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August 2012 Tiwi Times Page 3 Michelle has been head hunted to become a full time cook. The new position calls for basic qualifications in Cooking and Baking. Michelle has completed a Certificate I in General Education for Adults, a Certificate I in Commercial Cookery and a Certificate I in Retail Bakery. Michelle has completed all of these qualifications as part of her LLNP jour ney. Michelle is still a keen participant in the program whenever she can spare the time, and she has taken up the offer of post-LLNP support from the LLNP/Bakery lecturer. This means that Michelle will not be alone when she starts her job, she will have months of once a week support to help her deal with any issues arising from employment. Mi chelle is moving into an area of work that needs the high quality skills she has acquired as part of the LLNP training. The post-LLNP support is offered to all LLNP participants when they begin full time work. This is to help ease people through the nerves and stress of getting back into the work force. In Milikapiti we can offer that support to all our LLNP participants because it is a small community. Germaine has moved to Maningrida and found work in the local take away. Germaines skills are excellent and she is a per son who has a lot to offer any employer. Moana has moved to Nhulunbuy and is looking for full time work, she is an excellent baker so any organisation employing Moana gets a very hard working and a cheerful young lady to help their business grow. Moana has completed all of the Cer tificates and has her own Pumpkin Damper recipe published on the Cummins Milling drums of flour. The LLNP training in Milikapiti has been a happy successful team approach to learning with 100% attendance. Now we have most of the old group in work, we are starting a new program. The new LLN program will be helping people to learn skills for work, skills for further education, as well as helping people to develop the confidence and skills needed to start their own small family business. To do this we are hoping the old kitchen can be upgraded to provide a nice new shiny kitchen for our training in Baking (especially pizzas) and other delicious recipes. The old LLN team developed many new and innovative recipes based on local conditions, such as what is available at the shop and bush food as well as using the best flour. These recipes have been written up by the old team and are now going to be used to teach the new team of LLNP trainees. If you want to train to provide yourself with the skills needed for work and education, join the next cohort of LLNP adults in Milikapiti at the TITEB training centre and have fun learning, as well as take home some delicious food (all free). Give yourself a chance to get a job the way these excellent, confident and wonderful Tiwi people did. We are all one team at TITEB, so come and have fun, learn a lot, and move on in life to something you have always wanted to do; provide for your family and give them a good role model to follow. The role model is you. Thanks a lot and all the best to our old team of LLNP trainees, you are missed a lot, but the happiness you shared with each other in the program is highly valued, good luck to you all. If you need any further support just turn up and have a chat. Cheers Donessia LLNP success at Milikapiti