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Sunday Territorian 31 Jul 2016


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48FRONTIERHOROSCOPESSUNDAY JULY 31 2016 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 1 How many sides does a hexagon have? 2 What is the chemical symbol for lead? 3 What is the capital city of Romania? 4 The Battle of Long Tan was a major battle in which war? 5 Entrepreneur Harland Sanders created which fast food chain? 6 Prior to the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl was part of which band? 7 How many times did Arnold Schwarzenegger win the Mr Olympia title? 8 Romulus and Remus were raised by a what? 9 In 1986, which English band released the song (I Just) Died in Your Arms? 10 The frontal cortex is found in which part of the human body? 11 What type of animal is the spectacled spiderhunter? 12 Who wrote the 2012 novel The Martian? 13 Callan McAuliffe is an Australian: actor, chef or snooker player? 14 In which Australian state is Baw Baw National Park? 15 Who wrote Mrs Dalloway and A Room of Ones Own? 16 In what year was Google founded? 17 To dine alfresco is to dine where? 18 What is the first name of Harry Potters mother? 19 Are baseplate, lensatic and prismatic types of camera, compass or microscope? 20 In what country was Albert Einstein born? 21 Humbert Humbert is a main character in which classic novel? 22 Sevastopol is the largest city on which peninsula? 23 In which city did the House of Medici hold political power? 24 Which social network was co-founded by Jack Dorsey? 25 What was Queen front man Freddie Mercurys birth name? 26 Which of the worlds landlocked countries is largest in area? 27 What 10-letter word refers to a fear of odours? 28 On what date is Guy Fawkes Night celebrated? 29 Prince William Sound is on the coast of which US state? 30 Which Italian city is closest to the remains of the ancient city of Pompeii? Todays Solutions 1. Six; 2. Pb; 3. Bucharest; 4. Vietnam War; 5. KFC; 6. Nirvana; 7. Seven; 8. Wolf; 9. Cutting Crew; 10. Brain; 11. Bird; 12. Andy Weir; 13. Actor; 14. Victoria; 15. Virginia Woolf; 16. 1998; 17. Outside; 18. Lily; 19. Compass; 20. Germany; 21. Lolita; 22. Crimean; 23. Florence; 24. Twitter; 25. Farrokh Bulsara; 26. Kazakhstan; 27. Osmophobia; 28. November 5; 29. Alaska; 30. Naples. Across: 1 Misuse, 4 Spouts, 8 Cream, 12 Overlooks, 13 Numeral, 14 Yeast, 17 Stylist, 18 Millet, 19 Hacksaw, 23 Reserve, 25 Plasterer, 27 Coil, 28 Announcement, 31 Domesticated, 35 Bass, 38 Eventuate, 40 Brittle, 41 Nostril, 43 Tipple, 45 Accrued, 47 Drugs, 50 Ignited, 51 Abolition, 52 Gross, 53 Yanked, 54 Agency. Down: 1 Moonstruck, 2 Seedy, 3 Soldiers, 5 Posy, 6 Ulna, 7 Sent, 8 Committee, 9 Enrol, 10 Military, 11 Southern, 15 Elk, 16 Seal, 20 Colonises, 21 Spinnaker, 22 Wake, 24 Swindle, 26 Retract, 28 Age, 29 Mad, 30 Ascendancy, 32 Mutilates, 33 Swan, 34 Emblazon, 36 Seething, 37 Winching, 39 Tour, 42 Tag, 44 Pinto, 46 Union, 47 D-day, 48 Up on, 49 Sale. Answers, this page M E T E O R M S A A M E D E N T A T E B R I B E S L R T T E O U T L I N E S C H O R A L C S H V E G E T A T E I E Y P P R O V I D E R S A I A S P E C T I N D O L E N T U A C L M I M P O S E D I V I S I O N I T D N T G A L L E Y Todays Sudoku Solution Cryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution Aries Mar21-Apr20Cancer Jun23-Jul23Libra Sep24-Oct23Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 Taurus Apr21-May21Leo Jul24-Aug23Scorpio Oct24-Nov22Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 Gemini May22-Jun22Virgo Aug24-Sep23Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21Pisces Feb20-Mar20 In the documentary 20,000 Days On Earth about the musician Nick Cave, the parting shot is one of the most beautiful in cinema. Standing on Brighton beach the camera begins with a close up on his face and then pulls farther and farther out until the whole promenade is in view. This month, as Mars enters Sagittarius, you may find your own focus shifting. Its not that it is any less sharp. The lens has just widened and you see more in the frame. Could that make it harder for you to hit your target? Maybe, but it will also allow you to broaden your horizons. Discover why August has so many opportunities. Call 1900 957 223. Youve got taste, youve got style. Although much of this comes naturally, it doesnt always mean its easy to maintain. Sometimes even the most glamorous amongst us need to pop to the supermarket. Seeing a Hollywood star queuing up with a family-size packet of toilet roll, may not fit the image we like to have, but we all have to do it sometime. As your ruler enters Virgo you may have to take part in some of the nitty gritty stuff. Dont fight it. Learn from it, appreciate it and embrace it as a vital part of even the most luxurious lifestyle. There is inspiring news in your in-depth August forecast. Call 1900 957 223. You have such a useful mind. Yes, you can be witty, eccentric and esoteric, but you can also be an invaluable source of wisdom. Whatever you do, dont underestimate your worth to others as a practical source of help and inspiration. Your particular way of looking at things may well be unique but that doesnt mean that no-one else can understand your particular insight. This month especially, your singular brand of philosophy and reasoning is exactly whats required. Be clear, be clever and you will be much appreciated. Your in-depth forecast for the whole of August can really help. Call 1900 957 223. Sometimes you feel as if you are only dancing on the outside. Though to others it may look as if you are totally in the moment, consumed by the music and in tune with the world, inside there may well be an entirely different process happening. You may be meticulously working out each step, planning graceful escapes from potential stumbles and thinking ahead to the possibilities with the next change of beat. Spend time this month exploring your inner creativity. There will come a moment when you have to lead the dance. August is a powerful month for you. Find out more. Call 1900 957 223. Your ruler, the Sun, leaves your sign this month but not without sticking around to imbue you with some high octane energy and excitement. As a naturally creative and charismatic individual, you can usually rely on your charm to get you through sticky situations. For much of August it may feel effortless to do this. But be careful this doesnt cause you to coast, or take your hand off the tiller. A big heart and a lovely smile will only get you so far. Youll need to back it up with some substance. The qualities you need are within arms reach. In August, the power of the planets can change your life. Call 1900 957 223. Your solar return approaches in August, giving you renewed light and purpose. In particular, you may find that this month is a positive time for matters of the heart. You may discover a new way of thinking about a relationship, changing your perception of whats possible. Dont shy away from this. You may be a humble soul but that doesnt mean you have nothing to shout about. Just because something seems like a dream doesnt mean it cant be turned into a reality. If anyone can make the intangible physical, its you. August brings great potential for change. Call 1900 957 223. This month may present a challenge to your normal way of looking at things. You like things to feel just right. Its a work-life balance thing. Justice for those who are suffering. The equality of opportunity. As your ruler enters Virgo, you may feel that you need to answer a calling, that the harmony of your world needs a little work to get it back into equilibrium. Put some thought into your approach but dont delay your first step too long. Some very positive and powerful cosmic vibrations will help you with your mission. Four minutes on the phone can make August special. Call 1900 957 223. Youve been going through a tense time recently. It may not, though, have been a bad sort of intensity. In fact it has been empowering. But even the broadest of shoulders sometimes need to loosen up. As your ruler Mars leaves your sign, you might feel as if you are losing the drive youve relied on to power you through. Take this opportunity to explore a new way of thinking. The tension is easing and youll soon find yourself with a new direction. Inspiring times await you in August. Call your new forecast: 1900 957 223. Feeling adventurous? You usually are! But this month a Berlin Walls worth of barriers are about to come tumbling down. Mars moves into your sign, Saturn turns direct AND your ruler is transited by Venus. Oh boy, oh boy, what a time to be you. Dont think you wont have to swing the hammer though. That Germanic wall didnt crumble through disrepair. It took determination, strength and vision to achieve the breakthrough. And the timing was also right. Draw upon all your talents. Your moment is nigh. Be ready for the magic on offer to you in August. Call 1900 957 223. Your ruler turns direct this month, bringing with it the chance to return to your traditional strengths. At times it has felt as if youve been swimming against the tide, forced to compromise in order to make progress. The tide is about to turn and its currents will help to carry you forward. It may not always be plain sailing, but the winds will be in your favour. Can you see that island on your horizon? It may not have treasure buried on it but you are heading for an opportunity that will bring you wealth and well-being. August brings a rare cosmic opportunity for change. Call 1900 957 223. With both a full moon in your sign and your ruler turning direct, August will be a time for celebrating an achievement. This may, though, come as a surprise, a turn-up for the books. You need to be on the lookout for a sudden flash of inspiration or an unexpected turn around in a situation you had almost given up on. Now that you have some advance warning you can be ready! Youll have plenty of time to buy some champagne and invite your friends. You always knew you had it in you, didnt you? Dont miss your inspiring in-depth forecast for August. Call 1900 957 223. We all like to get what we ordered. But sometimes getting less than we expect is preferable to getting more than we bargained for. If you order a Hawaiian pizza, you dont want to find theres no pineapple. But if the pineapple is joined by banana and kiwis, you might get really upset! Until, you remember that youre on holiday! Youve just been served a local speciality! Youll feel, this month, as if youre not getting what you are hoping for. Be patient and youll be pleasantly surprised. Theres a treat in store. Your in-depth forecast for August is ready. Call 1900 957 223. The celestial bodies are busy this month which means that August is full of dramatic possibilities. After more than four long months, Saturn finally turns direct and is visited by Mars, which has returned to Sagittarius. With an eclipse in Aquarius, and Venus forming a conjunction to Jupiter, it seems that almost every part of the zodiac is infused with energy and potential. Be ready to get out of a rut and set your sights on more loftier targets. But take a look before you throw out the bathwater. Theres a good chance the babys still in it! oscar cainer www.cainer.com Teletopia. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702. The Disney Fairytale Festival will run each weekend from Saturday 30 July to Sunday 21 August, with a lineup of films the whole family will enjoy. Moviegoers will revisit their favourite tales and characters; they will fear the curse of Maleficent, feel pure joy with Enchanted, venture deep Into The Woods and be magically whisked away to the ball with Cinderella. To win a family pass, enter your details at www.ntnews.com.au/competitions to be in the draw. M 96 33 1 For terms and conditions visit www.ntnews.com.au/competitions. SUNDAY GIVEAWAY ~ V W 3 N I :) --~NHO:I D.'JM =>IJ UeJJO:a,J~i'l 9 5 3 4 1 6 8 7 2 6 4 2 7 5 8 1 3 9 8 1 7 9 3 2 5 6 4 3 9 6 5 4 1 7 2 8 2 8 1 6 7 9 4 5 3 5 7 4 2 8 3 6 9 1 7 2 5 1 9 4 3 8 6 1 3 9 8 6 7 2 4 5 4 6 8 3 2 5 9 1 7 ---- --- --- -- ----------- ------ ----- --- --- --- -- ----------- ------ ----- --- --- --- -- ----------- ------ ----- --- --- --- -- ----------- ----- ------ --- --- --- -- . . ---- ------- ------------------- ----- , -------- ------------------- ------- --, ---- ------------------- ------- ~a6patMD~lDJ ... ,, Jno~ ~sa.1 (