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Sustainability 2013 report



Sustainability 2013 report


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20 IN PEX C O RPO RA TIO N SU STA IN A BILITY REPO RT 2013 Introduced at Naoetsu LNG Terminal in December 2012, the operator training simulator provides workers with hands-on experience of the operations under various situations. When the terminal becomes operational, this training will allow them to manage any situation safely. 94 employees of the INPEX Group, including employees working at Naoetsu LNG Terminal, participated in the 13th Kashiwazaki Shiokaze Marathon organized in May 2013. All the employees who ran the marathon completed the full distance and two athletes received prizes in the Womens Half Marathon. We feel our participation as runners and as volunteers has helped us establish a better communication with the local population. Special Feature Part 3 Gas Supply Chain As the first such project after amendment o f the Act on Promotion of Improvement of Agricultural Management Foundation, we at Myoko Garden Co., Ltd. began producing and sales of safe and flavorful macrophyll (Ooba) and other herbs through operations managed by a joint-stock company. We are aiming for management that is friendly to both people and the environment. Heating is essential in the wintertime, given the location in our area of extreme cold. Upon studies aimed at installing heating facilities that were even a little more environment-friendly, we selected a system fueled with natural gas, which is resolved into water and CO2 upon complete combustion. Both water and CO2 are indispensable for the growth of any plants, and natural gas is therefore the perfect fuel for the system. Thanks to the stable supply of fuel by pipeline, even in winter, our plants grow rapidly in our greenhouses of about 15,000 square meters, and they are one of the familiar midwinter sights in the area. V o i c e Mr. Mitsuaki Yamashita, Representative Director, Myoko Garden Co., Ltd. Fully Prepared for Work Safety and the Environment in the Construction he construction of Naoetsu LNG Terminal is a huge project. Since each process involves different contractors, about 1,000 workers, subcontractors included, is employed on the site at the peak of the construction schedule. Full preparedness for work safety and the environment is therefore indispensable. On the construction site, we implement thorough PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle based on the HSE Management System of the INPEX Group. Workers perform everyday site inspection to fix unsafe operations and unsafe situations, and in addition to risk assessments of work procedures, and emer gency evacuation and lifesaving drills, regular meetings and internal seminars are held to share information, so that, all parties involved in the construction process, including con tractors, have access to the same information when working. We make utmost effort for conservation of biodiversity, aiming at harmonious coexistence with the surrounding environment. In accordance with the law, 25% of the total area of the devel oped site will be covered with trees and plants, with the plant ing of 600,000 high and low trees scheduled to be trans planted by October 2013. In addition, we regularly conduct environmental impact surveys out of concern for eco-systems and the results would be reflected to minimize impact on marine life and protect the ecology of the sea area in question. T Building a Trust Relationship with Local Communities ith this terminal, INPEX tries at most to ensure safety on the site and protect the environment in the hope to earn the trust of the local population. To make sure the terminal is community-friendly, we work for ongoing communication and conduct social contribution activities. Naoetsu LNG Terminal Construction Office invited students from nearby elementary school. By participating this event, INPEX Group hopes, students will rethink how important energy resources are to our daily life. W Pipeline for a Stable Supply of Natural Gas hile constructing Naoetsu LNG Terminal, INPEX is also building Toyama Line as an extension of the pipeline network. The line is scheduled to start up to the end of 2014. W Local city gas companies in Toyama Prefecture currently receive LNG supply through land transportation before regasifying it in their plants for serving their customers. One issue with this system was that its inability to fully meet the demand, because heavy snow could disrupt LNG supply lines and the transportation capacity had limits. In the future, we will be able to receive overseas LNG at our Naoetsu LNG Terminal, and ensure stable delivery to city gas commpanies and large scale industrial gas customers along the pipeline. Thus, the INPEX Group meets the expectations for a stable supply of energy and provides safe, high-quality natural gas, contributing to the sustainable development of its customers.