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The Northern Territory news Wed 7 Oct 2015

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12 OPINION WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7 2015 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Suck it up, get on with the job PALMERSTON council needs to harden up. Like any government body, the council is finding its impossible to please everyone. Haters gonna hate. But instead of taking criticism on the chin or even addressing the complaint and moving on, like any well-trained organisation it seizes on insulting remarks like a stray dog with a bone. Mayor Ian Abbott was so outraged at Blain MLA Nathan Barretts relatively tame social media comments about rate changes, and with comments published in the NT News, that he demanded an apology, which started a mini-war when Mr Barrett refused to correct his inaccurate comments and struck the council from his Christmas card list. According to the agenda, Mr Abbott was expected to present a detailed response to the six comments during last nights full council meeting. Instead, he should just get on with governing. But such behaviour should not come as a surprise the council has a history of riding its horse into battle to defend its reputation against naysayers who get hold of a keyboard. The most recent came against a community group volunteer, who was kicked off an animal management committee for calling the chief executive an arse, among other things, on Facebook. At best it is over-the-top preciousness. But there is also a foul whiff of intimidation here: criticise us and well come down on you. That is not democracy. Public life comes with criticism, sometimes plenty of it. Palmer ston council should get on with doing what ratepayers pay it to do, instead of wasting time being offended. ...and another thing BUILD-UP? What build-up? The Top End has seen some unusual amounts of rain in a short space of time across the first half of this week, cooling things right down yesterday from Monday nights flash storm. To not be anywhere near the hottest capital city on any given day is proof that the skies are bringing something else for what is meant to be the mad time of year. The true build-up might be coming, but when is really anyones guess. Colonial mentality ISNT it ironic that in the year 2015 the Australian Government seeks to process people offshore who, in their opinion, have shown disregard for the laws of our homeland? It is ironic because the situation is very similar to the British governments behaviour in the 1780s when felons of many and various crimes were incarcerated in hulks before being transported to ... well, anywhere off shore will do. A lot were transported to Australia. Their crimes mostly related to very severe and stressful social situations in their homes. These felons had very little recourse to legal redress and were very harshly treated by those in power. One could ask have we matured much in the intervening 230 years? Or is the colonial mentality still alive and well in the halls and recesses of our esteemed federal government? You would think we can certainly do better, or are we just a shallow shadow of our colonial forebears? Chris Regan, Jingili Butt its not funny IM staggered that a major hire company continues to run an ad, where some old fool sticks his finger in his butt. I wonder if his grandchildren were subjected to watch ing his filthy act as mine were during the AFL grand final. Maybe Im losing my sense of humour but I think its neither clever or funny. Disgusted Giles shuns Barkly I UNDERSTAND that a Chief Minister has to establish his priorities, and that the Barkly might not necessarily be at the very top of that list. But in three years, we would expect Adam Giles to at least have made contact with people who arent his mates. There are issues here of Territory significance. Domestic violence, for example, is a massive problem in the Barkly. More so in many of our communities than it is on The Esplanade, where Mr Giles lives. If he committed, like the former Prime Minister did, to spending a week in a remote community each year, Mr Giles might gain a better perspective about how our Territory is extremely diverse. Issues in the remote areas might, shock horror, require a different approach to those happening on the Fifth Floor. We in the Barkly could not feel more distant from the parlour games of Darwin. That feeling has been fomented by years of lip service, of being treated as an outpost and an afterthought by Territory pollies of all colours. Developing the north has changed that, to some extent. Suddenly, as Asia booms, the whole Territory has a role to play in building the nation. From that point of view, Mr Giles apparent lack of interest in the Barkly since he knifed Terry is most disappointing. Whether that translates to an ongoing indifference from him remains to be seen. We would certainly hope not. The time has passed for Mr Giles to be entitled to the benefit of some doubt. There must be hundreds of people and issues clamouring for his attention. But he has never learned, as Chief Minister, he now represents the whole Territory. Peter Cain, Tennant Creek So very thankful I FELL ill at Darwin Museums coffee shop on September 23. I would like to thank the two wonderful ladies who offered help and stayed with me, the ambulance crew, the Royal Darwin Hospital doctor and, particularly, the physiotherapist who got me on my feet again in time to catch the Diamond Princess. During all this time, I received the greatest care and consideration from everyone and I send heartfelt and sincere thanks to you all. Venetia Beaney, Port Albert, Victoria Doing your block NO ALAN Davies (Letters to the Editor, NT News, 05/10) I have no memory of you being active in the discussions post cyclone on the size of blocks in the rural area. Have a look around, there are many smaller blocks in the rural area and I suggest you visit Whitewood Park to see a well done subdivision. By the way, I have checked Hansard and can see no mention of Gerry voting against the FIFO camp, indeed, I cant see there was a vote at all, after all Gerry was the de facto leader of the Labor Party and could have stopped the camp if he wanted to. He could have done a Conroy and had Paul and Delia marching down the mall with red underpants on their heads. By the way it is probably wise not to tell Gerry you sold half your land. Although I wish you had put town water on before you did as bores have a limited life and far exceed the financial capacity of a pensioner to replace. Peter Cavanagh, Howard Springs It is ironic because the situation is very similar to the British governments behaviour in the 1780s when felons of many and various crimes were incarcerated in hulks before being transported to ... well anywhere off shore. SEE BELOW WHAT: A power pole on Freds Pass Rd, Humpty Doo, has been leany for 4 years. Tourists will soon flock to it for photos. WHO'S RESPONSIBLE: PowerWater general manager for Power Networks John Greenwood. CONTACT: 8924 5068. Do you know of something in the Territory that needs fixing? Give the Fixer a call on 8944 9750, email thefixer@ntnews.com.au or follow on Twitter @NTNTheFixer Letters to the editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NT News, GPO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 10 YEARS AGO: A Federal Government minister was attacked yesterday for outlawing crocodile safari hunting without talking to Territorians. Environment Minister Ian Campbell announced his decision on a TV breakfast show before contacting the NT Government. 20 YEARS AGO: Territory Power and Water Authority Minister Denis Burke called on the Federal Government to make funding available for Australias biggest solar thermal power station at Tennant Creek. Mr Burke said a study found the plant would be technically feasible. 25 YEARS AGO: The chairman of the Tiwi Land Council is the first Aborigine to stand as a Green independent candidate. Jimmy Tipungwuti will contest the seat of Arafura.