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..;if + - . ' . WEDNESDAY AP.RIL 12015 ., Payment changes for holiday DEPARTMENT of Human Services custqmers will notice some changes to payments arid services over the Easter and Anzac Day holiday period. The department's general . m;:inager Hank Jongen said all service c;:entres and most phone lines providing C:entrelfnk, Medic~re and Child Support servi.~es will be closed from Tllursday to Monday over the E:aster long weekend. "If you ,are aueto receive a payment on Friday, April 3, or Monday:, April 6, you may. be paid early, sq you may need t6 budget for a longer p![!riod between payment dates afterwards," he said, "People may also lleei::l to report their job search effo~ or income early if fheir usual reporting date f;:ills on a pl,Jblic holiday. VOL! c;an find out yoyr reporting date on our website or through on line servic-es." He said although the report~ lng c:late may oe different, the C)sses.sment period remains the same. which means people may need to estimate their income and report within.14 clays if there is a difference. People c;:an transfer funds to their'BasicsCard on public holiday~ by ca fling 1800 U2 594 from 8am-Spm, and BasiGSCard balances can be checked at any time by phoning i800 057111. C::alls to both lines are free. Dimittious Yiannok,as gets to know agile wallaby Acacia. Hop to it and meet the wallabies BY COURTNEY TODD v1s11:0RS to the i etritory Wildlife Park C.af} meet wallabies up close at the revamped Wood= land Walk. . Zoo keeper Rob MtGregor said visitors are sure to see wallabies and wallaroos when they walk throughthe redeveb oped Sha area. . "We've minimised the Wgodland Walk cdnsiaerably from wh;:it it used to be," he said. "The old walk was too IClrge . and hot ;:ind sometimes you wouldn't see the animals. ''However now with this reduction in size you're gblaranteed to see something. "We've also spent a lot of time conditioning these animals and they are beautiful. lhe walk includes a joey enclosure whefe visitors ean see any babies being hf!nd raised. Animal lovers can also ex= pi;!ril[!n~e the Woodland Wallabies Wilt! ~ncounter for $20. for a more intimate visit with the resident agile wallabies and antilopine wallaroos, ''.The Woodland Walk is . closed to other visitors for the encounter and you get the amazing oppQrtlJ.nity to be one on one with the wallabies. wallaroos ani::l their keepers," Mr McGregor saio. "You can hafld feed. pat and le~rn more about the animals and you even have the opportynity to bottle feed ~ny joeys we are han(j raising at the time." Parks and Wildlife Minister 6ess Price was on hand tb offlGially open the u~dated Woodland Walk. "This is a great opportunity for visitors to be able to touc.h and have their photos taken with tame wallabies," she said. NEWS os + Ambos tace"call out .C-risis By J_ILL POULSE~ AM6ULANCES are straining under the pressure' of an increased number of tall-outs to the Wic;:l<ham Point lmmi- " . gration Detention Faciiity fol ' lqw-ing cuts to services, paramedics have$aic:I . the cuts to. medi~al services CJ:t the faeility mean 24,hout medical care is no longer pro- vided. It is. understood a large m1mber of call ,puts'to the centre have previobl$1y led to Palmerston beil'lgWithout an am0!,Jlance. . A Dar\vin paramedic said'.-. 1=all-Quts to the facility were often time-consuming. ."When we get there. there is only security personnel to deal with. Which me;:ins we c;a'n't get m~dieal riotes frgm tbe he;ilth $e~ee in the detention centre," the ambo said. "AH too often there is no translator and it can be impos$ible to find out the medical historyor medications the patient is t;:iking." ~~It would be nice~ifthey gaveit , back now .. The paramedic said over a year- ago an extra ambulance . futiae<:l to run on a half-snift basis W;3S t ut. The rea~on given was because the getention centre offered 24./7 medic cal ea re. "It would be nie:e if they gave it back now fher~ is no !onger those s~rvic;:es," the ambo said. ' ~ ; St John NT di~ettor of ar:nbLll;:inces Mic;hael M~Kay said crews attended j9bs at Wi1=kt\am Point a "maxirry!Jm two to tl'lree times per week" .. There are abo1,1t 700 detqinees in Wickham Point. A Department of lmmi gration sp\'.)kesman said: "All detainees have access to health care at a standard at least tomparable to the care available to the commu~ity." ii<