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10 LIFESTYLE WEDNESDAY JULY 15 2015 SUBE01Z01WR - V1 Pumpkins in battle of the giants THE popular pumpkin is more than just a terrific vegetable it has almost mystical status, appearing regularly in fairy tales and Halloween celebrations. The Royal Darwin Shows popular giant pumpkin competition will be part of this years lineup of fun workshops and competitions in line with this years theme: Celebrating the Year of Soils Where food begins. Although pumpkins can be grown year-round in tropical and subtropical climates, it takes skill to grow a competition-worthy crop. The planter must first obtain special pumpkin seeds, and ensure their soil is fertile, compost rich and well drained. And since pumpkins are generally 80-90 per cent water, the next step is making sure the vine crop is appropriately watered. Visit the Horticulture Hall between July 23 and 25 to check out this years giant pumpkin entries. ciencies and how easy it is to give it more of essential nutrients it needs. And the excitement for green thumbs doesnt stop there. Showgoers will also have the opportunity to participate in a number of other demonstrations ranging from growing Asian veggies and bromeliads, to shaping bonsais and spinning local honey. There are also a number of new classes for the whole family such as Garden in a Wheelbarrow, Decorated Lawnmower, and Decorated Garden Gnome, as well as old favourites such as scarecrows, decorated bikes and recycled garden items. The Royal Darwin Show provides a stunning showcase of agricultural and horticultural displays, including diverse native and tropical flowers, plants and edibles. With everything from bamboo to bonsais, stunning orchids and giant tomatoes, to colourful gingers and heliconias, as well as scented roses and succulents. Horticulture Hall is a green thumbs paradise. Dont miss the interesting and educational live demonstrations on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Its your chance to learn more about caring for our precious soils and where food begins. Its the Year of Soils at Horticulture Hall EVERY year the Royal Darwin Show places an emphasis on entertainment, fun, and also education. This years show theme, Year of Soils is aimed at teaching Territorians where our food begins, and what better place to learn than at Horticulture Hall? Horticulture Hall acting chairwoman Wendy Flannigan said: This year we have Chris Nathaniel and David Bauer coming in to teach us how to better care for our soils. They will demonstrate what additives and fertilisers are good for caring for our soil and growing better veggies and fruits. Our soils are the basis for our food systems, and caring for our soils health and vitality is essential for producing good quality and healthy foods and plants. We will be providing easy to understand, practical, hands-on workshops to teach Territorians what our soils are lacking, and how to improve and maintain its overall health, Ms Flannigan said. Drop in to the Horticulture Hall on Friday and Saturday to learn more about our soil defi Learn how to create healthy soil so you can produce nutritious fruit and vegetables. Perfect poultry MAKE sure you have a stickybeak at the poultry at the Joe Yates Pavilion. With everything from the Muscovy duck to the Racing Homer Hen, there is always a brilliant array of colour and personality. The poultry section has been around since 1951 and is one of the largest categories at the Royal Darwin Show. Make sure you see the hotly contested competition birds that are the perfect showcase of years of patient breeding. The judges are very particular about the qualities theyre looking for; birds must be in peak condition with every feather in place. An incredible amount of time and dedication goes into ensuring chooks look their best on Show day. They must be washed, legs prepared, beaks trimmed, and exhibitors must ensure birds are preened to perfection. Enrolment Manager: Ms Sue McCulloch (08) 9368 9508 enrol@penrhos.wa.edu.au Enjoy the fireworks, brought to you by City of Darwin 9pm Saturday 26 July #RoyalDarwinShow15 www.darwin.nt.gov.au Music by local young artists Sustainability@TheTop Face painting Art workshops for kids Fun in the Parks Recycling and waste management Animal education Seniors morning tea Celebrity bake-off Follow us on Twitter @cityofdarwin Like us on Facebook facebook.com/cityofdarwin Follow us on Instagram @city_of_darwin The Royal Darwin Show 2015 City of Darwin Proudly Supports Dirtgirlworld Shows Friday 24 July Saturday 25 July City of Darwin Follow the Dragonfy to our marque e