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Batchelor Institute VET & Research Student Guide 2014



Batchelor Institute VET & Research Student Guide 2014


Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (N.T.)


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Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education (N.T.)

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28 Batchelor Institute 2014 knowingly makes a false representation with respect to a matter which relates to the student wilfully or negligently destroys, damages, loses or removes, wrongly deals with or otherwise engages in conduct which involves unauthorised or unjustified interference with any Institute property lawfully connected to the Institute enters, or enters and remains without authority in any part of the Institute to which the student knows, or ought reasonably to know, entry is prohibited or is allowed only with authority. without lawful authority: gains access to, or enters, or attempts to gain access to or enter a computer system or part of a computer system of the Institute obtains access to or alters, or attempts to gain access to or to alter, any document or record kept by the Institute. wilfully obstructs, or attempts to obstruct, or interferes or attempts to interfere with: the use of any Institute premises, facilities or equipment the orderly conduct of any Institute teaching group, assessment, examination or ceremony or any meeting of the Council or a board, committee or any other body convened on Institute business, or any other activity, function or program held at the Institute any member of the Institute staff in the performance of the staff members duties. without lawful authority, discloses to any person any information relating to the Institute or its affairs which is of a confidential nature and which the student knows, or ought reasonably to know, to be of such a nature contravenes or fails to comply with: a notice duly served to give evidence to a relevant body constituted under an Institute regulation a request to disclose his or her name and address, or to produce evidence of identity, where required to do so by an authorised officer of the Institute in the course of his or her duties any Institute regulation or any lawful order of an Institute employee or of a person acting under the Institutes authority. in contravention of Institute regulations: causes to be brought, or brings, alcoholic beverages, kava or an illegal substance onto Institute premises or into Institute facilities allows someone invited by the student onto Institute premises to do this enters Institute premises or Institute facilities while intoxicated