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Sustainability 2013 report


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28 IN PEX C O RPO RA TIO N SU STA IN A BILITY REPO RT 2013 FY2013 Plan Medium-term targets by the end of FY2015 Create a manual and offer training for the Code of Conduct Create and enforce a guideline of bribery prevention, and implement a corporate-wide awareness-enhancing program at INPEX and its subsidiaries in Australia and Indonesia Globalize information security training Continue compliance promotion and enhance awareness of compliance promotion Regularly hold information security training and enhance awareness of information security Implement activities based on the second corporate HSE medium-term plan, FY2013 corporate HSE objectives, and FY2013 corporate HSE programs (to ensure risk management for major accidents, to implement HSE management at a global level, to raise the level of emergency response and crisis management abilities, and to implement greenhouse gases emissions control, etc.) Promote initiatives to be compliant with IFC Performance Standards Obtain a third party certification regarding environmental performance data (greenhouse gas, water, and energy consumption) Prevent major accidents (LTIF target: 0.38, TRIR target: 2.01) Ensure environmental and safety management based primarily on the second corporate HSE medium-term plan Spread and adopt HSE corporate culture to contractors Continuously expand the boundary and scope of third party certification concerning HSE performance data Prevent major accidents (LTIF target: 0.24, TRIR target: 1.59) Regularly provide internal training to ensure safety Promote measures to support the development and self-sustenance of the local communities Put into practice the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) at INPEXs Australian subsidiary and disclose its annual achievements Activity of the INPEX Scholarship Foundation (the number of students to be supported in the 32nd term: 5) Create and implement a management plan based on the evaluations of the impact of our operations on the local environment and society for projects in Indonesia and Australia Continuously implement measures for biodiversity conservation such as monitoring Participate in Biodiversity and Eco System Working Group jointly managed by OGP and IPIECA Continue monitoring the impact on marine life in projects in Australia Create and implement a management plan concerning biodiversity conservation in accordance with studies to evaluate the impact on the environment for projects in Indonesia and Malaysia Conduct activities aimed at reducing load on marine life in Suriname Project Continue studies to evaluate the impact on marine environment before operation starts at Naoetsu LNG Terminal Greening open space in Naoetsu LNG Terminal (25% of the total area) Continued promotion of activities to contribute to local communities in areas where the INPEX Group operate CSR expenditure: 1.52 billion yen Continue communication with stakeholders and implement community contribution activities in cooperation with them Continue human rights training for INPEX employees and share cases of relevant internal initiatives in the Group Continue holding a workshop for raising awareness concerning the aboriginal culture at INPEXs Australian subsidiaries Develop a system for confirming compliance with INPEXs Code of Conduct by suppliers of materials and services and contractors Spread understanding and awareness of human rights issues in the INPEX Group by globalizing human rights training Develop a mechanism for prompting suppliers of materials and services and contractors to consider human rights and a system for monitoring it. Continue to support employees participating in volunteer activities to restore damage from the earthquake disaster Continue to support employees participating in volunteer activities to restore damage from the earthquake disaster Establish the GHG management framework through the GHG working group Have the reforestation project in Australia registered as a carbon offset program and generate carbon credit units Conduct CCS feasibility study for a project in Australia Develop an optimal structure for implementing the Savanna Fire Management Project in Australia Promote activities in accordance with the GHG management framework Promote GHG offset programs (fire management in Savanna and reforestation) in Australia and consider the continuation of CCS Promote the project of the solar power generation system, INPEX Mega Solar Joetsu (maximum output: 2,000kW) Drill exploration wells and conduct technical assessment in Hokkaido and Akita Prefectures in an attempt aiming at the realization/commercialization of geothermal power generation Promote the commercialization of the JAPAN-GTL process Continue support for the artificial photosynthesis project of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade (manufacturing process technology development including solar hydrogen) Promote research and development concerning technology contributing to responses to climate change in accordance with the medium- to long-term roadmap Continue surveys toward the commercialization of geothermal power generation Conduct the Engagement Survey of employees at subsidiaries in Australia. Specify an INPEX@heart culture program for improving the relationship between their employees and INPEX on the basis of the result of the survey Maintain the percentage of physically challenged employees in total employment at or above the legally required level Create a workplace where employees can work regardless of nationality/disability/age: 1) Hire more employees of foreign nationality 2) Maintain the percentage of physically challenged employees in total employment at or above the legally required level Implement activities for improving the awareness of diversity culture in workplaces and society based on the human resource management strategy plan of INPEXs Australian subsidiaries. Implement the second action plan (FY20122014) based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children 1) Promote to take annual paid vacations and measures for reducing overtime work 2) Notify and provide information for internal systems related to pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing 3) Prepare workplace environments where they can take leave for childcare with peace of mind and return to the job 4) Attain the targeted rate for taking childcare leave 5) Support the growth of children and youth through interchange with the community and other measures Continue the implementation of the second action plan (FY20122014) based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and make it an established part of INPEX Define the globally common pool of human resources and implement human resources management programs at a global level Implement a human resource development program encompassing the entire Group (job-category-based and level-tailored global training programs) Start creating the foundation for a human resources management system appropriate to a global company (establishing globally common positions and job grades, reviewing mobility packages, and unifying and formulating various policies) Feedback the result of the employee satisfaction survey to employees Continue providing various specialized trainings at INPEX In order to improve its CSR activities continuously, INPEX has established medium- to long-term issues to be promoted and targets for five key CSR issues on the basis of the approach of ISO260001 and working on them by the PDCA cycle. We sincerely hope to have your feedback on the following report of major targets and results of our CSR activities. In light of stakeholdersopinions, we will evaluate and improve our activities. 3 TRIR: Rate of recordable injuries (fatalities, lost time, restricted workdays, and medical treatment) per million hours worked 4 GHG: Greenhouse gases Participate in working groups of the UN GC-JN and EITI Global Conference. Share and spread relevant information in the INPEX Group Join the International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association (IPIECA) With regard to the UN Global Compact: Implement measures based on ten principles of the UN Global Compact in four fields of human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption in every area of INPEXs business operations. With regard to EITI: Support introducing EITI principle to countries where we implement operator projects