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08 NEWS MONDAY AUGUST 29 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 PM banks on plan for plebiscite PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull is holding onto hope his same-sex marriage plebiscite will go ahead despite Labor giving the clearest indication yet it will block it. Labor leader Bill Shorten says the plebiscite is a secondbest option and his party appears to be leaning towards rejecting it. We want to have marriage equality and we want to do it as quickly as possible, he told reporters in Melbourne yesterday. A vote in the parliament is the quickest, cheapest, least divisive mechanism. But Mr Turnbull indicated only holding a plebiscite would lead to a parliamentary vote. There is no question that the fastest way, the way to guarantee that there is a vote in the parliament on gay marriage in this parliament, is to support the plebiscite, Mr Turnbull told ABC TV. Marriage equality advocate Rodney Croome, who opposes holding a plebiscite sure to be divisive and hateful, says if Mr Turnbull wants the change, he needs a back-up plan in case the Senate blocks it. Labor is also worried about the plebiscites success with the prime minister handling the national vote, saying he stuffed up the republic referendum, the NBN and senate reforms. The Oppositions leadership team has discussed whether to allow the plebiscite legislation to pass, but didnt reach a decision and may yet go to a caucus meeting. The Greens have said they will oppose the plebiscite and the Government is unlikely to be able to convince enough crossbenchers of its merits to pass it without Labors help. The Australian Christian Lobby says its disappointing that those advocating to allow same-sex marriage dont seem to trust people to have a say. This is an issue that has been prosecuted by fatiguing members of parliament over many years, director Lyle Shelton said. It is only right that the issue now goes to the people to decide what is a very big change with big consequences. What Deacon told the cops THE jury in the Carlie Sinclair murder trial has listened to hours of recorded conversations between alleged murderer Danny Deacon and undercover cops. Some parts of the conversation and the context surrounding them have been suppressed by the court. The first significant conversation showed to the jury was a video filmed in a Perth hotel room of Deacon confessing to an undercover police officer. Deacon, 45, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Ms Sinclair on or about June 18, 2013, at their decorative concreting business in Parap. The jury watched the video in which Deacon told the officer he knocked her out and choked her out before wrapping Ms Sinclairs lifeless body in plastic. In the footage filmed on December 17, 2014, he told the undercover operative he buried Ms Sinclair in a grave he had dug a month before, using an excavator. Following his first confession, Deacon revealed more details about how he allegedly murdered Ms Sinclair and disposed of her body. The confessions ended in a trip to Ms Sinclairs gravesite in Berry Springs and his arrest by Territory police on December 19. Below is a snippet of what was revealed during recorded conversations that took place on December 17 and December 18, 2014. Cop: All good? Deacon: Yeah, Im all right, Im a bit nervous and you know why. Cop: Its all sweet man, dont stress. Deacon: Sorry I couldnt tell ... you know ... You can understand why I keep it from everyone, especially you blokes it makes me think f***, is this a set-up, you know, because mate, things like this could happen, the cops might really want me that bad. But Ive seen enough and I can read between the lines ... and I know where Im going (inaudible). Cop: Youre a smart boy, man. Youre not stupid. Youre not stupid and ... Deacon: I like to think so. I am highly educated, believe me Cop: This is, this is nothing, man we will look after this. Deacon: In all honesty dont think it really needs to be looked after, theres no f***ing way theyre gonna find her, theres just no chance ... (inaudible). Cop: Have you told You need to tell him, hes your mate. Deacon: Im just, Im just, like Im waiting until todays over (inaudible) ... and Ill just come clean ... Yeah ... Its a hard thing for me to do mate. I keep secrets and thats something you guys obviously appreciate and um, um (audible) Ill tell him. Cop: You feel a bit tight in the chest or what? Deacon: The only thing Im thinking about is the welfare of my son. I know Im always going to be right. If Im going inside Ill f***ing be staunch and Ill manage ..! might get hurt for a few days but Ill manage. Ill always manage but its my son, he hasnt got a mum and had a f***-head of a mum anyway and that was the reason I made that decision and thought nope, f*** it, its not gonna grow up with a f*** stick of a mum and end up being a f***ing Sinclair ... (inaudible) theyre a bunch of f***wits and I just said to her I dont want him growing up bein like the rest of your family, its not going to happen, and she didnt comply so I had to do what I had to do and thats one thing youll work out with me: if something needs to be done Ill do it. Cop: But I tell you what we do need to do is, we need to go, we need to go to there, right now. Deacon: Darwin? Cop: Yep. The next day, after flying into Darwin from Perth with a group of undercover operatives, Deacon drove with them to 20 Mulgara Road, where he buried Carlie Sinclair. The 40-odd-minute drive was filled with Deacon telling them interesting facts about Darwin and the rural area. He spoke about how Humpty Doo got its name, that magpie geese make good eating describing them as flying lamb and that the best place for a perv is Buley Rockhole because its often frequented by backpackers. In addition to the small talk, Deacon revealed chilling details of how he buried his former partner, Ms Sinclair. Deacon: ... and it (blood) came from her nose. I didnt hit her in the nose ... I hit her on the temple. And um, knocked her clean out. She hit the deck hard with her head as well. Shifting her over, it (blood) was f***ing like half the size of a onecent piece. In between my JILL POULSEN 12 PAGES M 9580 0 The NT News NT Business Review is your weekly update on the dynamic nature of business in the Territory with coverage ranging from industry opinion and analysis to a new insider gossip column called Business Confidential. IN THE NT NEWS EVERY WEDNESDAY