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The Essington School Darwin 4 Junior School Report To all our families, please check your pockets as there is a note for children about their Class Party which is on Wednesday in Week 10. A lovely way for the children to finish the semester together. A friendly reminder that each child needs to bring three pieces of fruit per week, or a healthy sharing snack, eg biscuits/crackers, cheese sticks, cut up celery or carrot sticks. Our thank you this week goes to: Preschool 1: Sally (Olivias Mum). Preschool 2: Liz (Maxs Mum). Miss Nerida and Miss Kristy Preschool Long Day Care Centre (Wombats) Congratulations! We were so pleased to see our Preschoolers graduate last Wednesday 10 th June. They showed their best behaviour on their Graduation night, from the start, right to the end of the Ceremony. They are sensational! Well done Preschoolers. You did it, and we are very proud of you all. This week we focused on sharing and taking turns. The children really tried their very best to share and wait for their turn to play with the toys or activity for the day. They also shared tasks designated to them. We will also follow this through in our program next week. Update of our Adopted/Sponsored Wallaby, Rea. When we first sponsored Rea, the Wallaby from Wildcare NT, she weighed only 200 grams. Now she weighs about 850 grams! Rea is eating solids regularly, along with grass and browsing on leaves and twigs, as well as still having her formula. Her fur is much longer than the previous photos we received. Her recent photos will be hanging on the wall to view. Rea is doing well, and is coming to Wombats to visit. This has been organised by Ms Lesly White, her carer from Wildlife NT. A big thank you to our families, children, and staff, who dropped their loose coins into our collection tin to buy food for Rea. We are looking forward to seeing Rea again. This promotes young children by having a strong community relationship. Reminder: To our dear parents or guardians, please book in your childs name into our booking list folder if you require care this coming school holidays. If you do not require care or are ceasing care, please fill in the pink form and hand it to a Wombats educator before Friday 19 th June 2015. The booking list folder is situated next to the sign-in book in the Wombats room. This will help us organise staffing arrangements in order to meet ratio requirements. Miss Daisy, and the Wombats Staff Junior School Notices Year 2A Howe Can we believe we are now in the last week of Term 2, and the final week of the semester? Last week students participated in the House Athletics Competition, and were very excited by their achievements. In Mathematics we have continued to learn our times tables, using skip counting to assist us and identifying fact families. We also learned the bar method to help solve word problems. In English, we have been working on a new information report where students had information about different capital cities in Australia to put onto a poster. Students also designed their own settlement, giving them their own name, and deciding what connections they had to other settlements. In Science, we completed an oil spill experiment where students were able to see what happens to the ocean when there is a spill, and how this would affect ocean animals. This week our News topic was to ask ourselves: if we were to be an ocean animal, what would we be? Jai Gill easily convinced us why he wanted to be a penguin, and Jacob Santos would like to have ink in his tentacles just like an octopus. It is that time of year when we need to have a big search around home to look for home readers as we are missing quite a few this term. I wish all families a fantastic holiday break, and hope everyone has a big rest in preparation for Term 3. Maddie Howe Year 2C Hartley As we approach the end of the term, we are focusing on returning all overdue Library books, and paying for any lost Library books. As this was the last week of homework, students needed to return all readers from home to give back to Ms Kathy for sorting. This week we had fun dancing at our mini lunch time disco. There was lots of great grooving going on. In Mathematics, we focused on using the bar method to help us explain and work out, multiplication problem solving questions. We did a really great job solving these. In Literacy, we are producing some wonderful good copy posters for our information reports, and being very creative with our presentation skills. We have put a lot of effort into researching, writing a draft, and our good copy. They look great! Do not forget next Thursday is our Shared Lunch. We are encouraging healthy eating, so when bringing in a small plate to share, we are trying to think healthy and substantial. Be mindful that it is the students lunch for the day, so if packets of chips and cakes can be avoided, this would be appreciated. Cristina Hartley Year 2D Scaturchio Week 9 has come and gone, and we cannot believe that next week is the last week of Semester 1! The class has been working hard and finishing lots of work off in class. In Mathematics, we have continued looking at multiplication, and the class enjoyed playing dice games to work out the multiplication sums and answers to the numbers they rolled. In Literacy this week, we learnt about compound sentences, and the students enjoyed using different conjunctions to create varied and interesting sentences. The focus for homework next week is Mathletics, Spellodrome and Reading Eggs. All students are to complete the assigned tasks each night. The activities set on their online programs Peter Moore