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SUNDAY MARCH 1 2015 NEWS 11 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Aussie dies in Thailand A MELBOURNE man, who is the CEO of an Australian Bitcoin exchange company, has been killed in Thailand in a motorcycle crash. The Phuket Gazette reports Adam Teppers body was found in Sai Yuan Junction on Wiset Rd below a destroyed traffic sign. The motorbike Mr Tepper rode was 30m away. DFAT is providing consular assistance to his family. Thai police confirmed that he died on impact as the crash occurred. He was in Thailand on holidays, according to media reports. Mr Tepper was not wearing a helmet and struck his head on the sign he died instantly, Capt Thada Sodarak of the Chalong Police said. Mr Tepper, 34, was from Langwarrin in Melbournes southeast and was the CEO of a Bitcoin market company called Independent Reserve. A big deal, Grasshopper A CHINESE temple famous for its martial arts is planning to build a $297-million complex that includes a temple, a hotel, a kung fu academy and a golf course in NSW. Shoalhaven City Council said earlier this month that Shaolin Temple Foundation Australia, the developer, had finalised land purchase at Comberton Grange for what will be called Shaolin Village. Mayor Joanna Gash said yesterday that the city council and the State Government had both approved the concept plan for the project. It proposes to build a temple sanctuary with resident monks, a live-in kung fu academy, a 500-bed four-star hotel, a 27-hole golf course and a residential development. Shi Yongxin, the abbot of the temple in central China, has a reputation for business acumen. Refugees hurt in clash A PROTEST by refugees angry at their indefinite settlement on Nauru has turned violent when police got involved, advocates claim. The Refugee Action Coalition says five refugees were slightly injured when Nauruan police blocked a 300-strong protest march on Friday. It follows a week of non-cooperation, with some refugees boycotting classes and refusing to work, the group said. The Department of Immigration confirmed there had been a protest, but did not comment on injury claims. The matter was dealt with by the Nauruan Police Force, which is responsible for the safety and good order of Nauruan society, an official said. The Australian Government remains committed to the processing and resettlement arrangements in place on Nauru. Humpty Doo episodes there were reports of knives flying through the air at a priest and a pistol cartridge falling from nowhere. Mr Healy said the Humpty Doo poltergeist experience started in about January 1998 and went on for about four months. He said it was a malicious and mischievous entity or spirit that caused it. The ghost in Darwins rural area was known for hurling stones, spanners, shards of glass and even knives at housemates of 90 McMinns Drive. Mr Healy said two Catholic priests and one Greek Orthodox priest tried to exorcise it, but it just seemed to aggravate it. One priest reported a crucifix flying across a room. Mr Healy said he and coauthor Cropper stayed in the house for five days and five nights and witnessed objects moving through the air. Now that we understand a lot more about poltergeists here and overseas we understand that what happened in Humpty Doo is classic poltergeist behaviour, he said. Thats a thing with poltergeists they like throwing them (stones) around. And if people are hit they are never hurt. People are almost never hit but if you are it feels just like almost like being hit by a marshmallow. was good and ready, or, if its nasty tricks were indeed linked to someone in the house who was an unconscious medium, it might follow that person when they moved to a new residence. Father Stephens prayers gave the household a brief respite; the polt kept its nasty little head down for three days but then, just as the residents were hoping it was all over, the craziness started again. Next to try popping the polt was Humpty Doos parish priest, Father Tom English. During the first of four visits he saw objects flying in ways that seemed to defy explanation. The polt, he said, doesnt follow the laws of physics. A pistol cartridge fell from nowhere to land at his feet, and other things crashed against walls theyd just fly out of a room that nobody (was) in, for instance. Outside, things came crashing down near us. Although inexperienced in such matters he blessed the place and doused it with holy water. This time the polt, far from being mollified, went ape: everything went berserk things were flying around when I was leaving (a medicine bottle) came flying out of the bathroom. Having done what he could, the priest departed, leaving a crucifix and Bible with the anxious residents. As night fell the polt contin ued its mayhem, smashing another couple of windows, hurling Father Toms crucifix and bible around, smashing a container of holy water against a wall, banging and scraping and keeping the occupants awake for hours. Next up was a Greek Orthodox priest, who went the Full Monty, setting up an altar on the kitchen table, blessing each room separately and reading arcane passages from a large black book. As the shellshocked residents looked on, he was assaulted by an invisible force that tried repeatedly to wrench the book from his grasp and to twist his right arm behind his back. Ashen-faced, he finally sat down, bathed in sweat, declaring his adversary tougher than anything hed encountered before. The pest continued its antics for the next couple of months. Sometimes polt-peltings occurred every minute or so for about 20 minutes, followed by an hour or two of peace; sometimes objects flew only once or twice a day. Occasionally a couple of days would pass without incident. The phenomenon was spooky, to say the least, but the housemates, very tough, hardworking young men and women, soon noticed that although potentially lethal objects such as sharp knives and broken glass often passed uncomfortably close, no one was ever hurt. When they noticed that young Jasmines room was always left undisturbed they decided the situation was bearable and resolved to stay on at the property. As Dave put it: We dont want to move out, its a nice place, we like it and we were here first (ie before the poltergeist). SINISTER MESSAGES Once they got used to it, in fact, they found the weirdness quite interesting and amusing for a while. But when sinister words and symbols began to appear on the walls and floor they became nervous again. The words were scrawled with marker pens, spelt out in scrabble tiles and strangest of all formed extremely neatly on the floor using scores of pebbles, each of which had been carefully placed so that only a flat surface faced outwards. The most unsettling aspect of the first series of words: FIRE, SKIN, CAR, HELP and TROY was that they referred to their good mate Trouy Raddatz, who had been incinerated in a road accident on the Stuart Highway, just a couple of kilometres from their property shortly before the first stone fell. On March 20, a large cross and a trident both constructed of hundreds of pebbles also appeared on the floor. A teacher, Annette Taylor, and her partner Lloyd Green happened to be visiting when the cross appeared. Lloyd testified later that the formation, which was so neat and perfect it would have taken me hours to make with a straightedge, a square and a rule, had been constructed impossibly quickly. More weirdness was to follow: As soon as (Dave) touched the gravel, it just flew everywhere. The Sunday Territorian has three copies of Australian Poltergeist: The Stonethrowing Spook of Humpty Doo and Many Other Cases to give away, courtesy of The Bookshop Darwin. For your chance to win, email win@ntnews.com.au with POLTERGEIST in the subject line. Dont forget to include your name and contact details in the email. Entries must be received by COB Friday, March 6. WINWIN Jill Summerville was alarmed to discover poltergeist graffiti had been placed on walls inside her Humpty Doo home, also back in 1998 Strange things began happening at the home in Humpty Doo in January 1998, when Andrew Agius found the word CAR formed in gravel in his bathroom Things that went bump in the night