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SUNDAY MARCH 1 2015 LIFESTYLE 25 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA V1 - TELE01Z01BS b+s 07lifestyle DAY 3 Wild winds hamper my efforts to try LAs famous hiking, but I glimpse the spectacular coastline, which is only a 10-minute drive from the beach. A few hours later, I witness my first yoga tantrum. My yoga barre class (yoga and barre ballet in a hot room) at the upmarket studio Hot 8 Yoga is booked out, and one turned-away devotee starts yelling and pointing clearly shes in need of ommm therapy. However, Im relieved to trade the cardio for a more relaxing yin class. Beside every yoga studio is a juice or salad bar (or both), so after a quick stop at Nkter Juice Bar and a bit of retail therapy, I visit salad institution Tender Greens, where salads are big, bold and beautiful and people queue for half an hour. My huge and oh-so healthy Thai salad is great value at $11.50 (AU$14), and a perfect example of how easily healthy food can be done for the masses. things we can learn from la 1 Bike and walking paths If you want people to stop driving and get outdoors, make it easy. The beachside suburbs of LA are filled with bike and walking paths. Here, at least, the car isnt king. 2 food outlets that sell health The success of the supermarket chain Whole Foods Market and salad-based restaurant Tender Greens proves that you can have a profitable business that gives people healthier choices. 3 fitness as an event, not a chore Exercising in LA is often passionate, social and fun, and it doesnt have to be expensive, either. If a supercool cycle class isnt your cup of (green) tea, you can join one of the hundreds of running or hiking clubs. A tasty Thai-style salad and low-sugar ice tea at Tender Greens prove fast food can be healthy things that la can keep 1 Big portions Yep, its still a problem. The US can keep its jumbo-size juices and sandwiches as big as your head and thats just the healthier stuff. 2 Uptight yogis The Aussie yoga scene is friendly and down-to-earth. We can take the new techniques from LA, but it would be sad to see yogis fighting over the last spot in class. 3 enzyme baths This is me, bathing in bark need I say more? DAY 4 Wacky LA experiences are the theme of my last day, starting with a trapeze class on Santa Monica Pier. On hearing an 80-year-old tried it last week, I know I cant back out and Im rewarded with the biggest adrenaline rush of the trip. My memorable final lunch is at raw food eatery Euphoria Loves Rawvolution (a pick-up joint for yogis, Im told), where I try veg nori rolls, a raw hamburger with dehydrated seed bread, salad and nut butter, and raw chocolate treats. Lastly, I head to Willow Spa for an enzyme bath, which is said to restore tired muscles and energy. I imagine a bath filled with herbal water, but its like being buried in a vat of hot bark (close to torture for me). Luckily, an amazing massage follows and I leave smiling. Four days isnt long to gauge a citys lifestyle, but LA wears its credentials with pride, and makes being healthy easier than most places in the world. TH E W R IT E R T R A v E LL E d A S A G U E S T O F TH E S A N TA M O N Ic A c O N v E N TI O N A N d v IS IT O R S B U R E A U H E A L T H Y L I V I N G V1 - TELE01Z01BS TradiTional Chinese foods that heal b+s 09wellbeing JUJUBES (RED DATES) These dates offer high levels of vitamins C and A, antioxidants to ease anxiety and potassium to strengthen immunity, according to Chinese medicine practitioner Danielle Ashley. Studies show the fruit may also aid digestion and protect the liver. For stockists, visit jujubeaustralia.com. How to use it: Add the fruit to calming teas, stews and soups, or use in place of apples or dates. RHUBARB This edible plant stalk is one of the oldest forms of Chinese medicine and its making a comeback in modern cuisine. It was used to assist in digestion in ancient China, but several studies show it may also improve circulation, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation and ease allergies. Vitamins K, A, C and manganese add to make it a great all-rounder, Ashley says. How to use it: Add it to juices or stew with fruits such as apples for pies and puddings as theyll help lessen its naturally bitter taste. LONGAN This sweet fruit, which is also known as long yan rou, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic for the heart and spleen, Chinese medicine practitioner Dr Shura Ford says. Its high levels of vitamin C could also prevent high blood pressure, heart disease and age-related macular degeneration, as well as certain cancers. How to use it: Longan is a sweet and juicy fruit thats best eaten fresh, but it can be dried and added to Asian-style soups, Ford says. It can also feature in a wide range of desserts, sauces and even cocktails. GINGER This root packs a real flavour punch and studies show its effective at combating nausea and digestive disorders. It can also ease cold and flu-like symptoms, headaches and painful menstruation. How to use it: Ashley recommends stewing it in a tea, sprinkling it freshly grated over foods or adding it to the blender for a detoxifying juice. GARLIC This versatile bulb, which has been dubbed the pungent panacea, has been used in ancient medicine for centuries to boost immunity and aid digestion, but its also an effective detoxifying agent, Ashley says. Several studies suggest garlic is also an excellent remedy for hypertension, diabetes and hepatitis. When consumed on a regular basis, it may even reduce the risk of some stomach and colon cancers. How to use it: Eating crushed, raw garlic is the most effective way to release this bulbs healing benefits, Ashley says. However, if that sounds a little difficult to stomach, roast or stir-fry it with heavy foods such as meat to assist in digestion. In honour of Chinese New Year, learn how to harness the full potential of these ancient powerhouse ingredients. By Mark Brook Jujubes (red dates) can boost immunity and may also aid digestion. P H o To g r A P H y: g E TT y Im A g E S