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The Centralian advocate Fri 19 Aug 2016


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FRIDAY AUGUST 19 2016 LIFESTYLE 37 V1 - CAVE01Z01MA LIVELIVEAA LIVELIVEliceAA N L The 21-year-old drummer said his family would be attending and he was looking forward to a happy event. Joining Willis is keyboard player Terrance Willis, Rowan Long on bass, Newton Long on rhythm guitar and Patrick Long on lead guitar, headed by singers Preston Martin and Justin Forrester. D O N O V A N R I C E Thompson set for show ADAM Thompson has been spending a lot of time in Central Australia recently, filming a series called Outback Tracks, which showcases music created in remote communities. I spent a week at Arlparra Utopia, doing a song and video with them on learning in two languages, Thompson said. A totally different engagement will see him back in the region later this year, on a fundraising effort called Rowing Rock to River. It will involve rowing on machines on the back of a truck, as they make their way along a dry river bed from Uluru to Alice Springs, fundraising for various causes, some of which will go back to the communities Thompson has grown fond of. I love Arlparra, and I hope one or two of the fellas will come along for the challenge, he said. Tonight, Thompson will perform with his band at Snow Kenna Park, providing quite the warm-up for those involved in Henley on Todd Dry Riverbed Regatta as part of its 55th birthday celebration. Id take them on a journey from where they start to being fully pumped and ready to race, he said. Facebook.com/TheRockBarAliceSprings The Rock Bar Ph: 8953 8280 Gig Guide THE ROCK BAR FRI MARKY LOOSE FROM 10PM, SAT MARKY LOOSE FROM 10PM, SUN GARETH DAWKINS FROM 8:30PM ROCKBAR IS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL TALENT, IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRYING OUT FOR SOME GIGS, DROP IN ANY TIME TO DISCUSS WITH OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM. JUICY RUMP FRI LES FOSTER FROM 7:00PM + DJ KIKS FROM 10:30PM, SAT DJ MARK FORMOSO FROM 10:30PM UNCLES TAVERN FRI KARAOKE, TUES MUSICAL BINGO, THURS JACK HOWARTH GILLEN CLUB SUN BINGO FROM 2:30PM EDITORS NOTE Would you like your gig in our free weekly gig guide? Call the Centralian Advocate on 8950 9777 or email to ceneditorial@aliceadvocate.com.au for a mention in every Friday edition. !$&" o7;u$_-mol0v !)+ ! ! !-|;7 mo|;r;u=;1| ;rou-om o= 7;-|_ -m7 b=; -m7 ovv bmm;-robv "|-u $ub0m; m;_b0bom1;;0u-m]r_o|o]u-r_;u v-0;;!;;7|_u;;;-uv-[;u_;u7;-|_ 0ubm]v_;u;7;v|vom0-1h|o|_;=-lb _ov;=ou1bm]_bl|ovr;m7l;b|_ _bv =-|_;u -m7 b|_7u-m om];u 0uo|_;u$_;v|u]];|ou;1om1b;|_;bu =;;bm]v -0o| |_; ol-m |_; u;l;l0;u;l;l0;uvo7b@;u;m| !mmbm]l;lbmv !" &mCmbv_;7vbm;vv "|oub;v =uol 0oub]bm- -m7 $ouu;v"|u-b|v-m7;u;or;b|_ bv-0bb|0;bm7--vom -m1_;7-m1_;7 -| |_; $_; --bv 7;v -omv bm ;m;- -m7 r-u| o= v|u-b-v oL1b- 1om|ub0om |o |_; &mb|;7 -omv )ou7 om=;u;m1;omm7b];mov;uvomv |_bv m-om- |oubm] ;_b0bom 1omvbv|v o= ;m1-u 0-1hb| rou|rou|u-b|v |_-| 1-r|u; |_; b;v o= bm7bb7-v bbm]b|_-b7;u-m]; o=7bv-0bb;v ov;v|_bv"m7- $_; u-;m u|v ;m|u; o1-|;7 b|_bm |_; u-;m |u- u;1bm1| bv _ol; |o vol; o= |_; lov| vb]mbC1-m| -uv1 -m7 1|u- ;r;ub;m1;vbmb1;"rubm]v m b|v =ou ]-;ub;v -m7 v;-| |_;-|u; |_; u-;mu|v ;m|u; ru;v;m|v -m -mm- ruo]u-lo=;_b0bomv|_;-|u; -m7 Cl -m7 _ov|v b1omb1 ;;m|v v1_ -v |_; m-om- vb]mbC1-m| ;v;u|o0 )_-|vm-||_;u-;m$_;-|u;-m7-;ub;v "VUIPSJTFECZ)VHP-FTDIFOGPSUIF%FQBSUNFOUPG"SUTBOE.VTFVNT $BWFOBHI4USFFU %BSXJO Justin Forrester, Terrance Willis, Rowan and Patrick Long and Naphtali Willis are members of Willowra's Lander River Band and will perform at the Bush Bands Bash. Picture: JEREMY CONLON Bush bands go for touch of craziness THE build up to the Bush Bands Bash is on, with a mentoring program getting underway next week at Ross River Resort. Bush Bands Business helps coach bands from remote communities ahead of the Alice Springs concert, which has changed venue from Snow Kenna Park to the Telegraph Station. Naphtali Willis from Willowra-based Lander River Band, who have been together for about four years will be in action, Im excited but Im not nervous because Ive played on bigger stages. I went to Stradbroke Island for a big festival, Willis said The musicianship, the way the drum and bass work together is unique, they have changed recently and have become tighter and more professional as a band, said PAW Media engineer Donovan Rice. Their Slash lead player has an interesting, almost heavy metal craziness that seems to work within the band. Mr Rice worked on the recently-released Yapa Beats 3, and said he expected Lander River Band to play their track Pamalu Yampia which was featured on the album. Black Magic Woman is definitely another track to listen out for, and Wiliyajarrayi, an excellent song with a film clip soon to come out, he said. Preston Martin, 39, said Wiliyajarrayi was about their community of Willowra and he was looking forward to performing it at the Bush Bands Bash next weekend. Itll be crowded I think with all the families from the bush communities, he said. Other bands joining them on stage include Eastern Arrernte Band from Santa Teresa, Iwantja Sunset Reggae from Indulkana and Kardajala Kirr-Darra, or Sandhill Women from Elliott. The 2016 Bush Bands Bash takes place at 4pm on Sunday, August 28, at Alice Springs Telegraph Station. It is a drug and alcohol free event. Andrea Johnston The way the drum and bass work together is unique.