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The Northern Territory news Mon 29 Aug 2016

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MONDAY AUGUST 29 2016 NEWS 09 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Paying to look fit ... no sweat ASPIRING fitness junkies are giving their wallets a workout by spending more than $1400 a year on the latest activewear and fitness fads but often they arent even breaking into a sweat. The obsession with kitting ourselves out from head to toe in Lycra comes with a hefty price tag with consumers pumping more than $14.1 billion a year into active wear, health foods, supplements and the latest fitness fads. But the ING Direct Cost of Health and Fitness Report found while three in five people admitted to spending up on trendy activewear in the 12 months, only one in five people holds a gym membership. Former TV Bachelor star Sam Wood runs his own online fitness program 28 and has more than 15,000 subscribers worldwide. He believes investing money in health is a step in the right direction but the workout component is critical its not all about just looking trendy. People want to be in the latest gear but they dont necessarily do the workout, he said. Theres a real fashion shift particularly with women that their day-to-day training wear is their leisurewear and sometimes theyve been to the gym but most of the time they havent. Gym junkie Nicole Bhagwandas, 32, works out six to seven times a week and said she spends thousands of dollars a year to have a gym membership while also keeping up with the latest fitness fashion trends. I spend $66 a week on my hit intensity interval training membership and I spend a fair bit on my clothes which is anywhere between $1000 and $1500 per year, she said. I like to think Im trying to look good when Im sweating it out. ING Directs executive director of customers John Arnott said while it was a good sign Aussies were interested in their health they should tighten their belts on overspending. SOPHIE ELSWORTH An image of Danny Deacon, shown at his trial. Inset: the burial site of Carlie Sinclair and the rural property where her body was found What Deacon told the cops two containers, I had two sea containers with a roof over the top ... Cop: Yep. Yep. Deacon: ... and uh, that was my area of cleaning and shit and uh, so, and you can see heaps of other acid mark stains where Ive done work in that spot as well ... Cop: Yep. ... so, it was, it was a constant that job because it was done weekly, you know, it wasnt done one week, it was done twice a week, big job, big, big effort it was so, so it was a constant. Deacon: Nah, nup, like, it was very clean and quick. Cop: When you, when you put her on the tarp ... Yep. Deacon: Uh, no, I didnt notice it until I pulled her out of the car the next morning when I got out to where were going. Cop: OK, all right. So after you put her in the tarp, straight in the car? Deacon: Straight in the car, yeah, I lifted her straight up and put her in there. She was just wrapped like a mummy. Cop: Like a mummy. But you said (inaudible). Deacon: Oh, when she fell into the hole she sort of crouched over sideways, you know, and her head was higher than her feet. Cop: Her head was up? Deacon: Ish. By the time the dirt was going down it sort of just pushed her over sideways but yeah, it was sort of on that angle down. And ah, I didnt hang around to have a good look at that, it was just to see if she was in there (inaudible). Yeah, like I say, I was fast, didnt f*** around because I left the phones and I didnt want to miss too many calls. I knew I would because my phone rings flat out ... Cop: Yep. Deacon: And um, yeah, so when I got back to the scene I had a good excuse as to why I missed that call ... Cop: Yep. Deacon: ... but uh, away I went, I headed back home. PALMERSTON FRI, 9 SEPT 1pm to 3pm or 7pm to 9pm Rydges Palmerston, 15 Maluka Dr. www.bordenmethod.com FAQ, testimonials, more Register at door 20 min early. 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