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18 ENTERTAINMENT WEDNESDAY JULY 15 2015 SUBE01Z01MA - V1 Channing Tatum is back as Magic Mike. MAGIC MIKE XXL (MA15+) Starring: Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matt Bomer Visually magic but storyline too bare THERE is no doubt that putting together some of the hottest male bodies on the planet for a film about strippers is genius. We saw the sleeper success of the first Magic Mike, a story with unexpected complexities in a warped world that still maintained a sense of light entertainment. It seems Mike (Channing Tatum) cant get the moves out of his system. He is on the verge of expanding his furniture company, but after a call from his former work pals when they roll through town, he decides to crack the dancefloor open one last time with them at a stripper convention. If that sounds like a pretty simple storyline, thats because it is. Returning writer Reid Carolin tries to give the story dimension with a nonromance between Mike and new friend Zoe (Amber Heard), while the others are all given the task of finding themselves as they ditch their traditional routines for something fresh. But a lot of it is awkward and unnecessary. This is ultimately a roadie film all about sentiment. Theres uncertainty for Richie (Joe Manganiello), Tarzan (Kevin Nash), Ken (Matt Bomer) and Tito (Adam Rodriguez) about where their lives go after the performance, each discovering the things they want are still out of reach. And boys will be boys, with serious discussions about male problems. In a show of strength in the only way they know how, they all have something to say about their last performance. But so does Rome (Jada Pinkett-Smith) and her crew, friends of the Kings of Tampa from a different part of the male entertainer business. The film reminds us we have male entertainers as central characters, with scenes of gyration never too far away. But its toned down from the first film, and the story focuses on the climax of their final perfect performance. While the men are exemplary with their physical attributes, its Pinkett-Smith who steals the show. Sultry without a fault, she gives a playful performance as industry professional and friend to the boys. The style of the film is kept the same as the first, with director Gregory Jacobs recreating that nostalgic feel to fit the wandering lives of the group. Visually this film wins, for both its understated and flashy camerawork. But the script lets the adventure down. The predictability of the story from start to finish is nearly unbearable, and the sexiness often downplayed into accidental comedy. Its a money maker at its core, just like the groups amazing sixpacks. KATINA VANGOPOULOS Your week ahead with Tarot Master Manfred Zander SUn STarS arieS Mar 21 - apr 20 Love: no need for any concern; joy and harmony around the corner. Money: the moon is low; wait until the first quarter of the moon for any important decision involving money. Health: you will feel well. leo jul 22 - aug 22 SagiTTariUS nov 23 - dec 21 TaUrUS apr 21 - MaY 20 virgo aug 23 - sep 22 capricorn dec 22 - jan 19 geMini MaY 21 - jun 20 libra sep 23 - ocT 22 aqUariUS jan 20 - feb 18 cancer jun 21 - jul 21 Scorpio ocT 23 - nov 22 piSceS feb 19 - Mar 20 Love: someone close needs love and attention; open your eyes and heart. Money: worries will not help; go ahead with your plans. Health: a healthy week ahead of you. Love: obstacles blocking your way; wait until next week before taking action. Money: a new job or business will improve your income. Health: the stars are good; all illnesses will heal quickly. Love: worries are on the way out; a lasting and happy relationship ahead of you. Money: keep working; a change for the better soon. Health: increase your physical exercises and you will feel well. Love: a letter from someone who loves you will highlight this week. Money: possible added income or receipt of money via an unexpected cheque. Health: a good time to cut out unhealthy drinks or food. Love: avoid any kind of pressure on the one you love and desire. Money: use diplomatic skills and you will get what you want. Health: a healthy week in front of you. Love: stay away from people with a negative attitude; it can cause serious problems with someone who loves you. Money: keep wishing and dont give up; success around the corner. Health: all illnesses will heal; no need for any worries. Love: excitement and joy; a lasting and happy relationship is in the making. Money: work and finances improving now; stay positive. Health: all possible illnesses will heal shortly. Love: know that everything is possible through the power of the universe. Money: a steady income will take care of all financial needs. Health: victory and triumph over all possible illnesses. Love: be patient and avoid getting uptight; what you want is coming your way. Money: you are on the right path to more and easier income. Health: increase your physical exercise; it will make you feel well. Love: wait and see; your love life will improve soon. Money: whatever you sell or buy will make a healthy profit this week. Health: increase your physical exercise and you will feel fit. Love: romance and happiness to come; look ahead. Money: keep working; after a low follows a high. Health: a good week to start with a healthy diet. Looking for a fantastic breakfast in Palmerston? Caddies@Palmerston Golf Course is now serving breakfast from 8 until 2 on Saturdays and Sundays! Come on down for a relaxing family friendly brekky this weekend! 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