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Page 3 March 2005 Batchelor Institute News Tiwi Times For those who dont know about this course it has been developed as a direct response to the diverse manage ment and leadership needs of Indigenous communities. It is delivered at Certificate level 4 and in our profile it is named Certificate 1V in Business (Governance). The course provides a range of management skills and com petencies to community leaders, council and board members, administrators and staff. The skills and competencies gained in this course will enable community people to meet their identified needs in all areas of management and governance. People who have completed this course have stated that the skills gained has increased and strengthened all aspects of management of their communities. This course provides a very flexible means of study. By this it means that students and groups have the option to study either the entire course (13 units) or a few selected units to meet their specific interests and/or needs. Entry Requirements. In order to join this course, prospective students could be either individuals or community groups with appropri ate industry experience and must be of mature-age (that is 18 years plus), or hold a Certificate in any field with an Australian Quality Framework Level III. Course Delivery At this stage, the course is available for community-based delivery only. This means, all workshops and associat ed delivery activities are conducted in the students home communities. In addition, the time, venue and number of workshops delivered are normally negotiated in advance between lecturer and students; then confirmed prior to each workshop. Enquiries If you want to know how to join this course, enquiries can be made by contacting the following Batchelor Insti tute staff member Aloysius Kamara, Ph: (08)89397196 or 89397310 New Training Accommodation Block at Nguiu Finished. To make a booking please contact Liz Crosby from TITEB on 89415988