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10 NEWS SUNDAY MARCH 1 2015 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Widodo insists duo will be shot INDONESIAN Pres ident Joko Widodo has reportedly insisted the execution of two Australians and eight others will go ahead despite his conversation with Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In an interview with Jakarta business newspaper Kontan, President Widodo was asked about his telephone call with Mr Abbott this week. Our position is clear. Our laws cannot be interfered with, the President is reported to have said in response to the question, insisting the executions will go ahead as planned. Mr Abbott had said that his counterpart was carefully considering Indonesias position after the phone call. And since then President Widodo had remained silent on the conversation and its content. The comments come as the Attorney-General and Justice Minister met for one hour in Jakarta on Friday night, to discuss preparations for the executions but said no date had yet been set. On Friday morning authorities in Bali held a rehearsal of the way in which Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran will be taken from their Bali prison cells, hand and leg cuffed and placed in armoured tanks and driven to the airport under heavy guard. From here they will be flown to the prison at Nusa Kambangan island, off Central Java using a CN295 Indonesian air force transport plane. Late Friday officials in charge of the move, including the Bali chief prosecutor, attended a meeting at the airport and inspected the interior of the plane. Photographs of the inspection inside the plane, ob tained by News Corporation, show that its interior looks similar to a Hercules with benches along the sides, orange webbing and seatbelts. Attorney-General HM Prasetyo said late Friday night that he was yet to set the date for the executions. Not yet. The simulation (exercise) is not associated with determination of the date (of execution). They need practice as preparation, Mr Prasetyo said. He said that Nusa Kambangan prison island, where the 10 condemned prisoners will be isolated for three days before their execution, was now 90 per cent, maybe more ready to receive the prisoners. Asked if the executions could take place next week, Mr Prasetyo said: Not yet. We will let you know later. I dont know yet, when. Be cause all parties should give the report first. After all the things are ready, we will decide. He said the firing squads had been in training and were also getting ready. Members of the Sukumaran family who have been in Bali for more than a month living on a knife edge as Indonesia insisted it is pushing ahead with the executions returned to Sydney yesterday. But they have pledged to return soon. Mum Raji remains in Bali while dad Sam and siblings Chinthu and Brintha returned home. By CINDY WOCKNER and KOMANG ERVIANI in Bali A POLTERGEIST that reportedly terrorised a Humpty Doo home for four months in 1998 is considered the fourth most significant supernatural occupation of its kind, according to a new book by men who spent time in the house. Australian Poltergeist: The Stone-throwing Spook of Humpty Doo and Many Other Cases was written by Tony Healy and Paul Cropper, the authors of Out of the Shadows: Mystery Animals of Australia and The Yowie. Mr Healy said he tended to believe in poltergeists before he began investigating them, but Humpty Doo helped to educate him. I didnt really know a lot about it, he said. But you only have to read a few of the historical cases as there is uniformity of testimony. It doesnt take long for most reasonable people to believe there is a genuine effect, a genuine phenomenon. The disagreement comes over what causes it a departed spirit, a demonic other, or mind over matter ... The book covers 50 of Australias poltergeist episodes, which date back to 1845, with the Humpty Doo one rated at number two. Mr Healy said in the By DAVID WOOD WEIRD TERRITORY: THE HUMPTY DOO POLTERGEIST NT, 1998 RATING: hhhhk It was a dark and stormy night. Rain was holding off for the moment, but huge, black clouds were rolling and a dramatic lightning display was filling the steamy tropic sky. The residents of 90 McMinns Drive, Humpty Doo, sat on their patio, chilled beers at hand, enjoying the show. There were two young couples, Andrew and Kirsty Agius, Dave Clark, his partner Jill Summerville, plus their mate Doug Murphy. All five were in their late 20s to early 30s. Inside the house, fast asleep, was Kirsty and Andrews 10-monthold daughter Jasmine. As natures light show flashed in the sky above, decidedly unnatural things started to happen. When small pebbles began flicking out of the shadows and landing in their midst the group assumed that someone had sneaked on to their rented two-hectare (five acre) property to play a silly joke. When the prankster failed to respond to their shouts and was not discovered in repeated searches of the grounds, they moved inside only to have the pebbles follow. In classic poltergeist style, showers of the centimetrewide stones all apparently lifted from their 70-metre-long gravel driveway landed on floors, tables, beds and heads after materialising just under the ceiling. Though the ground outside was saturated, all the pebbles that fell indoors were bone-dry and distinctly warm to the touch. Hardly believing their senses, and being practical people, one of the first things the housemates did was to fetch a ladder to check if there was something amiss in the loft. As soon as they opened the manhole, however, a brisk shower of stones fell upon their upturned faces. Later that night, to their increasing dismay, knives, small batteries, spanners, shards of broken glass and other objects began to drop or to hurtle across rooms. Over the next couple of days the polt they soon realised thats what it had to be cranked up the level of its vandalism, causing serious damage; a CD player was thrown to the floor, windows and glass cabinet doors were smashed by flying objects. Things came to a head one Saturday night when it seemed their persecutor meant to actually drive them from the house: littering the floor with a blizzard of stones, wrenching appliances from shelves, upturning mattresses and creepiest of all making sinister scraping noises inside the internal walls. The events of that night were almost too much for Jill and Kirsty. It completely freaked us out; it was like something was actually inside the walls right next to us. We couldnt sleep; we were crying. We would have left the house but we had nowhere to go. Although the residents werent particularly religious they were now willing to try anything to get rid of the paranormal pest. So when youve got a polt problem, who ya gonna call? THREE GUTSY PRIESTS The first thing Father Stephen de Souza of Darwins St Marys Cathedral did when he arrived was to look through the entire house. In the kitchen he noticed a microwave with a steak knife on top. As I walked away, one of (the residents) called Father!. Turning, he saw the knife flying straight at him. There was nobody in a position to have thrown it. There was no time to jump out of the way but when it was about half a metre from his chest it stopped, just as though it had hit something and fell at his feet. The Jesuit was unfazed. He had seen it all before. In his native India hed been called upon to deal with several similar infestations. His take on the situation was that a restless spirit may have been drawn to the house, possibly because one of the occupants was, without being aware of it, a natural medium. Using an ageold Catholic ritual he attempted to bind the spirit and reassured the tenants that it was very unlikely to physically injure anyone. He admitted, however, that in his experience prayer rarely caused a poltergeist to cease its activities. The imp would go away when it Paranormal investigator Tony Healy has co-authored a book about a poltergeist at Humpty Doo In this extract from the new book Australian Poltergeist, authors Tony Healy and Paul Cropper write about their investigation into the stone-throwing spook from Humpty Doo The house at 90 McMinns Drive where the poltergeist first appeared in 1998 to friends Andrew and Kirsty Agius, Dave Clark and his partner Jill Summerville and their mate Doug Murphy Things that went bump in the night Our position is clear. 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