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Not published Dec. 26 1975, Jan. 2 1976, Dec. 24 1976, Dec. 31 1976, Dec. 30 1977, Jan. 6 1978.




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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek

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Tennant Creek


no. 31

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The Tennant and district times

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the Apex Club of Tennant Creek



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EDITORIAL on F'dday 6th F'ebru11ry, th" ABC 'l', V. showed a programme comparinq d ch and ponr nations. In honesty. is the diff;>renm of such vital importanG0 (obviously tt i to those st.arvinq now) nr are WH lonking at diffaren\OeS in qroups nf people whc1 cannnt be r:ompared qt this m<,m<rnt because nf intGrnal dt>VE> lopment nf inrli.vidunl countriP.s? Just be"ause on<' group of people is able to altf!r its own i~ircumstanr.r~s is it them solely responsible for providing and caring for those who cannot develop themselves to the same deqree? This is the short term problem. In the terms of Asimov and the wnrld of LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Sir. In reply to milk drinker, i. t would be possible by filling all cool-room spacP available r.o store enouqh milk at present consumption rate (5.500litres /week) to last about a month. Normal conditions allow for three deliveries per fortniqht to ensun'! milk as fresh as possible. I personally would not like to drink milk ONE MONTH OLD and as I don 1 t know in advance when the road will be out of action I don't know when to stock one month 1 s supply so that I can satisfy Mr. milk drinker, who it would seem does not mind stale milk. L. Pethick Tennant Creek Ma landa Agent. 11ttS'l~l~l~S tho fottlre (<md t.h<'l f:tlt ure incl11df'a tlw n<"xt. thnuse111ds of yf'ilrs) what is going to happ,,n? ~vent1~ally with the clf.!'lelopment of futurity we are gning to be ~<:>me 'ont1 wor lei' i nPt a cnllfl1.~tirm of tiny individua 1 rPpub l ic!l, cnuntri~s nr states. Studie>s of population and food qrowth comp a red to avail<ibility of land will rPsult in the eventual rnalisation that finally we will become a united ple1net.. Because individual national politics is a dirty self perpetuattnq business realistic people must recognise that this world is one and at fina 1 i ty we will be called to unitP.. DO IT NOW! Executive Responsibility :'he Federal Governm < is prc->paring to f :Lfill its commitment t:,) progressively confer ,:.xecutive responsibility to the Leqis la ti ve Ass embly in the Northern T'erritory. A committee will be established, comprisiny the Minister for the Northern Territory and executive members of the Legislative Assembly, and will meet regularly in Darwin. This consultative committee will be formed with the objective of improvinq consultation and coordination betwen the Federal GovPrnrnent and the local executive. Both Mr. Evan Adermann and Dr. Goff Letts see this committee as a siynificant commencement in the constitutional development of the Territory. RADIOVISION roRmRly Cjlyn )OnS RaOIOVISIOn for ALL Appliances ALSO ~(y~c, rR\\)Gt.S ~~(y{y & COLOUR T.V. PIONEER HI-FI SPECIALISTS H usqvarna sewing machines TERRITORY STATEHOOD The MinJ.et<H for th<> Northam 'l'<'rl"itnry Mr. ~~van Ad<Hm1.tnn, ;mci the lelldo'r of the Leg.hl.ative As~embly in the Northern Tnrritory, nr. C'..off r,etts (on f'<'bruary 17th) join -~---,,,,,, ____ tly l.s~upQ fl atat.11ment A L P N"leS that r,rp timtnr.iry talk a t \J had b"on held r.o prllpal:'e Much has been s~ld about. the effocot of reet~nt heavy rnins on nur roads - links to th<' north, Clouth and as t. HowPver, l i rtlr> has bf'en said nbnut lts <'ff<ect on many of the streets an(! sn rvi ce lanPs within our town. In particular, the service lane betwPen Paterson Street and NnblP Street becomes a cesspool aft(:>r heavy rain - adding to the town's mosquito problprn, but more, imortan~ tly p~aving to b0 a real health hazard with itM smelly, staqnant watc.:~r. Residents who have lived in Tennant Cref.~k fnr many years have se0n little 1 if ;:inv. wnrk done by th._ 1 Dt~~:drt-m0nt nf Construct lOn to imrnv:> thP dra: naqt> prnb Lems of these servic:> lanes. It must be Pmbarrdssinq for thP Northern Ter-; ritory Minister, Mr. Adermann, who, in his much publ i r:ised press re le asp 1 tried to minimise the effects of the SS million cut.s to uncommi ttPd capital works, now finds that his Prime Minister has announ cerl a further $31 million in cuts. These latest cuts .vill havP a serious e ffi:?ct on the Territory as they cut. in to s11ch arPas as civi 1 works, schooL., health and housinq. The Tennant Crf'-.:o k Branch of ~he A.L.P. th<-' way tor con fo rrinq ,,x..,cutiw r"'apnnaibiHty <.111 t:ho loqi~liltive asa,qnbl y of th' Northern 'P<>r ri t.ory. A cnmmi tt1' was establi~h<>d to <examine thiR cons ti tuti.onal development. anc1 rn<'ommendPd that a n1nsu l tat i ve Cammi tted be-' c>stabl ished to nt-'qoti atP betwe0n thf' F'tdf~ral C':t0v0rnmPnt and th' Lo,al Executive. Mr. Adt-rmann <'.l.nd Or. Letts announced that the f'nmmi tti?e would comprisP the MinistPr fnr the North1::,rn 'T'Prritory and the~ ExPcutivr:' mc)mbers of thP Northf'rn Territory Leg is la ti vr-' Ass0mbly. Thr> commitb."'e will meet n:-qularly in Darwin and the datP of it's first meetinq will bP announced when arraqnernents are finalis0d. FOR YOUR INFORMATION After considerable di. cussion and deliberation bPtween the editorial com mitted and the publisher a new format for the Tennctn t Times has been decided upon. All orqanizations who opt to contribute articles weekly will be allocated a space for about 200 words. We will be doing the typing and provisior:ia l layout to make sure that the articles views with regn'!t the 1 we want, get in. To enserious flood darnaqe and able us to accomplish loss to farmers in Scn1th- this it is imperativA ern Qld. 1 and northern that all articles be N.S.W. We call on the respective State and Federal Governments to assist those whose liv~lihood has been severly affected. handed in on a Monday. We need more public support and would be happy t.o receive constructi VP s ugqes t ions from our readers. FOR A PERSONALISED TRANSPORT SERVICE TO TH.E N.T CONTACT NI FREIGHT SERVICES PTV LTD Once weekly ADELAIDE ALICE SPRINGS Twice weekly ALICE SPRINGS TENNANT ADE~IDE 682 PORT ROAD BEVERLEY, SA 5008 Phone aM 1351 ,Telex 82349 tContact Dvld Cheek1 ALICE SPRINGS TIMOR TRANSPORT STUA"'7 HIGHWAY ALICE SPRINGS 5750 Phone 52 2155 T~lex 81363 (Ci:ll'ltact Doug Parle) TENNANT CREEK L. A. LIDDELL PATTERSON STREET TENNANT CREEK 5780 Phone 152 Tele11 81212 (Contact Lea Llddll) re11.rt.artt IJrive-111, TENNANT THUR-FRI-SAT FEB 26:27:28 INRCI 20ll!CENTUAY-f0Xand WARM:A !lflOS pltStfll STEVE McQUEEN PAUL NEWMAN WAR REGO SUN FEB 29 FRED SUSAN RICHARD .-a 0..1. ROBERT ROllERI' "''"'""'ASTAIRE BLAKEY ClfAlilmERLAW IONES S94PSON VAUGHN WAGNER OCCUPIES THE ENTIRE PROGRAMME----.. J~ it ,. SUNDAY FEB. 29 Your favourite undercover agent blasts the big screen --EDWARD WODDWAPn '.-RIC PORTER CARL MDHNER .. BUSSELL HUNTER as Lonely Me COLOR ct:JJ plus A FRANK LAUNDER & SIDNEY GILLIAT PRODUCTION HAYLEY MILLS HYWEL BENNETI GEORGE SANDERS PER OSCARSSON AGATHA CHRISTIE'S "ENDLESS NIGHT" @ ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. . ,. . ,. . ,. . ,. . ,. . ,. WE DN ES DAY MARCH 3 When he does his dance of death his gun makes deadly music I YUL .BRYNNER'" :lloJOS, ABllTll" WITH Mickey King writ.es pulp,,lives pulp very soon could b'.e pulp! Ml;CHAEL CAINE i~'PULP 11 ll. t~ 'f' .. ~ . ~Mickey Rooney Lionel Stander ~ :-.,,.:.. -- Lizabeth Scott Nadia (Qssini . . , @ Produced by II.. Michael Klinger _.. United llrhBIB

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