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Sustainability 2013 report



Sustainability 2013 report


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12 IN PEX C O RPO RA TIO N SU STA IN A BILITY REPO RT 2013 Multi-stakeholders engagement through dialogues Empowering local communities in organic farming in Indonesia Building Trust and Support through Direct Dialogue and Harmonious Relationships roject socialization, baseline assessment, and stakeholder engagements are prerequisites to promoting the Project and to building a win-win relationship with local communities. Sustainable operation of the Project cannot be achieved without any social license to operate, revealed in trust, acceptance, and support from local communities. It is vital not only to assure the safety of the operation and minimize any negative impact on the environment and area, but also to proactively conduct empowerment and development programs for local communities. Our CSR programs are conducted in accordance with the baseline studies and assessments from our regular stakeholder engagement. These programs are intended to support the empowerment and development of local communities. We are also collaborating with the Insti tute for Economic and Social Research of the University of Indonesia and University of Pattimura in the formu lation and implementation of these programs. In socializing and promoting our LNG Project, we employ various community relations events and public relations efforts, as well as making continuous efforts to maintain and develop a harmonious relationship and mutual prosperity with our local stakeholders. In implementing our CSR programs for the Project, we apply several principles, which are among others in line with IFC Per formance Standards. Business activities and CSR Abadi LNG Project P Empowering Local Resources, Engaging Local Authorities, and Enhancing Trust s part of its operational readiness, the Project will act to recruit, train, and develop local resources to become professionals with skills that can be employed globally. In big projects involving many people as partners, the most important things are communication and team work. It is indispensable for all hands to engage in close communication with each other, to recognize each others values even as they hold their own, and to pool their talents for an exercise in teamwork. (Ade Damanhuri, Human Resources Department, INPEX) For a smooth operation of the project, besides having all employees engaged in on-site work share the values of the INPEX Group, we are actively establishing global CSR guidelines and working to develop the human resources needed for smooth execution of the project. This project is at the evaluation phase. As it heads toward production, the project is anticipated to increasingly engage the Indonesian authorities and many other stakeholders, and therefore requires con siderations for a wider agenda in the CSR aspect. Smooth execution of the project demands that trust be built through close communication with local commu nities and other stakeholders. We are going to step up our efforts to deepen our relationships with all stake holders and strengthen our CSR management to ensure the Abadi LNG Project provides energy for a bright future in Indonesia. A Project members from various countries