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NT Drug Trends 2009 : Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)



NT Drug Trends 2009 : Findings from the Illicit Drug Reporting System (IDRS)


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Australian Drug Trends Series No. 44

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69 No respondents were able to comment on source person or venue this year. In 2008, of the recent users able to comment, 67% (Table 50) had obtained buprenorphine from friends and did not know where the dose came from. Twenty-five percent reported that the dose was someone elses take away. Seventy-five percent of recent users had bought their dose and 25% were given it for free. Table 50: Usual source person and source of illicit Subutex in the preceding six months, 2007-2009 2007 n=106 2008 n=103 % who did not respond 95 88 % who did respond 5 12 Of those who responded Source person Street dealer (%) 20 (1) 17 (2) Friends (%) 60 (3) 67 (8) Gift from friends (%) 0 0 Known dealer (%) 0 8 (1) Workmates (%) 0 0 Acquaintances (%) 20 (1) 8 (1) Unknown dealer (%) 0 0 Mobile dealer (%) 0 0 Other (%) 0 0 Source Someone elses takeaway dose 83 25 (3) Someone elses daily dose (to be swallowed) Didnt buy/dont know 17 0 17 (2) 58 (7) Source: IDRS participant interviews 8.5 Illicit Suboxone and other opioids In 2009, 8 people had used illicit Suboxone within six months of interview on a median of 1 day. Two people had recently injected illicit Suboxone for median of 1 day in the last six months. One person reported purchasing 2mg of Suboxone for $20 and one reported purchasing 8mg for $30. Two people reported that Suboxone prices had been stable and that it was easy to obtain. In 2007, two participants had used illicit Suboxone in the six months prior to interview and were able to comment on market characteristics: they paid a median of $20 for 8mg tablets of Suboxone and one rated illicit Suboxone as very difficult to obtain. In 2008, four participants had recently used illicit Suboxone. Two recent users had paid a median of $20, unchanged from 2007, and one rated Suboxone as very difficult to obtain while another rated it as easy to obtain. Both participants had used someone elses take away dose. No participants in either 2007 or 2008 were able to provide any other information about a Suboxone market or use.