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Report on the Land Units of the Coastal Plains



Report on the Land Units of the Coastal Plains

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Soils of the coastal plains, Northern Territory, Australia.


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Coastal Plains of the Northern Territory.; Soils report


These reports describes the land resource mapping over the Northern Territory coastal plains region. The surveyed area was mapped at a scale of 1:50,000. The mapped land units are described using the dominate soils, topography and vegetation. The potential land use and limitations for each land unit are also briefly described.


There are three different reports attached to this record: Report on the land units of the coastal plains / K.J.Day; Soils of the coastal plains, Northern Territory, Australia / A.D.L. Hooper; and Soils report (coastal plains survey 1968,69,70 / K.J. Day




Coastal ecology - Northern Territory; Land Unit mapping; Coastal Plains

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Animal Industry and Agriculture Branch, Northern Territory Administration

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Darwin, N. T.


3 volumes, various pagings.

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Animal Industry and Agriculture Branch, Northern Territory Administration



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https://hdl.handle.net/10070/506884; https://hdl.handle.net/10070/506885

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4. TSS increase from moderate in upper layers to high in lower E and G layers as described in N.T.A. reports of the area. 5a. A similar type of soil occurs on inland areas of present drainage channels where freshwater drainage has been dominant and there appears to be no influence from riverine (tidal) flooding. The E layer is brownish grey with yellow brmtln mottles and TSS are generally much lower. Such criteria as sodium-absorption-ratio or exchangeable sodium-percent will have to be used to elucidate the differences between these two. I have called this the Wildman swamp type at present as an F layer (i.e. as in Cairncurry soils) is present at depth.- L<A'~,._e""'vt 6. Adelaide - On levees under Sesbania, Panicum or scattered shrubs. Often with a minor gilgaied surface. The Adelaide soil is dominant on the puffs and Carmor soils in the depression. A 0-24" E 24-50" G 50 11 + Self-mulching brown-black clays with abundant nodular Caco 3 Grey mottled brown clays sometirre s with Caco 3 , Gleyed saline clays. 7. Carpentaria- Gleyed saline clays in channels with mangrove. Connected directly to the river and affected by king tides. Under sedges or bare. G G 0-12" 12-60" Grey strongly saline cracking when dry sometimes flocculated on wide salt flats. Bluish grey pug. In mangrove areas the bluish grey pug which remains permanently moist I have called simply saline muds.