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The Northern Territory news Mon 22 Jun 2015

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MONDAY JUNE 22 2015 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON PEOPLE BEING BANNED FROM CLIMBING ULURU Kiss the Rock industry slowly goodbye. Like going to the Eiffel Tower and not climbing it etc etc. Already the flight concerns over the last 7 years have apparently slowed the visitors numbers in past. After you close the climb watch the numbers decline not instantly but a year later. If you are going to do this then Minister of tourism think about another cheap alternative to get the folks a view from or of the top. Kiss the Rock industry goodbye of Darwin Yeah we dont need tourists in the NT, there is plenty enough money to go around. Just add another $10 to kakadu entry, that should make up for closing the rock. Shot in the foot of Darwin Several generations of Aussies climbed the rock and passed the experience onto their kids. It was a challenge. It ought to be a shared experi ence and not just one for the local Aborigine culture. Too much is becoming politically correct. NT shouldnt lose this rare experience. People go there to climb. A new system of climbing chains ought to be put in. Graeme of NSW Why close the walk? Thats stupid. Take a look at the Grand Canyon skywalk, built by the Hualapai nation over the canyon with a glass floor. Provides employment and income to the tribe and entry costs about $US74 a head!! Includes meal etc. They make millions and have a secure future. Cultural legacy protected. So why not put in observation platform with chair lift or cable car (minimal ecological footprint) at Ayers Rock and Olgas Oh sorry, I got carried away this is the Anangu landowners, so its not going to happen. Turn it into $$$ of Nt Close the walk and you might as well close the Rock. Very strange a Tourism Exec would want to shut the no.1 reason for visiting the area, as a lot of people do not want to learn about aboriginal culture and certainly wouldnt travel to the centre just for that. Cynical of Nearing the abyss I remember when the owners of sites up here were happy to show tourists their attractions, as long as due respect was shown. So, what happened? The attitude nowadays has to me appeared over the years to slowly bleed up from the southern states and I have to ask why the locals are inclined to listen to them? Greg of Karama Yeah we dont need tourists in the NT, there is plenty enough money to go around. SEE BELOW ON DRIVERS Just because you are a hot blonde chick probably with a body to match, you still need to use your indicator, its that little lever on the right hand side just behind your steering wheel. It even makes a noise.... If youre going to whinge about blinkers at roundabouts stop driving through them because people will never indicate. ON COUNCILS Re unfair rate plans, this is screaming out for a class action against council, especially where council has failed to provide basic services. Cactus Congratulations, Editor, on your Friday Editorial. it would have been just as applicable to the farce that is Darwin council. I hope each and every one of them, especially the queen bee, elected on her fathers name, take to heart your comments and start listening to the people of Darwin, not their banks bottom line. We live in hope. Macleod, Stuart Park ON V8S Let channel 7 have v8 coverage back. Poor show channel 10 for not telecasting it in the territory 7 did. Dianne, Girraween V8s are less and less bang for ya buck. Always used to have non stop happenings, drags, racing, trick bikes. Mass exodus at 3.15 after finals coz musics crap. ON OTHER THINGS Tens of 1000s of union & non union members rallied against awas & john, tony & joes total lack of respect for avg oz workers. the awu marched alongside but their votes were used to advance shortens political agenda. earning the awu the tag australias weakest union. Memo to Corey Sinclair: the principal objective in putting people in jail adults or kids is to punish them for robbing, raping, bashing, or worse, some other person in the community. It is not to rehabilitate them! The system cant rehabilitate anyone the individual and their family must do that. When a 16 year old has more than 100 convictions to their name, they will never be rehabilitated El Vergil, even if you found the local ATO, its just a useless shopfront. They dont do anything. There are many angles and degrees from which one can willingly choose to fall away (and still pretend they are rightside up), but there is still only ONE angle at which one can truly stand straight and upright. Pete, 11 Mile Darwin V8s - YOU AM I, more like what the f@#$ k is that! This and the 100th appearance of Jimmy is why the numbers are down. Hand the entertainment to someone who knows the audience! YES Its in the news all the bloody time, and I know multiple people having properties broken into. Its bad. SHANNON ELLIFFE, LEANYER YES You have kids outside pretending a bikes broken as a distraction while someone fiddles with the gate, its ridiculous. STEPH PHO, MALAK YES The place Im living in has been broken into four times, even hearing certain noises now makes me scared. KUDI IFEEJIKA, BAYVIEW Speak Up: Are you scared your property could be broken into? NO Ive never heard any personal stories of people having experienced that, so Im not fearful about it. PETER SADLER, HOLTZE LETTER OF THE DAY Wildlife losing out to progress I LIVE on a road that once was peaceful and in the evening one could even watch the mobs of small kangaroos jumping about happily in the bush. Now on the same road all I see are houses being built and bright lights from street lighting, at what is the new suburb of Zuccoli. There was supposed to be a buffer zone but that seems to have gotten lost in the program. All the wildlife has been driven from its habitat; many of the animals are suffering from stress. I see the result of this as I feed them and give them water. Possums and bandicoots are not very big and cause very few problems. Bandicoots make small holes in lawns as they try to get out the larvae of a beetle that destroys the plants roots, so I see them as a plus. Those holes also aerate the soil. Surely our councils could supply possum boxes in the areas that have been decimated, and maybe schools could run programs to teach children the benefit of being kind to animals who arrive at their door seeking a little food and water. It will be a sad day when the animals are all gone and what remains is nothing but a concrete jungle. Shirley Marcon, Virginia NO I have never had issues, I havent experienced what that would be like. PHIL GILBERT, WINNELLIE Real-life meerkat Ratbag meets the as-yet-unnamed toy meerkat mascot of the Katherine to Darwin Challenge, a cycling race designed to raise money for charity Total Recreation. A competition is in progress to name the mascot Picture: HELEN ORR PICK OF THE PICS