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42 FRONTIER HEALTH SUNDAY JULY 31 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 WHEN YOURE AT WORK Swap sugar for cinnamon in your coffee. Over-indulgence of sugar is putting many Australians at risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, Medibank medical director Dr Kevin Cheng says. 9 USE STORAGE CONTAINERSRearrange your fridge and cabinets so that the first foods you see are the healthiest ones. For instance, store carrot sticks and other healthy, low-kilojoule foods in see-through containers and place them in the front of the fridge or cabinet shelves. Conceal high-kilojoule foods in tin foil or opaque tupperware. Wansink has found that if you cant clearly see food, youre three times less likely to be tempted to eat it. 5 TAKE CONTROLPlate appropriately portioned meals rather than allowing family members to serve themselves. Wansinks studies showed that this encouraged people to eat 19 per cent less food in each sitting. 7 SET A TIME TO SNACKIf you do snack, take only one to three bites of the treat and then put it away and distract yourself for 15 minutes. Usually, you wont want more. Also make up your own unique snack rules, such as only allowing yourself to munch after youve walked the dog. (Typically, most people eat less after a walk.) N ot making great food choices every day? Take heart youre not alone. Our lives are too busy, the temptation too great and our willpower too weak to try to eat mindfully, Brian Wansink, food psychologist from Cornell University in the US, says. Not only do we make more than 200 nearly subconscious food decisions a day, but willpower is hard and has to last a lifetime. That said, its not an impossible task. Wansink says that a few simple tweaks to our surroundings and habits can have a major impact on eating patterns for big gains in nutrition and overall health. Heres how. 10WEIGH IT UPStart measuring your food. Seriously, it works. In dozens of his experiments, Wansink has discovered that when people simply eyeball ingredients and portions, they tend to eat about 22 per cent more food. Measuring out the amounts of ingredients of meals before you consume them will also improve your natural estimation of size. 4 LOAD UP ON INGREDIENTS THAT ARE QUICK AND EASY TO ASSEMBLEStock the kitchen with microwave brown rice, frozen veg and tinned salmon. Though my preference is fresh produce, I have these three things on hand so that I dont feel tempted to grab takeout. I always have a nutritious meal that I can have on the plate in just five minutes, Original Bootcamp founder Chief Brabon says. 8MAKE SINGLE SERVES If you buy in bulk, repackage the portions into single-serving sizes when you get home. Otherwise you may be tempted to make more, serve more and eat more, Wansink says. And be sure to store the large packages out of sight in a hard-to-reach cabinet or cupboard. 1 CLEAR THE KITCHEN Make the kitchen more about practicality than comfort, so youre less likely to spend time there. Take the TV, computer and other fun gadgets out, as well as the comfortable seats around the counter. This can lead to spending 18 fewer minutes in the kitchen per day, which in turn can lead to less mindless snacking, Wansink says. 3 USE GRANNYS RECIPESLook to retro recipes. Wansink found many classic recipes have 44 per cent more kilojoules in them today than they did in the 1930s. 6 FOCUS ON EATINGHave strict rules for snacking to cut down on how much you consume. For example, insist that you sit at the kitchen table and eat a small bite there if you really want it, with no reading to distract you. Since its pretty boring to snack if nothing else is going on, youll probably snack a lot less, Wansink says. Simply change your environment so it works for you rather than against you Brian Wansink, Cornell University 2 START THE NIGHT BEFOREPressed for time? Make your breakfast smoothie and pop it in the fridge before bed. Its a great way to get your nutrients on the go, Fitness First trainer Leanne Tesoriero says. Body + soul 10 HACKS TO FIX BAD FOOD HABITS Cant stop raiding the fridge for the cake? Nancy Monson shares a handful of simple tips to assist with self-control, improved mood and a host of other benefits