coaches disembarking their passengers adjacent to the check-in counters. Tourist coaches now must go to the bus park, which is approximately 200 to 300 metres from the check-in counters. The tired passengers then have to lug their luggage up the ramp, along the pavement and into the terminal before they get some relief from the air-conditioning. Most of us make allowances for fellow humans who are not so young as they used to be, but not at Darwin International Airport. I can envisage some staff monitoring these unfortunate people on CCTV cameras: Shit, I bet she wishes now she didnt pack that many clothes or Heart attack on the way, stand by St John or She nearly lost her prosthetic leg as the humidity wont hold it on or Pretty heavy walking frame for this climate and so on. It is quite sad and disturbing that a business with a turnover of millions has invested and installed all the legal things like disabled toilets and ramps, but an infirm person has to challenge the 200-metre ordeal to get to them. Rupert Murdoch once said monopolies are really bad, until you own one. Unfortunately this is the non-human attitude of the Darwin Airport senior staff. Colin Blair, Darwin Fracking fallacy REPLY to The drill on gas, Letter to the Editor, NT News, August 22, 2016, from Steve Wright, Energy Resources Information Centre (ERIC), NSW. I welcome your response to the letter submitted by myself to the NT News, (Letter of the Day, NT News, August 17, 2016). My intent in writing was to stimulate discussion and provoke thought. To this end your article has offered an alternative point of view. However, to suggest that chemicals used in the fracking process are derivatives of common laundry and poolcleaning agents is misleading. The chemicals used are often proprietary (copyright) and commonly include BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene and Xylene) and other chemicals in varying ratios. www.halliburton.com/public/projects/pubsdata/Hyd r a u l i c _ F r a c t u r i n g / fluids_disclosure.html). Many websites refer to brackish water being recycled it is interesting to note the salinity of this fluid as shown: Potential values in formation waters/fracking fluids; Salinity (generally NaCl) 4 Formation waters: 150,000 mg/L; Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (2004); Salinity 1000 mg/L. ERIC is financially sponsored by petrochemical companies and it would be naive to expect other than a pro-fracking point of view. You dismiss alternative views within my article as Alarmist claims. These views are respected sources with views alternate to those supported by ERIC. This does not mean their research is any less worthy than your own. Bulgaria, Scotland, Great Britain, France, Germany and states within the USA, including New York, which had initially supported fracking, have since placed a moratorium on or banned any further operations. Fracking in Australia is in its infancy compared to operations in the USA and throughout Europe. The earliest reference to fracking in Australia was during the mid-1970s. www.acola.org.au/PDF/ S A F 0 6 F I N A L / F r o g tech_Shale_Gas_Geology_and_ Risks%20Jan2013.pdf Ross Day, Moulden Dog solution TO those concerned by roaming dogs I pass on a control method used by a bicycle pedalling postman in Alice Springs in the 1950s. He carried a water pistol filled with house hold cloudy ammonia. Any dog that tried to molest him was given a squirt on the nose. This repelled the animal immediately. Any dog so treated kept well away from him later on. Very simple. Neither man nor dog suffers any long-term effect. Des Nelson, Alice Springs The majority of airports, in developed countries, have outlaid billions of dollars to facilitate the smooth and stress free arrival and departure from/to the airport for the passenger. But I can assure you, as a professional coach driver, this does not apply to the Darwin Airport regime SEE BELOW 10 YEARS AGO: More than 100 water experts from the Asia Pacific region have descended on Darwin for a national hydrography conference. The Australian Hydrographers Association Biennial Conference starts today at the SkyCity Casino. 20 YEARS AGO: The NT Government had failed to collect millions of dollars in unpaid fines and fees, Auditor-General Iain Summers has revealed. He said at least $4.4 million in outstanding debts had been identified in a check of unexecuted warrants. 25 YEARS AGO: The Uluru National Park management board has called on the Australian National Park and Wildlife Services to bolster feral animal control efforts in the park. 28 OPINION MONDAY APRIL 4 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 MONDAY APRIL 4 2016 OPINION 29 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON AUSTRALIA SLIPPING TO 60TH IN THE WORLD FOR AVERAGE PEAK INTERNET SPEED, DESPITE NBN ROLL OUT Only the Liberals would think that it is better to use an outdated hybrid system then when that is finished go back and complete it to the original standard! Adriaan de Leeuw If it was a requirement for Coal Mines to have good internet wed all have Fibre-optic Broadband by now. No question. Brett Hopkinson Bring back the original plan and roll out complete fibre network. Faster and cheaper then this dinosaur network the pm is forcing on us. Hell 3rd world countries have superior network to us. Ray Choppa The NBN has been a national joke since the last election. Unfortunately most people are only starting to see it just now. Cameron Paull So many people have complained that its not worth the money or trouble. What is then. Seriously. Looking at getting internet for house and confused. Denise Scully I have had nothing but problems that took months to fix each time and it all stemmed from a dodgy installation to start with. No Broadband Never. Paul Veneman Labor originally said it was going to all be fibre optic. They promised something they couldnt deliver. Chris Brawn ON NO ASYLUM SEEKER CHILDREN BEING IN AUSTRALIAN DETENTION So where are they? Is this because we only have men seeking asylum now, leaving their woman and children behind? Shylee Riley Still plenty on Nauru though, so it seems this is but a step in the right direction. Katie Louise How many Australian children are homeless right now, with no support from government? Brett Bird Amazing. Fancy that. Keeping people locked up for years, they grow older and turn into adults. Wayne Burner Lets bring the 50+ children on Nauru to Australia, then get them out of detention, then maybe pat ourselves on the back? While this government oversees children at harm they have nothing to be proud of. Adam Davies The problem is everyone has to realise the country areas should have been done last of all. The cities should have been done first. Chris Roksandic ON HOUSE BREAK-INS By all means come in! My house is your house! But once youre inside where no one can see you, you figure out whats going to happen you little THIEF!!! Teddie A break in is done by an uninvited person. Thus one must assume that they are there for NO GOOD REASON! There is an awful lot of furniture for such a person to fall over. Or one could teach this fool a lesson and dump their unconscious body elsewhere. The constabulary and the justice system are ineffectual. PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOURS. We really have no choice now. So thief caught, hell get four months in ac comfort. Meanwhile cafe outta pocket by thousands with no hope of compo. ON MANY OTHER THINGS PB of Nightcliff. If you want S plates for senior drivers, may I suggest RDD for repeated drunk driver, LFW for lead footed wanker and BDM for brain dead moron. Dave, FBay Heaven help if the Feds cede part of the Federal fundraising to the states and territories. First we havent got the population to raise sufficient funds and we would incur a bloated public service full of ex-spurts! Craig Emerson gets a radio talk introduction, being announced as Scott. Lots of apologies. It is about time the PM delivered on tax strategy. Im not for or against alcohol laws on indigenous communi ties. But it does seem strange that only the government knows whats good for them in communities. Do these people vote so shouldnt they get full voters rights to make some of their own decisions enforcing these laws across the board, I bet you wouldnt be in Government long. Harold Holtze Do not go to that opposite corner, not far away. The Fish are not biting. Will we ever see the AFL footy show at a decent time slot? Nine Darwin delayed last week and not even on this week. Re: article about problems with telstra. Funny how it was quickly fixed after NT News got involved. I was having so much trouble getting telstra to fix my problems that finally I told them I was off to the telco ombudsman. A miracle suddenly occurred. Everything Id been trying to sort out for months was suddenly sorted in 2 weeks and follow up calls. Amazing! Sue, Palmerston Different taxes for different states. A ridiculous fight everytime. Labor is fully funded in its proposals. Deliver health according to individual need. But states see the shortfall in health funding. They are asking for the Abbottcuts to be reinstated. This fight well worth winning IT comes with the Territory. We love our home and we believe its worth fighting for. Our lifestyle and our natural environment are the envy of the world. This is the frontier the place where the blue ocean meets the ochre bush. Where Asia meets Australia. Tourists from Australia and the world are queuing up to come here, to visit Uluru and Kakadu and our amazing cities and towns. Asia is booming and people in China, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam all want some of what weve got. Theyre buying Territory beef in cities powered by Territory gas. Step off the plane at Darwin airport and breathe in that first hit of tropical air. Cast a line into the saltwater at Gove. Sleep under the stars in the centre and youll feel it, too. That special something about living and working in the NT that city dwellers will never understand. Were proud of where we live. And so we should be. But there are drawbacks to living in paradise. It comes at a cost. As a Territory were nowhere near as healthy as we should be. Most people in Darwin die before the age of 67. In the bush, theyre living 10 years less. A baby born today in Darwin has a life expectancy of 81.2 and in the bush 73.8. Those figures highlight a stark gap to Australias major cities, but they also assume things will improve drastically over the next 80 years. Were not prepared to sit on our hands and hope. Some of the problems we face are caused by remoteness. Both the distance from Darwin to east coast cities and the isolation of our many bush communities, which struggle at times with basic services. Its long been viewed as a reality of living here. But its not something we should accept. Our children deserve the same opportunities as children in Sydney or Melbourne. Arent we a part of the lucky country, too? Thats where the Fair Go campaign begins. With a desire to make sure those of us outside the major cities one in every three Australians has a voice in Canberra. We are determined to ensure we receive a fair slice of the pie. And between now and the federal election, we will make sure our politicians do more than just kiss babies. They must do more than just pay lip service to our childrens future. complex for those over 65, for the past 25 years but I have the misfortune to have the Darwin council garbage collection contractors. After lodging complaints with the council and the Housing Commission over the past three months the number of bins for approximately 18 units has shrunk from eight to four, and is inadequate. My collections are normally Monday and Thursday. On Thursday, about 6am I put out my contribution but they overfilled the bins and spilt on the ground. This Saturday it appears the Thursday collection had been cancelled, so my contribution was spilt emptied on to the ground. Can somebody please advise who is in actual charge, and I do not mean some junior clerks who will get the blame, but those who close a blind eye. Darwin is supposed to be an exemplary city, with councillors flying all around the globe advertising how expert they are, and sitting on millions in reserve for more trips. How do you get results? Politicians are not quite useless but almost, and it is not their portfolio. The Housing Commission passes the buck, and the DCC treats me with ignorance. We were better off when we were managed by Canberra, with an Administrator and the same public servants, as the people now in charge are hopeless. I love Darwin and the Territory and used to pride myself on living here on and off for the past 60 years, but it takes an all-round education and perspicacity to govern, which I am afraid the present setup does not have. It is not their fault. They try, but are unable. John Hinton, Larrakeyah The good life HOW special we felt when our two Burdekin ducks returned to show us their three babies. They had down still on their heads and mum or dad were always on guard watching over their babies. They looked so proud. Of course they had some bread and grain. Never allowed to get too close, but they know they are never threatened. Every time they have their baby ones they bring them to see us. Last year they had five. Then we watch them when their babies are old enough chase them away in the sky. I guess they say time to be on your own and make your way in this world. We wonder if, when other Burdekins visit from time to time, they were the babies. What a wonderful part of nature they have allowed us to see and share with their family. R of Berrimah Fool for thought LOVED your April Fools Day jokes in Fridays NT News: North Korea to purchase Darwin Airport; yeah, right, it seems the airport is owned by the Federal Government/Australian Defence Force and is definitely not for sale, not even to Donald Trump. Speaking of The Donald, the other hilarious story was about him wanting to demolish Government House and put up a Trump Tower in its place. Good one, guys! Even if he knew where Darwin was, he wouldnt throw in a few hundred million for a hotel, otherwise surely he wouldve bought the port! Baru Jack, Larrakeyah A bad bet I AM just wondering, is the big house going broke? It surely seems like it is. The place is dead, the machines just gobble up your coin like there was no yesterday. Is there a poor box? I might just slip $50 into it, poor me. Man in the jungle, Batchelor ... it takes an all-round education and perspicacity to govern, which I am afraid the present set up does not have. It is not their fault they try but are unable. SEE BELOW 10 YEARS AGO: Billionaire computer mogul Bill Gates has chosen Alice Springs to announce a $105 million grant to find a vaccine for pneumonia. Gates hopes the grant will help create a cheap vaccine to combat strains of the disease common in Third World countries. 20 YEARS AGO: A new $750,000 bridge to be opened today should allow all weather access to Litchfield National Park. The bridge, at the upper Finniss River crossing, is to be officially opened by Tourism Minister Barry Coulter. 25 YEARS AGO: A site off Lakeside Drive, Alawa, is set to become Australias first childrens garden in a joint project by Darwin council and Rotary Club to promote nature study. The council agreed to set aside the area off Lakeside Drive for the garden. NO I would have to think about it before joining. THILINA HEDDIARACHICHI, NIGHTCLIFF YES I just signed up to a yoga class. CATHY WHITE, NIGHTCLIFF YES Im a member of iFitness, I like to train with weights. ANGELA PERCIVAL, COCONUT GROVE Speak Up: Are you a member of a Territorian gym? NO But I do teach some classes in Fernwood. I like to teach boxing and Pilates. LISA SVARA, RAPID CREEK LETTER OF THE DAY Its time to try smarter justice AT a time of justifiable public interest and concern about the effectiveness of public spending, Australian Red Cross is launching a report calling on a new way to do justice a way that redirects finite taxpayers funds into a more effective and humane system. Known as justice reinvestment, at its heart is a system that channels funds spent on imprisonment into crime prevention and community safety. Its more effective, more humane and it works. The report highlights the growing costs (about $3.5b a year) and inhumane effects of the climbing imprisonment rates in a time of falling or steady crime rates. It also highlights the failure to address the causes of crime or make our communities safer. We are calling for State and Territory Governments to adopt five recommendations to improve the criminal justice system in line with the justice reinvestment approach to achieve lower incarceration rates, reduced prison costs and stronger, safer communities. We also recommend that all governments commit to a significant reduction in the appallingly high incarceration rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Please read the report at www.redcross.org.au/justice reinvest and talk to your local elected representatives. Sandra Cannon, Executive Director, Australian Red Cross, NT NO I used to be a member some time ago 10 years ago. BOB BRADY, FANNIE BAY Billy the Boston terrier cuts a fine figure dressed as a frog Picture: ELISE DERWIN PICK OF THE PICS No shortcuts IF it has even a skerrick of commitment to its own integrity, Inpex must follow through with its agreed commitment to fund over $90 million in environmental offsets. It has financially benefited from accessing enormous amounts of potable water for free, destroying Darwin Harbours mangroves and dredging the harbour, not to mention the hundreds of tonnes of greenhouse gases which will be released once it is operational. $30 million is a drop in the ocean for a $30 billion project, not to mention the missing funds intended to support indigenous fire management FAIR FOR THE GOLD COAST GO FAIR FOR TOWNSVILLE GO FOR DARWIN FAIR GO FOR GEELONG FAIR GO FAIR FOR CAIRNS GO FOR HOBART FAIR GO FOR THE TERRITORY THE Fair Go campaign is all about your voice. With a third of Aussies living in regional areas, speaking up as one will make for a loud conversation that Canberra can not ignore. Its a great way to offer support and solutions to our brothers and sisters nationwide. Join in now by sending a letter or text to the editor. Head to our NT News website or join the national conversation on Facebook or Twitter at www.facebook.com/FairGo4Us/ and twitter.com/FairGo4Us. Use hashtag #FairGo on all your posts and start spreading the word! Email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au I Text: 0428 NTNEWS I Fax: 08 8981 6045 I Letters: PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 CONNECT WITH US ~ www.ntnews.com.au -(;) @TheNTNews Your Sa Facebook.com/TheNTNews lllllllllllll'tvoURVOICE IN THE TERRITORY 111111111111111 111 11 111 111111 1111 111 1111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 11111111111111111111 1111 111111111111111111111 11 111 1111111111111111 111 1111 111 1111 111 11111 111 111 111111 11 11 EDITORIAL NT'+News ~Letters o On this day IN THE TERRITORY