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The Northern Territory news Mon 4 May 2015

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MONDAY MAY 4 2015 OPINION 33 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ON MAYWEATHER V PAQUAIO FIGHT Why watch or pay for a boxing event ever again when we have UFC? Brodie Cahill It was a waste of money and rigged he did nothing but spent the whole 12 rounds running from mani, he was booed and even poor mani said I thought I won I had it he did nothing but kept running away. It all made sense to me right at the end when it said a mayweather production! Rigged! Fiona Thomas Like my partner said, good thing the ring had ropes or Mayweather wouldve ended up in Mexico. Jolene Braybrook Boxing is trying to market itself as a less violent, more family friendly sport. Instead of the traditional method of being awarded points for punching your opponent more than they punch you, points are awarded for running and hugging. A KO will be awarded if you can manage to land a kiss on your opponent. Stej Bosnjak Winning a fight does not make a champion, champions dont hit women. Brett Peter Theyre opposites. Floyd is an arrogant money loving, wife beating racist (he insulted the Philippines many times). Manny is the complete op posite. Thats why win or lose, we stand by our fellow Filipino. Racquel Barrett With the nickname money I instantly disliked him - had no idea he went to prison for domestic violence until today Manny is the true champion won or lose. Rachel Brown Floyd should have at least gave the world a good show with all the hype not just prance around the ring. He should just join the next season of dancing with the stars! Mariel Mariell Hand Well, I guess plenty of practice on his missus paid off after all... Onya mate. Robyne Pascoe I just have to chuckle about all those ppl who paid big dollars to get it on cable. Robbie Greenwood Floyd is an arrogant money loving, wife beating racist. SEE BELOW ON BALI EXECUTIONS Great letter of the day Saturday from NRW, Brinkin. I totally agree. A scholarship in honor of the two executed Australian drug smugglers what a brilliant idea, but dont just stop there a bronzed statue should be erected in every state for these heroes. Myuran Sukumarans brother Chintu said of capital punishment, It serves no purpose, it destroys families and takes away life. Ironic, but the same could be said about drugs. The Doc Bk malak what planet do you live on, our daughter was tragicly taken by a person on drugs could have been one of those tossers what justice did she get. i would have gladly pulled the trigger our gov is too soft. bring back the rope and people with balls. Anon Enough already. Stop it with those two. Im so over hearing bout them. The only thing thats gut wrenching about the bali executions is the way you (the media) turned it into a circus. As soon as the words heroes and honor were used for drug smugglers it became a joke. ON SLAUGHTERED CAT All this concern over a cats agonising death. (Sunday Territorian) That would be the same death as the birds and lizards suffer from the neighbours cat which wanders into my yard. Your bloody cat - keep it on YOUR property! To the scum that shot the cat with bow & arrow hope your time is limited. U dont have the right to be amongst us. Just dont ever cross my path!! Terri from Tiwi ON OTHER THINGS Hopefully i can stick it out here long enough, so when the population decreases enough that the prices on everything come down i can afford to stay an not be part of the droves leaving, power prices are the straw for me theyre up 200 percent not 30! Noonyman Is the mayor and the current council going to do something about all the backpackers free camping at mindil and east point this dry? it looked like Woodstock last year with vans everywhere and ppl crapping and washing themselves wherever they please. Local rate payers avoided the area because it was so bad!! Come on Dcc do your job! Caleb, Tipperary waters The block, MKR, master chef, reno rumble.....zzzzz! Just saw your exhibition at the Museum. I laughed and laughed and it wasnt just me laughing well done!! Jill in Woodroffe Telephone booths are getting harder to find in our city. Wonder how superman is coping. P.b Professional boxer Because a roo would claw you. JAMIE SIBLEY, SOUTH PORT Professional boxer At least if I get hurt Ill go straight down. GAVIN SIBLEY, SOUTH PORT Boxing kangaroo I dont know why. KERRY BALDING, CBD Professional boxer Because they have some remorse, once you are knocked out theyll stop. HARLEY STIBBARD, BAYVIEW Speak Up: Would you rather take on a boxing kangaroo or a professional boxer? Professional boxer I dont want to die. CASSIE LANGFORD, BAYVIEW LETTER OF THE DAY Too much of our money is sent overseas I LEFT school a long time ago, still riding a blue bicycle straight into the labourers life, so I wont pretend that I can fix problems that well-educated pollies try to. But I can put my thoughts to paper as I see them, and maybe if we all did that, the leaders trying to cut costs to justify the reason that theres not enough money in the kitty, might take note maybe even ease up a little on pensioners and battlers. My thoughts are not mine alone, Im sure others think along similar lines. Firstly why? Why do all of these big overseas-owned companies here pay such small taxes while most of it goes offshore? Why do churches and religious foundations pay bugger all taxes, while most of their leaders are billionaires? Too much of the Australian taxes and money heads overseas. If all was fair and righteous, most of this money should stay here. Then there would be plenty for all. Oh yeah, if we put the brakes on pollies taking their families on fact-finding holidays that cost $45K to $50K to the taxpayer, this may help. Most of us already know enough about Disneyland from free TV. P B, Nightcliff Summer Malone, 7, of Virginia, welcomes the latest addition to the family, one-day-old Beersheba Spinifex, a palomino quarter horse born from quarter horse mare Lynx Little Spinifex and sire Bluestones Little Deago Picture: PATRINA MALONE PICK OF THE PICS