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Jabiru tourist caravan park/campground development : background information



Jabiru tourist caravan park/campground development : background information


Jabiru Town Development Authority


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Trailer camps -- Environmental aspects -- Northern Territory -- Jabiru; Land use, Urban -- Northern Territory -- Jabiru; Camping -- Northern Territory -- Jabiru

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Jabiru (N.T.)

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Jabiru Town Development Authority


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t; I l_I I I i f ' I I I. I ' r I I ' i i I : ' .j ; i r; I I I .. ( I ,I ti :: ; - 39 9.00 DISPOSAL OF WASTES, RUBBISH AND LITTER 9.01 Waste materials shall only be deposited in approved locations within Jabiru. .: A11 waste materials, rubbish or litter including concrete, form.vork, structural steel and the like, containers, paper, plastics and cans shall be removed from construction areas and deposited in the Sanitary Landfill Area (Dump) by the Contractor where it shall be compacted and covered with . ' soil. Waste materials shall be dumped where indicated by the Superintendent. 9.02 No waste materials, rubbish or litter shall be disposed of by burning within the Sanitary Landfill Area .. 9.03 Any noxious, toxic or otherNise hazardous waste materials or containers of such materials shall be disposed of as specified in Clause 10.00 and not in the Sanitary Landfill Area. 9.04 Handling of all litter and waste packaging materials during construction shall be as directed by the Superintendent and shall comply with the relevant Northern Territory Leglislation. 10.00 10.01 11. 00 11. 01 ll.02 11. 03 JSl/4 DISPOSAL OF NOXIOUS WASTES AND OILS Any noxious, toxic or otherHise hazardous waste materials specified as such by the Superintendent including lubricating ~ils, grease and containers of such materials shall be deposited by .the Contractor within suitable containers provided by the Contractor for this purpose and shall be disposed of outside the Alligator Rivers Region. No such materials shall be disposed of within the Sanitary Landfill Area (Dump) or allowed to be left within the Alligator Rivers Region. Containers are to be approved by the Superintendent who will indicate the area for container storage. SERVICING AND WASHING OF VEHICLES AND MACHINERY Contractor's machinery shall be thoroughly washed down before entering the Alligator Rivers Region. Servicing, lubricating and mechanical repairing of vehicles and machinery shall be undertaken in areas nominated by the Superintendent. These areas shall be provided with suitable containers to hold waste oils and lubricants prior to disposal in the manner specified in Clause 10.00. Servicing, lubricating and mechanical repairing of vehicles and machinery which cannot be moved to designated servicing areas shall only be carried out when approved by the Superintendent .