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Mary River Floodplain Vegetation



Mary River Floodplain Vegetation


Lynch, D; Northern Territory. Department of Lands, Planning and Environment. Resource Capability Assessment Branch


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Mary River


The Mary River Flood Plains are approximately 100km east of Darwin and have a catchment area of about 7700 kn12 (Woodroffe 1993). The headwaters are approximately 18Skm inland. The southeast corner of the catchment includes Coronet Hill and a sandstone/siltstone plateau. Further to the south west in the Pine Creek region are undulating to rolling hills (includes strike ridges) of greywacke, sandstone and siltstone. The west side of the catchment includes undulating to rolling granite rises with some rugged hills. The McKinlay River joins the Mary River just south of the Arnhem Highway. From here the river divides into a series of streams and billabongs which are only connected in the Wet season.


Please replace the current item on the system with this report. This is the original report, produced in 1996 by the then Department of Lands, Planning and Environment. The report was resubmitted in order that it could be correctly filed with a Technical report number.

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Floodplains -- Northern Territory -- Mary River; Vegetation surveys -- Northern Territory -- Mary River Region; Floodplain plants -- Northern Territory -- Mary River Region; Mary River Floodplain Vegetation

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Technical Report No. 08/2015


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as in Unit 38 occur on creek lines running through the unit. Swalnps with cracking clays which dry out in the Dry season. 38. Variable Sedgeland. Sedges include Cyperlls sp, Eleocharis sp. and Fil11bristylis species and the main grass is . Washouts on open plains along creeks and rivers. 39. Open areas with sparse vegetation, P.spillescens and Pa51Hll1l111 scrobiclLlatllm. Also includes some open woodland of M. Ilervosa, M. viridijlora with Barringlonia aClItallgula and Catltormioll umbel/allim. On narrow levees of major creeks and rivers. 40. Woodland of predominantly riparian species including Eucalyptlls papualla, MelalelLca argeJltea, Nt. lellcadendroJl, Bambllsa arnhemica and Nallclea orientalis. Also Pandanus and Barrillglollia aClltallgllla and a sparse grass layer including Paspalul1l distalls . Alluvial plains with clays and grey earths. 41. Perennial grassland of Eriacltlle bllrkittii, Eragrostis 5p. Palliclll11 sp. and SchizachyriuI11 fragile, with patches of open woodland, Unit 44. 42. Patches of Melaleuca lelicadendroJl plus MelalelLca species and Barringtonia aClltallgula open woodland and PseLLdoraphis spiJlesceJls grasslands. 43. Open woodland with Euclayptus papuana, E. polycarpa and Buchanania obovata associated with Melaleuca and PandalllLs and Barrillgtollia aClltallglLla. The lower stratum comprises of Eragrostis sp, Mneisthea rottebeloides, Chrysopogoll lalifoUlis and Eriaclllle burkittii. 44. Low woodland with clumps of Melalellca viridiflora, M. Ilervosa and Astromyrtus sYl11phocarpa with grassland understorey of Eriachlle bllrkiltii, 11zemeda triandra, A1Jlesithea roltboel/ioides, Palliclllll and PseudopogonatherlllJl cOlltortlllll. 45. Water 46. Woodland to open woodland of Eucalyptus milliata, E. Tetrodollta, E.clavigera and ErythrophlelllJl chlorostachys. Scattered trees occur in the mid storey of Termillalia /erdinandiana and Gardenia megasperma and a tall grassland understorey of f1eteropogoll contorlllS. 111emeda australis, Sehima llerVOSlllJl, Eragrostis sp. and fl eteropogoll triticeus. 47. Ellcalyptus l11illiata, E. tetrodonta woodland with E. papllana, and Erythrophleul1l chlorostachys and E. foelscheana. The understorey is comprised of a mix of grasses, SchizachyrilllJl ji'agile, Eriachlle spp., PaniClllll lIlilldallaellse alld fleteropogoll spp.