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The Northern Territory news Wed 7 Oct 2015

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WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7 2015 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA NEW TRAFFIC LIGHTS FOR FANNIE BAY The intersection/turn-off to Shoal Bay recycling facility isnt more of a priority than the bay of fannies? Have the 4x4 driving mums been whingeing again about the 2km drive to drop off the little darlings? Rambo of the jungle Densification of Fannie Bay North? The only time there is traffic at Buntine St is 1 day of the year, and its taxis! Fong Lim looking for another increase in rates to pay for it no doubt. Give back the rebate for the carbon tax you money grubbing fat cats! Council voter just waiting of Darwin The lights are bad enough at Ross Smith Ave, another set at Buntine St will just cause unnecessary traffic stops. We already have to wait for no one at lights when turning right because there are turn arrows on all the lights. The best option is for the police to enforce basic road rules not only the ones that generate quick revenue. Mick of Wulagi LAWRIE DIGS IN AS CIVIL WAR THREATENS ALP Looks like Michael is Gunner ruin any chance the ALP has to take government from the rotten, untrustworthy CLP. He might be remembered by the old saying: He snatched defeat from the jaws of victory! I would not like to be in Delias shoes if she has to rely on Kent Rowe and Syd Sterling to get a fair hearing. All does not bode well for the ALP in the NT because of one reason FOOLS! Chris S of Malak EVIDENCE LEFT ON SHELF FORCES DRUGS CASE TO BE THROWN OUT OF COURT Many of the DPPs communications with police went unanswered? They must have been trying to ring Tennant Creek police, their phones dont work either. The Barkly Magpie of Tennant Creek My god, this is a world breaking drug case of immense proportions. A few red faces around the cop shop no doubt! One seed what a major crime that was! Mrs Olive Oyle of Adelaide Hills Sounds like time for Elf and Shanahan to actually DO their jobs. Everyones job is safe in the NTG because no one does theirs. Vitriol of Darwin MAN ACCUSED OF HURLING A BIN FROM A 25TH FLOOR BALCONY AND HITTING A CAR HAS BEEN BAILED Must have been 1 hell of a surprise rental inspection! Steve of Bynoeland Good for you Dell. Girls can do anything. Jo of Nightcliff ON MANY THINGS When is Darwin council going to finally fix all of the dog barking problems in the suburbs. Its a difficult issue but thats what they get paid to do. They dont get paid to do nothing and allow disputes between neighbours to fester. Rob, Casuarina Policeman working 40+ hours overtime. Thats copper nitrate! Mr Plod F/Bay Q. How many staff does it take to close 3 carpark gates at Inpex carpark, Coolalinga. A. 3 ... because a driver is too #%+$ lazy to do all 3. What an absolute joke. Poor Ben Hunt dropped the trophy n JT picks it up. Trophy not shattered but Hunt is. JT l8r cums over n consoles Hunt n thanx him 4 dropn trophy. Poor Ben Hunt will stay a bachelor, coz he aint a gud catch. Dave @ Kath A certain airline named for an innocent maiden, is not to be trusted. After cancelling a flight from Darwin in May with no warning, causing massive inconvenience, theyve refused to come across with a simple upgrade. Customer beware! Egghead from Nightcliff We need to retest drivers every 5 yrs. Especially the idiot in the silver Triton who stopped in the inside lane of a 100km zone instead of merging. Luckily everyone behind you compensated for your ineptitude. The old Woolies building in the CBD is starting to look good. Hopefully they can attract a few more tenants from some of the arrogant retail landlords in the CBD who think they are immune to rental decreases. Rip Doff, Larrakeyah If Ngaree Ah Kit is half the person her father is she will be twice the politician Delia ever was. Far out, next thing well know JT will be running for a seat in federal Parliament! Well, why not, every other drover and his cattledog does these days. Pete, 11 Mile I was on the bus on Friday and 2 ladies got on with a $20 note and the other a $50 note, the driver let them on for free. When I got off I asked the driver why, this shocked me. The department doesnt care, they dont have any ticket inspectors, and drivers are constantly abused for asking for the right change. NRL and AFL two successful grand finals. One made history the other just flogged the shite out of the other. 10 months to next election. CLP transparent. We know about the infighting! Just finding out about NLP infighting! I will vote for whoever is actually fighting for the Territory, NOT whoever is fighting for their job. Paddy Dwn Rvr NO I havent really had contact with them. ADRIELLE BEOLCHI, CASUARINA NO I dont know anything about them being here. GRANT KEAN, DARWIN NO It will make town life a bit easier. KEETA WELCH, MOULDEN Speak Up: Will you be sad to see the latest rotation of US Marines go? YES Theyre our biggest ally we need unity. NICKY BOURNE, DARWIN LETTER OF THE DAY Flying the flag for Wallabies NOW that the AFL and NRL finals are over, the NT and perhaps the nation will change their focus to the great job the Wallabies are doing in the Rugby World Cup 2015 in England. Im a Territorian, having lived in Palmerston and worked in Darwin for 10 years. Ive lived nowhere else in Oz but am now back in Ireland since 2001. BTW I still read the NT News every day. Im heading off to the Australia versus Wales game next Saturday and would love to fly the flag for the Northern Territory. Only problem is I cant get one. So I thought Id reach out to you to see if we can start a campaign and a challenge to see if its possible to get one sent over ... on time! Then I thought, well DHL are a sponsor of the RWC, perhaps we could give them a challenge and hopefully give both of you some media exposure in these parts. I can give an English address for delivery of the flag which gives everyone more time ... ish! So whatcha say NT News? Are you up for it? By the way my seat allocation is in row seven in Twickenham. Surely Ive a good chance of getting a screenshot with a Territory flag especially if theres a message on it? Aine Rooney, Ireland NO Not really. I havent had any interaction with them. GRANT HAMPTON, HUMPTY DOO Lajamanu students Kayzeanna Morton, 7, and Jimmelia George, 6, are proudly learning 100 new words as part of their literacy class and the school is also going to trial new term dates to increase pupil attendance in key periods Picture: IVAN RACHMAN PICK OF THE PICS