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Sun newspapers Tue 24 May 2016


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Classifieds V1 - NTNE01Z01DS SUN NEWSPAPERS, Tuesday, May 24, 2016 29 PUBLIC NOTICES EDITORIAL INQUIRIES mailsun@thesuns.com.au ADVERTISING INQUIRIES 1300 305 191 ADVERTISING INFORMATION & CONDITIONS Where to place your advertisement: Printers Place, Darwin PO Box 1300, Darwin NT 0801 Phone: 1300 305 191 Fax: 8944 9960 CLASSIFIEDS & TRADES: sunclassies@thesuns.com.au CLASSIFIED ADS Display ads must be submitted by12pm Thursday, Block & supplied material ads by 2pm Thursday and lines ad by 10 Friday for the Tuesday edition in that week. PERSONAL NOTICES Births, Deaths, Engagements, Marriages. We are unable to take these ads over the phone as signatures are required prior to publication. ERRORS, ADJUSTMENTS & CANCELLATIONS Phone Advertisements: We ask that you listen very carefully when our telephone advisor reads back both your ad and billing information. This will assist in eliminating any misunderstanding. 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