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Parole Board annual report


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8 PAROLE BOARD OF THE NORTHERN TERRITORY | ANNUAL REPORT 2012 PROFILE The Parole Board of the Northern Territory (the Board) is an independent statutory body established under Section 3A of the Parole of Prisoners Act. The Board consists of ten members who act free of political and bureaucratic influence to make decisions about the parole of prisoners in the best interests of the community as a whole, including the offender and the victim. Parole is an important element of the criminal justice system as it allows prisoners to serve the balance of their sentence of imprisonment in the community, under supervision and on very strict conditions. The purpose of parole is to release prisoners into the community in a manner that provides support and increases their chances of becoming members of the community who are free of a criminal lifestyle. The Board may: i. Grant a prisoner release on parole; ii. Deny a prisoner release on parole; iii. Defer consideration of a prisoners application for parole until a later date; iv. Amend or vary a parole order v. Revoke a parole order. The Board makes decisions in relation to both adult and youth offenders and their jurisdiction extends to prisoners serving a sentence of life imprisonment for the crime of murder. In addition to the standard conditions of parole, the Board has the power to impose additional conditions which it believes are necessary to support the offender and prevent re-offending. It may also give directions to the Chairperson for guidance about revocation of parole for either: a breach of a condition of parole; or offending committed by the parolee while on parole. Decisions of the Parole Board by their very nature have the capacity to impact not only on individuals but on the broader community. Members of the Parole Board are aware of the trust that is placed in them and take the responsibility seriously. Parole Board members are supported to fulfil their responsibilities by operational and administrative staff within the Northern Territory Department of Correctional Services.