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Tennant Creek' Area School Jottings ... School council Membership: A reminder - two vacancies for Parents' Representatives on the School council exist; any person interested in . membership of the Council, or at least in the Council's .function, should contact the Principal/ Executive Officer, Mr. Cameronl as soon as possible. The next Council Meeting is on Wednesday, 10th March, at 7.30pm, in the School Library. Recipe Book .. . Another reminder further contributions towards our Recipe Book in the form of old-time photographs, anecdotes, and items of historical (and hysterical?) interest, as well as recipesi will be welcomed by Mrs. Chris Afianos. Many thanks to those who have already contributed. We hope that the final product will go to print by the end of this term. After Hours Use of School Premises ...... Use of the T.C.A.S. premises after hours is encouraged - it is desirable 'that the facilities be made use of to the best advantage of the cornrrnmity. Besides, the buildings are awfully quiet when lessons finish, especially since the younger children have transferred to Karguru. Use made after school hours by anyqne, however must be approved by the Principal, acting on behalf of the School Council. annou nee the appointment of Approved usage at present includes adult education claases, cricket practices, flying model aeroplanes 1 pistol cl\lP events, Jehovah's Witnesses meetings. The Library, and other rooms as well, are available for Meetings - bookings may be made through the schnol office, People wishing to make use of the school premises for any acti vi ties other than those listed above (e.g. roller skating, other sports, study) should make written application to the P.rincipal, Mr. Cameron. - Any usage must be app roved by him; - Such usage must be pro grammed, in order to ensure clashes are avoided. SCOUTING A~OCIATION rhe scouting Association of Tennant Creek are looking for leaders for both Cubs and Scouts. Anyone 18 years and over, interested please con- ~ tact Mr. Andy Cameron or Mrs. Carol Brown; some scouting knowledge would be helpful, but not ess 1 ential. Mrs. Brown, who has ] 21 years experience with the Scouting Association is resigning from her position as Ake la in the local CUb pack. CUB NEWS: Cubs have a new time on each Monday 1 from 4.30pm to 6.00pm at the Scouting Hall in Noble Street. Four vacancies for cubs exist in the pack, and parents are advised that the new policy on age acceptance for entry is 8 years old. If you have any enquiries ;please contact Mrs.Brown. SCOUTS: The Scouts meet Tuesdays, 6 - Sp. m. , at the Noble Street Hall. Boys entering Scouts must i be at least 10 years old. I Ple'."'e address all enquiries to Mr. Carne~on. STEPHEN & VERONICA LAMSHED BOOKINGS at T/C AGENCIES Ph. 324 or 65 Paterson St. remember: 1 flick and there gone EXTRA HOLIDAY Ari article from the local member, Mr. Ian Tuxworth: At a recent meeting in oarwin I was informed that the people of Tenn ant creek are entitled to a Public Holiday equivalent to the Show days taken by Alice Springs, Kath<irine and oarw.i.n, and that is only necessary for the townspeople RED CROSS Last week we had a visitor from Red Cross Darwin. He was Mr. John Ferwerda. He came on a "getting to know you" visit. He brought with him news of the Red cross activities in the Northern Territo.ry and throughout Australia and the world. When you come to think of it all you have to do is try to tote up where there is need and there you will find Red Cross work. ers and supplies. There were que~tions last year about blood in Tennant Creek so you will be glad that a Blooo Bank is soon to be opened in Alice Springs. One of the biggest jobo and the most difficult that is done is the tracing of relatives after disasters and political upheavals. It is reported that one family was reunited after 34 years. In the report it is stated that the generosity of, and prompt action of New Zealand, The Netherlands, America, Germany, Bri taih, Canada, and the Japan - Australia Society was very touching in the early hours after Tracey. If you want to ki:ow any more there will be books in the library. John would also like to get in touch with any one in Tennant Creek who arrived here from Darwin via Tracey. to inform the Admin istrator of a suitable date and this will be gazetted in due course as the Tennant Creek Holiday. It is my belief that the function of GOLDRUSH should ideally be held on our own holiday rather than having to utilize an existing Gazetted holiday. I am seeking thi comments of all interest ed parties, and in particular the conunen ts of the Lions Club who have in the past conducted the Goldrush as to whether they are interested in having a special holiday gazetted for Goldrush or whether they would prefer to leave the situation as it currently stands. Alternatively if the town people so wish, there is no need for us to have an additional holiday at a11. Would you please advise me in writing of your attitude. IAN TUXWORTH M.L.A. A.A.P. A.A.P. means Austra lian Assistance Plan. A public meeting last week, chaired by Ken Conway set up a steering committee which met on Monday night. It is working on a questionaire to be put out in a few days. You will be asked to complete it so the steering committee will know what to do next. Brenton Phillis, a social worker, working as a liaison officer between A.A.P. groups working in Adelaide is corning to Tennant next week to talk to us. He has a lot of experience. You will be able to see him around town and at the District Office. KAY RANSON, Publicity Officer Pats lltors Pest Control (P. & M. LARSSON) Davidson Street. 'Phone 179 P.O. Box 179 General Agent: Swimming Pool Chemicals Water Treatment General Repairs Service Oil and Petrol Parent aad Teacher. NIGHT The children of Kar guru invited their parents to attl"nd their school last Saturday to meet their teachers ll!ld inspect thB school. The response by parents and friends was overwhelming, ll!ld indicative of the interest the new school and staff is developing in the parents of Tennant Creek. The school layout seen, and the teaching methods heard described, were new to many parents but few failed to be impressed. Talks were given by the President of the P ~ F School Council, the Senior Education Advisor dfld the Principal. Following these talks, personal discussions were held with the teachers who described teaching methods, aims, and gave individual comments to parents about their respective children. KARGURU School Meeting A meeting of the Ker guru Pre-school was held ~n the 19th February 1976 .John Koermer waa fllect.,d Cha.irman, Joy PointonWales Secretary and Pat l'os~i.nqham Treasurer, lt wafil de<:i.ded t'o have a working bee on the Preschool yard on the 20th and 21st March. An adventure playqrcund is planned for the pre \ school and equipment is badly needed. Any person who thinks they may have I something to offer please contact Pam Perry at the Preschool. Items such as - used train, front-end-loader, double-dPcker bus or a steam roller would be most appreciated. This meeting was well supported by intE"restP.d parents. It was felt that many fruitful discussions were held and that, not only the pareri.ts, but teachers and pupils benefitted. A BBQ followed. CONTACT y0ur Local Member IAN TUXWORTH M.L.A. for help with problems of an electorial nature. ROME and CONTENTS INSURANCE at:~yo~f'~~~i T&G office Pioneer Building, Phone Tennant 181 OON'T La ~ ~ -"~'' g/f!!/11 '~"'' ,;;y;.,.,,,~ lltlr1 11 8tJ/.I. 8llR llttd to your ct1' TO/MY RJ.rG ' at Tenna11t Crea - n90" 154 for ~ur free measure l:I quote .. in all classes of ~PECIAUST8 WELDI~ .. MAINTENANCE W .c1LDLNG Airport Ad Temant Creek MYSTERIOUS EVENTS at Cabbage Gum The regular bridge evening at the I.eichardt Street flats was rudely interrupted last Friday when a call of dietreBs c1.1111e for help. The green l'oyo ta whi ah only a fortn i gh t, ago figured in a gallant rescue attempt was onr.e more called out and followed a tray-truck in the direction of Cabbage Gum. Here we met with a surprise before reaching the lake. For along the road, in the direction of the Highway, were marching four forlorn figures, their trousers caked in mud. At least, that's what we assumed it. to be, thou'Jh judginq by the reception they were to encoun have been misttiken. Their story was hard ly credible. How could it be that a new 4 wheel drive, together with another vehicle, be bogged when the wheel-tracks along which they were driving seemed so firm? But indeed, they had. So out to the rescue came two more 4 wheel drives. While one went forward to the fray, the other stayed back on firm ground. But it was precisely this one, on the supposed "firm ground", that got bogged up to its axles. so the story went on. EvE>ntually the bridge game was restarted, and ended in a draw 1 rubber ter back in town, we could! _:.e.:::a.:::ch.:...:... District MAR~~~p~~R;905-1976 Office Notes The next meeting of the Tennant Creek T.M.B. will be held on March 3 at the Town Library at Sp.m. All members of the Public are invited to attend. Details of A.A.P. functions may be obtained from Mr. w. Robertson social security care district office Tennant Ck. Vetinary services are again. available through the District Office. Please make appointments through the office recepticmist. Part of the normal wet weather routine_ followed daily is collecting and distributing all road reports and compiling up to date lists of fuel and food holdings at small centres around Tennant Creek. District Office telephone numbers are 444 445, 446. Aboriginal Affairs' 488, 489. Education 327 all in the same building. Mary was born at Hembury, on the Finke River, in 1905, and spent a great deal of her childhood and youth in Alice Springs and various parts of the Territory. In 1936 she came to Tennant Creek and married Robert Wappett, in 19 32 . in what we now call the Anglican Olurch. John was the local barber, and his saloon was situated on the site presently known as 'Radio-vision . Mary was a practising Anglican and served on its' guild for several vears. Mary will be re~ernbered as a good housewife, an animal lover and for her expertise in the art of crocheLing and embroidery. Essentially a Territorian, Mary will be missed by all of us. The Tennant Times wishes to extend to her family and close friends its condolences. C~LTEX SEAUlCE ST~TIOn ~

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