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SUNDAY JUNE 12 2016 NEWS 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA NATHAN Barrett has found himself with few friends, both inside the CLP and out. If he thought the party was going to swing in behind him, to attack the legitimacy of the NT News story and defend his behaviour as part of a private affair, then he was very sorely mistaken. Adam Giles, who has invested more in Barrett than anyone, and who was relying on the Member for Blain to carry the Governments economic credibility to the August election, was particularly scathing yesterday. Giles needed to be strong, for several reasons. The biggest was to avoid a war between factions of his party. Barrett has not, in recent months, endeared himself to certain elements within the Country Liberals. His comments about RU486 during the last sitting of Parliament were excruciatingly dumb. Several other members of Parliament managed to articulate thought-out positions against the bill. But Barrett showed his political naivety by suggesting the debate just wasnt important. He privately thinks the leaking of his seedy videos was the work of the pro-choice lobby. Barrett is simply not a political animal. Hes bright and unquestionably understands economics. Hed do a better job as Treasurer than anyone else on the CLP ticket. But at the same time Barrett has alienated people with his brash, holier-than-thou attitude. Which is why, given his church-going ways, many of his colleagues were gladly unsympathetic. MLAs tell me hes on poor terms with the other members of Team Palmerston and that powerful party branch would gladly see him replaced. Had Giles stood by Barrett, and gone into the trenches like previously with Dave Tollner and John Elferink, he would have risked fracturing a fragile peace within the party that has been held together by necessity, with an election just 11 weeks away. (A quick aside here: what is it that makes powerful people do incredibly stupid things? Is it something about the sort of people who want to be in politics in the first place? Is there some sort of rush that powerful people get from taking moronically stupid risks?) I suspect Barrett will be disendorsed. Hes too divisive within the party. He can no longer lay claim to being the next Treasurer. And he frankly cant win Blain. Barrett was supposed to be a safe set of hands to guide the economy through a tricky period. That wont wash now that voters know where those hands have been. The bigger problem is Blain Labor is polling very strongly in the northern suburbs, where rians we pay? Just as a useful aside for anyone thats wondering this is what consent looks like in this context: Hi Nathan, can you send me a video of you masturbating?. Alternatively it could go like this: Hey, constituent, wanna see a video of me fondling myself?. Constituent: Do I what?! go on and send it through. Another reason why I think its absolutely impossible to rebuild trust on this one, at least in my opinion, is the sheer hypocrisy of the situation. Heres a bloke who refuses to even discuss the fact the Territory is the only jurisdiction in Australia who doesnt have proper access to abortion services. Why? because he's a good Christian man and has a moral objection to it. So while his faith is strong enough to stop me having access to an abortion pill it isnt strong enough to stop him being unfaithful in his marriage or avoid the immorality of offering a woman a job in government while sending her wanking videos. Yep. makes sense. Of course, we all make mis takes, at work and in our personal lives. But when youre elected to represent the people we expect that you represent the best of this society not the worst. You can give all the lip service in the world about how you believe women deserve to be treated equally but we all know you think otherwise. Nathan Barrett deserves our sympathy. He has damaged his career, hurt his family, made a victim it already holds most of the seats. It will need gains in the bush or Palmerston to reach the necessary 13 seats. Blain was, by many calculations, the 13th. With it firmly in the Labor column and thats a reality given Damian Hale is a strong candidate and Barrett is basically unelectable Labors path to a majority is now much clearer. Drysdale is now also looking like falling to Labor, and even Peter Chandlers safe seat of Brennan is in the sights of the Opposition. Those are landslide seats however. With Blain, Labor can win the election with far more comfortable gains. Barretts blunder is looking like a final straw for the CLP. of the woman he sent the video to and let down Territorians. Territorians who gracefully paid his wage and put their trust in him. The pain of wreaking such havoc must be unimaginable. Its a sad, sad situation. 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