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Sustainability 2013 report



Sustainability 2013 report


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6 IN PEX C O RPO RA TIO N SU STA IN A BILITY REPO RT 2013 What kind of initiatives are you promoting in the Reinforcement of Renewable Energy Initiatives outlined in the medium- to long-term vision of INPEX? Q To be an essential company to local communities Our business operations last for a long period of time in the regions where we operate. Our aim is to be an integral part of, and to be an essential company to the local com munities as an important member that supports their social and economic development. From the standpoint of human resources, it seems neces sary to achieve deep integration at local level, and further, to build a system in which all employees assume their responsibilities. Such human resources, who are able to demonstrate a deeper and wider commitment, cannot be fostered overnight, but we are making steady efforts to that direction. One last question to conclude: as INPEX grows, expectations of various stakeholders and the global community also increase. How would you address them? Q national standards is only a first step of INPEXs CSR. The following pages cover versatile initiatives developed in our projects. What matters most, however, is to know how to coexist with local communities and how to benefit mutually. As projects get larger, the relationships with various stake holders grow. There will be differences in culture and differences in values, but the important point is to establish communication to be able to exchange thoughts and ideas. I believe that Japanese companies benefit from something of excellence when they build relationships with societies. It stems from an ingrained culture that stresses considerate ness for others, attentive listening, dialogue and keeping promises. Through the activities we are currently promoting in our projects, we have been able to share thoughts and ideas with these stakeholders, while surely accumulating experiences and results. We hope that these assets will help us deepen further our activities in existing projects and will be transmitted to new projects to develop into a definite edge for INPEX. Efforts for a variety of renewable energies We have been making efforts for renewable energies from two perspectives: social responsibility for a company that creates tomorrows energy, and a potential of renewable energies is indispensable for the future development of INPEX. In this regard, we started in March 2013 the operation of INPEX Mega Solar Joetsu, a 2,000 kilowatts solar power generation system established in Niigata Prefecture, which is the center for our operations in Japan. In addition, focusing on geothermal energy, which has an important potential renewable energy, we have begun studies on its commercialization in Hokkaido and Akita Prefectures. In geothermal power generation, strong synergic effects can be expected from our technological capabilities developed through oil and gas field development: geophysical surveys, drilling, and evaluation, allowing us to take advantage of our strengths. For the future, we are also considering possible contributions as an operator in countries rich in geothermal resources, such as Indonesia, where the Abadi LNG Project is currently under development. We also promote innovations such as utilization of hydrogen energy and methane hydrate4. It is important for INPEX, which aims at a stable supply of energy, to develop new energies in order to be prepared for various risks. Considering these possibilities with a 30 to 50 year long-term perspective, INPEX intends to fulfill its corporate social responsibility as an integrated energy company. 1 EITI: Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative 2 IPIECA: International Petroleum Industry Environmental Conservation Association 3 IFC Performance Standard A performance standard on social and environmental sustainabi l i ty establ ished by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) 4 Methane hydrate: A sherbet-like, solid crystal formed when methane, a component of natural gas, combines with water to become a hydrate. Top Management Commitment