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Stop press; Coomalie Community Government Council newsletter


April 2015 Edition

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PAGE 16 PRESS APRIL 2015 Get Stop Press in full colour online from the NEWS tab at www.coomalie.nt.gov.au or get on the mailing list email admin@coomalie.nt.gov.au and ask to be included. STOP PRESS APRIL 2015MUSEUM UPDATE DONATIONS to BATCHELOR MUSEUM Whilst the Batchelor Museum is primarily an interpretive one, we have been given some wonderful display items. When you visit you will see the name on the object and the person who has donated it- some of the notices are yet to be done. Items must be given permanently to the Museum and there is a form which we will have available- the format given to us from the Military Museum in Darwin, please be aware this is a common policy of museums. Be proud of the Museum it will showcase the unique town of Batchelor and will be a valuable resource to bring visitors from all over. Whilst the Museum is currently closed, there is progress in a number of areas. Saturday February 14, Dave and Jan spent some hours placing new panels in the Rum Jungle display, and reinstalling others in Building A, which had fallen. A new adhesive and better double sided tape means that it is unlikely to recur. Last Sunday we had a visit from a Rum Jungle era worker-who later ran a business in Katherine for many years. Bob Dennis and his wife Emma, now live in North Queensland and are visiting over this week. He was able to see reproductions of photos he had donated utilised within the Rum Jungle display. Bob brought extra photographs on a USB, plus a hard copy of the book which he recently published about his journey on a Heinkel motor scooter, with two mates, from Germany to Australia fifty years ago. The book is well illustrated with photographs and is a good read for all ages. Suggest young people would envy the opportunity to travel through countries such as Iran, Afghanistan etc, prior to the upheavals which now beset them. The book can be downloaded at: http://an.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/4983853/ d2b5b232cec5ccd796d3da96a1b841472ba3480c Bob also brought his scarves and scout shirt with all its badges-he was the first Queens Scout in the Northern Territory- Bob led the scout troop whist he worked at Batchelor and we have photos of the variety of adventures to which he led the boy scouts. These items are now in the cabinets and will add interest to the Rum Jungle display. Also recently received was a hockey cup for the most improved player, and a teaspoon issued to the team. These came from Alan Mead along with his reminiscences of Rum Jungle; the words, with a photograph featuring named members of the hockey team are in a new panel beside the objects. Meantime work towards the expansion of the displays of Block A continues. The Museum will reopen on April 1 2015. We also intend holding a garage sale day when the weather permits. Jan Hills http://an.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/4983853/d2b5b232cec5ccd796d3da96a1b841472ba3480c http://an.blurb.com/bookstore/invited/4983853/d2b5b232cec5ccd796d3da96a1b841472ba3480c