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The Northern Territory news Fri 22 May 2015

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FRIDAY MAY 22 2015 OPINION 45 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON PALMO HOSPITAL In one breath Giles says there was $50 mill feds carrot & in the next admits it was an option by him and other Territory ministers. Harry Tanya would know all about ridiculous. The government she was part of presided over a lot of it, including all the so called health super clinics that never were. If her mob hadnt been busy wasting money building school canteens you cant swing a cat in there may have been some cash for the health budget. Gary Yes well Tanya is an expert on incompetence, only gotta look at the party she belongs to. Geoff Why would Giles care? Hes being looked after in swanky private hospital right? You know, the one we cant afford to go to. John Plibersek was in federal gov ernment 2 years ago, and Labor in NT government for over 8 years but no hospital was built, and now she points the finger. She did manage to give us the carbon tax, and $350b debt. Hughmnature Public servants should not be allowed near any bags of money! How many Dept Health senior losers in charge of this hospital development have been shown the door? Health house ON BACKPACKER TAX No issue. There are plenty on the dole force them into the jobs! They will get the tax free threshold and be better off. Simple. Easy as The free ride for these people that clog up the town with their filthy campers is over. If you work you pay tax like the rest of us! tax payer Maybe all the unemployed can start doing these jobs instead. AF Id be really happy to see less backpackers. Messy, parking where they want. Getting fines and never paying them. Oh, lets not forget all the dumped cars that they cant sell and leave out the front of your house. I wont miss them!! Dp ON PETROL PRICES Based on this story fuel at United is cheaper than Adelaide where it is $1.36 a litre. Arthur Still $1.47 at Palmerston fuel stations. Ursula Brisbane today around $1.40. Corinne The free ride for these people that clog up the town with their filthy campers is over. SEE BELOW ON EVERYTHING Since when has having compassion for animals been an excuse to be labelled a bleeding heart or a do-gooder? Guess Id rather be called that than a cruel heartless bastard. Please legalise medicinal marijuana. Im addicted to codeine-based painkillers which are slowly killing my kidneys and liver. Whats the go with these southos whingeing bout Darwiners. Have you mob got your heads stuck that far up your own arses?! Stop being yuppies an have a chat with us mob! We might be just like you mob! Only not as anal! Karl Stefanovic is full of ****. Croc hunting has been illegal for well over 40 years. What did he shoot them with a squirt from his baby bottle? GC, Coconut Grove 9pm and the RAAF are at it again with their low frequency noisy Orions or Hercs. The kids are trying to sleep ya bastards! Each and every housing unit has an individual water shut off. So why do they shut off the whole block to change a washer in one unit? Its easier and quicker and we aint nothin but housos. Oldmate Can someone tell them to turn the mic on when they do live crosses on Nine News? Id like to hear what theyre saying! Stephen, H/doo There is somewhere for backpackers to park their vans its called a CARAVAN PARK. There is no way in this world I will ever buy Moreton Bay bugs from overseas. The Aussie product beats them for taste every time. S Pit Litchfield Council time for a council election to stop the administration from sacking everyone except themselves. Trevor, Acacia Hills Ice all this talk about it but u have misd d point. Brain damage from it is permanent, making adicts welfare dependant. Milions of adicts out there rite now. Tax money to keep em alive? I would just like to say congratulations to Evan, Anna and the staff at Yots Greek Taverna for winning best restaurant in the NT at the Financial Review awards in Melbourne. When we break the law we are prosecuted. When politicians break the law, they are not. NT ICAC needed urgently to stamp out corruption by our elected law makers. Pete, Marrakai When is someone gonna reopen the Mandorah pub? Thanks to the two awesome folks outside Kurts Cakes who bought me a parking ticket just as the inspector was about to slap me with a fine. Wouldve been an expensive quick slice of cake! Nora, CBD YES Way too much, it seems to be sensationalised. (Editors note: Not happy, Michael). MICHAEL SEXTON, CBD YES I dont think its representative of what is happening in Darwin. There must be more happening than that. PAUL DE RUITER, CBD YES Its not that croc stories are not interesting, but is this the most important news of the day? MIRJAM VAN DER SLUIS, CBD YES Its not very interesting. (Editors note: Cmon Danielle, you can not be serious!) DANIELLE ODONNELL, CBD Speak Up: Do you think seven croc stories is too much for the front page of the paper? NO Not for the croctastic edition its not. Its a special occasion. (Editors note: Hallelujah!) RAVANN FRANCICUS, JINGILI LETTER OF THE DAY Studying gate as horse bolts MINISTER for Housing Bess Price said the new development resulting from the demolition of the Kurringal Flats would include some units available under the Real Housing for Growth initiative. Too late Bess. NT Government housing policy (or lack thereof) has seen the Darwin middle class gutted. Single-income earners have fled interstate, followed next by the backpackers, soon to be taxed unmercifully, who have propped up the service industries. Last year the department held a seminar seeking input from all the participants. It included representatives from housing, private land lords, and people from the Real Estate Institute, and the Territory building and construction industry. Ms Vine-Bromley from NT Shelter was there and she said the NT Government needed to consider a new model for public housing, with tenants dispersed among the wider population to avoid creating ghettos of public housing like Kurringal. Submissions were written, suggestions were made, but all to no effect. It would appear the Housing Department is just as dysfunctional as local government, another responsibility of the Minister for Junkets. Wayne Wood, Wanguri A baby flatback turtle is released at Casuarina Beach. In the seasons first clutch, 22 little turtles less than a day old made their way down the sand and into the ocean, waved off by more than 100 people Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD PICK OF THE PICS