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Sustainability 2013 report



Sustainability 2013 report


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21 IN PEX C O RPO RA TIO N SU STA IN A BILITY REPO RT 2013 Renewable and New Energies Looking Toward the Future Part4 In view of its mission to provide a stable and efficient supply of energy, the INPEX Group reinforces new energies initiatives as a very important task, with a long term perspective. The INPEX Group considers it our responsibility to achieve the challenge of realizing existing potentials or finding new, undiscovered potentials, for a bright future for mankind. Striving to Develop New Energies for a Sustainable and Safe Society Expanding the Range of Available Energies xpectations towards renewable energies are ever increasing, and many people are now considering the energy issue as a pressing one. The accident at Fuku shima Daiichi nuclear plant has highlighted again the risks of relying only on nuclear energy. The intensifying disputes between states over resources also suggest that it is indispensable to search for the best energy mix, using a variety of resources and technologies. Based on the three perspectives outlined below, the INPEX Group will continue to strive for the development of new energies to provide a wider range of stable and sustainable alternatives. E