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The Northern Territory news Wed 7 Oct 2015

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WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7 2015 CLASSIFIEDS 35 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Deaths Joyce Dimery To a loving Mam and Mother-in-law, Grandma and Great Grandma. Will be missed by Tom and Joss, Tom Jnr. and family, Bob, Yanan, and family. 1004395v1 Joyce Dimery In loving memory of Mum and Grandmother. Gone from our lives but not our hearts. Your daughter Ann and grandsons Pete and Liam. 1004471v1 BARBARA Joan Smith, Passed away peacefull after a brave battle aged 59yrs. Youll be forever in our hearts. Love Donna, Dean and Kade. 1012288v2 Public notices DEPARTMENT OF INFRASTRUCTURE www.nt.gov.au/infrastructurefacebook.com/roadreportnt URBAN ASPHALT PROGRAM STUART HIGHWAY BERRIMAH ROAD AND VANDERLIN DRIVE INTERSECTION - INBOUND Asphalt resurfacing works will be carried out on Friday 9 October 2015 on the inbound lanes of the Stuart Highway at the Berrimah Road and Vanderlin Drive intersection. To minimise impact on traffic and allow for works, temporary lane closures will be in place. Alternate routes are available. Traffic management will be present and motorists are asked to observe all traffic control devices. Message boards will be in place to assist motorists. Works will take place from 8.00pm to 6.00am daily. For more information please contact Department of Infrastructures Senior Project Manager, Niraj Gurung on 8999 4660, Email civilprojects.doi@nt.gov.au or visit www.nt.gov.au/infrastructure STUART HIGHWAY H id d e n V a lle y R o a d V a n d e rlin D rive Agostini Road R o a d Lag o n o Worksite Alternate Route B e rrim a h R o a d Co lleg e R oa d Beaton Road Th ank you PRAYER to Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit Thou who makes me see everything and shows me the way to reach my ideal. You who give me the devine gift forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and who are in all instance of my life, with me. I, in this short dialogue want to thank you for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. Amen. Person must pray this for three consecutive days your wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to publish this as soon as your favor has been granted. 1002252v3 Public notices Byrne Circuit, Moil Road Closure Active Tree Services to carry out tree removal works requiring a road closure on Byrne Circuit between Butters St and Linde St. Residents access will be maintained. Road closure in place between: 12th -14th October 2015, 0830-1600. Traffic control and detour will be in place. We apologise for any inconvenience in advance. Contact Trafficwerx NT office on 8942 2228 with any queries. Chris Boyer TrafficWerx NT 1002015v4 Public notices Notice of Community Information Forum Delamere Air Weapons Range Redevelopment Project And Growler Airborne Electronic Attack Capability Facilities Project Delamere Air Weapons Range The Department of Defence is holding a community information forum to outline the proposed construction works at the Delamere Air Weapons Range. These works are subject to Parliamentary approval. The Delamere Air Weapons Range Redevelopment Project and the Growler Airborne Electronic Attack Capability Facilities Project include construction of new facilities and infrastructure and upgrades of existing infrastructure at the range. The Department of Defence and representatives from the Managing Contractor will be in attendance to provide one-on-one information on the projects and to answer any questions. When: Wednesday 14th October 2015 Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm Where: Katherine Town Council Chambers, Civic Centre, Lot 1865 Stuart Highway, Katherine NT, 0850. 1058978v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