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Jabiru tourist caravan park/campground development : background information



Jabiru tourist caravan park/campground development : background information


Jabiru Town Development Authority


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Trailer camps -- Environmental aspects -- Northern Territory -- Jabiru; Land use, Urban -- Northern Territory -- Jabiru; Camping -- Northern Territory -- Jabiru

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Jabiru (N.T.)

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Jabiru Town Development Authority


43 pages : illustration ; 30 cm.

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rI rI ' -I I. I ! rI [ __ I I I b '- I . I. f L .L 6.00 6. 01 - 38 No person shall disturb the formation of protective:: uur1as, water courses, etc., unless directed to do so as part of a Contract or by the Superintendent. DISTURBANCE OF SOIL SURFACE MATERIAL No person shall excavate, dig or otherHise disturb the natural soil surface in Jabiru except in the manner and to the extent as specified or directed by the Superintendent as part of a contract which specifies the nature and means of disturbance of the soil. Such contracts specifying disturbance of the soil surface and earthworks will specify the nature of remedial regarssing and stabilisation of the reformed soil surface at the conclusion of the works. 6.02 No person shall disturb the fonnation, regrassing or other stabilisation of a reformed soil surface unless directed to by the Superintendent as part of a contract specifying such re-disturbance. This shall include passage of vehicles and machinery over reformed surfaces which have been grassed or otherNise treated and shall also include unauthorised movement across the formation of protective bunding downslope of totally cleared areas as r~ferred to in Clause 5.00. 6.03 The Superintendent may require topsoil to be taken separately, stockpiled and used in rehabilitation. 7.00 7.01 FIREARMS No person shall bring into Jabiru or have in his possession in Jabiru or other areas associated with any part of any contract associated with this Project, any firearm or weapon capable of projecting a missile, except equipment designed to implant fixing devices and structures. 8.00 FIRES 8.01 No person shall light a fire in the open .within Jabiru unless specifically directed to do so by the Superintendent except in portable barbeques or stoves. An operational fire tender shall be present in the area of all burning operations except in portable barbeques or stoves. &02 8.03 No fires shall be - lit in the Sanitary Landfill Area (Dump) No waste materials shall be disposed of by fire in any part of the construction area unless approved in writing by the Superintendent. JSl/3

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